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sounds a little like adobe...except that apple keeps it's promise.
i, for one, don't understand the confusion. i've always associated the name 'AppStore' or 'App Store' with apple. i don't care how it's spelled.
who cares?
AWESOME! i'm going to sell my recently purchase t-mobile phone and get an iphone. (okay, it probably won't sell and i may have to give it away, but still...)
windoze never looked so good.
interesting. where i'm currently contracting, the company has determined all their clients are getting ipads and have put flash projects on hold and investigating how they can port them to html.
...because, as we all know, apple hasn't been revolutionary (or innovative) in quite some time...
i just replaced my old t-mobile phone and thought i'd try a verizon. the sales experience alone should have drove me out, but an hour later at the cash register, i walked out with a phone. worst (sales & phone) experience ever. i returned the phone and went back to t-mobile.
who's the third party developer diebold? if you kill or rape a civilian, the phone tells your superiors it was an apple fan boy?
but apple will do it better. it's probably why they're 'late'. unlike their competitors, apple has probably done a lot of research. it's why they purchased the n.c. property. it's why they invested over a $1b. will they deliver perfection the first time out? probably not—no company does. however apple seems to get dinged for it. you can bet in the long run, it will probably be an awesome service.
New Posts  All Forums: