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seriously? that's about the lamest, uninformed statement i've heard. i have an unlocked iphone (apple store) and i use t-mobile. i'm probably one of the only people in hayes valley in s.f., that has a signal and doesn't have to go to the hayes valley green to make a call. —and, at $50/month no contract, i'm saving more money than you.
god! it all looks like share point. quite possibly the worst interface EVER! ...but i guess that's okay. i don't use windoze--on any regular basis enough to matter.
they can go buy one of apple's competitor's phones if it turn out to be too much of a disappointment. personally, i feel the screen size is just fine—but it better have copy/paste—waaaaah!!!!!!
my tmo unlocked iPhone (@the apple store) works AWESOME-LY! yeah, i paid extra $ up front but i own it outright, and at $70 unlimited no tax or fees--and a strong signal here in hayes valley, sf--i'm pretty happy!
"...having to manually open Launchpad..." "..."a lot of the promise is Apple’s wishful thinking."...like full-screen mode and autosave "generally work only in Apple programs," while other companies' apps will need to be upgraded. ..." this is just plain stupid: 1) having to manually open launchpad. really? how disappointing; 2) works for apple—nothing 'wishful thinking' about it. cry me a river, pogue.
that and the "rival software maker..." part.
an absolutely pointless exercise. if it happened, we'd be talking about it. as it happened, no one was hurt. why spend an iota of energy talking about 'what if?'btw, absolutely love my t-mobile iphone. yeah, i paid a few hundred dollars extra, but when all is said and done, i pay $70/month (no tax & fees-straight up $70) unlimited everything and it comes out to $100 cheaper than someone with an AT&T iphone (2-year contract). get signals everywhere--especially indoors in...
except that adobe has a very long history of producing feature-rich software that is some of the buggiest out there.they (adobe) should be looking at themselves as their biggest competitor and improving their software—not by increasing features, but perfecting the ones they have and not gouging the customer for a few bells and whistles for every 'update'. (5.5...really? btw, i own legit copies of all their software—and, sadly, pay the upgrade fee.)it's a reactive move on...
how utterly embarrassing.
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