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dude, if you want to get a doorstop, get a doorstop—or a (non-apple) pc.
actually, they are. they're called 'dells' or 'hp's' or 'sony's' or 'acer's'...you get the picture.
get a dell and install linux on it. better yet, build your own. there will probably always be pc parts. those of us whose majority of time is spent using computers to make a living actually like the apple ecosystem—it allows us to do our work rather than tinker with add-ons, hacks, and (dare i say) playing games.
amazing. proof that apple's competitors need to look at themselves to innovate and not outside. apple has, once again, raised the bar and everyone else is scrambling to catch up. i've read posts from all the crabby mcnasties and really, they're just sad, pathetic, envious, and probably feel quite powerless against what is, once again, true innovation. btw, i don't own an iphone or an ipad. i have used them on occasion when i'm out and about with friends. they're...
wow. this is such non-news. who really cares?
all this dialogue on this one article about a supposed part that looks like it could belong in a toaster. geez!
and now it's down 10.
is this with the fudged numbers or not?
why should americans take personal responsibility? our leaders don't. they lie, cheat and steal.
[QUOTE=justbobf;1791642]don't really care if the interface looks the same. it's a crap product if there are too many bugs. i wish adobe would focus on the tools in each respective program, perfect them, charge a minimum price for an upgrade (yeah folks, i believe we should actually pay for software. no one is forcing your arm to upgrade.), then focus on new features. and, what's this crap about all these apps overlapping features even more. still don't know if it's a good...
New Posts  All Forums: