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apparently you were present at those negotiations. care to share with the group the specifics of said negotiations so we can actually present informed comments? or are you just trolling? (i suspect the latter.)
once again, a case where an executive speaks before he should. i think folks are so fed up with the lack of service and attention, they'd be willing to pay the cancellation fee and go elsewhere. personally, i won't ever use at&t again. got rid of them 10 years ago and haven't looked back since. i'm glad the iphone is coming to t-mobile. i may actually purchase one.
so, the time to think about getting a backup is when you run out of power? it's one of the first things i give consideration to when i purchase a mobile product. the problem with folks these days is they simply don't think ahead.
why didn't otellini simply keep his mouth shut. the guy is in charge of a company that bats for many teams why put your relationship with a client in jeopardy over something like this. better to say nothing, imo.
...not just the last part.
solution: make better albums.
"I was told that overriding the volume controls is one of the most common reasons for app rejection." it's unclear whether the developer knew this before developing the app or not. look, when you enter into an agreement like apple's, you are legally bound to adhere to it. it should be no surprise to anyone that this app was rejected. i suppose if apple allowed this, they would be getting calls from customers who've remapped their buttons, but can't figure out how to...
this message was brought to you by at&t. at&t has gotten a lot of bad press lately, the recent article that steve jobs was ready to let them go numerous times, has them worried.
why should apple divulge any information other than what is legally required?
oh-no! apple is doomed!
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