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too bad there isn't any good music or talent out there. this is the real reason why there are no sales.
you're correct. dell will push the price of apple's other competitor's products down. the ipad is a huge success for apple. why should they lower their price?furthermore, dell doesn't offer the whole 'experience'. they built the thing and are perfectly happy to field calls for failing hardware, but the consumer has to go to android support for bugs, and other software problems.while i don't think it will be a complete failure, it won't push dell much further in the market....
if the movie wall street is in any way reflective of the truth, it wouldn't surprise me if apple's competitors started this.
so, let me get this straight...folks are getting all wet about this and isn't even a product yet. and, someone posted about android 3. i guess we'll see. apple has probably had the next version of iOS in testing/development for a while now, so realistically, android 3 will still have to play catch up. they're already behind. better get crackin'
the trolls on this site, too (newtron).
you are correct. unless i can purchase, keep and distribute as i see fit, $.99 is just about as much as i'm willing to pay for a rental and not a penny more. these guys will learn the hard way.
apparently you were present at those negotiations. care to share with the group the specifics of said negotiations so we can actually present informed comments? or are you just trolling? (i suspect the latter.)
once again, a case where an executive speaks before he should. i think folks are so fed up with the lack of service and attention, they'd be willing to pay the cancellation fee and go elsewhere. personally, i won't ever use at&t again. got rid of them 10 years ago and haven't looked back since. i'm glad the iphone is coming to t-mobile. i may actually purchase one.
so, the time to think about getting a backup is when you run out of power? it's one of the first things i give consideration to when i purchase a mobile product. the problem with folks these days is they simply don't think ahead.
New Posts  All Forums: