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why should americans take personal responsibility? our leaders don't. they lie, cheat and steal.
[QUOTE=justbobf;1791642]don't really care if the interface looks the same. it's a crap product if there are too many bugs. i wish adobe would focus on the tools in each respective program, perfect them, charge a minimum price for an upgrade (yeah folks, i believe we should actually pay for software. no one is forcing your arm to upgrade.), then focus on new features. and, what's this crap about all these apps overlapping features even more. still don't know if it's a good...
Jupiter Networks announced today that it had recruited Brad Brooks, an eight year Microsoft veteran who had managed the marketing of Windows Vista and Windows 7. huge mistake on jupiter's part.
unless they're going after every other business that conducts business in china, this is nothing but a witch hunt and total bullshit.
my prediction: steve jobs has paid some medical facility (years ago—in some country other than the u.s.—obviously) to create a new liver via stem cell and is actually going to have it replace the one he has currently.
wah. cry me a river. at least you can get them out of the way. btw, if you dislike apple so much, why aren't you using android or some other non-apple product—or are you on here just to bitch and moan? yeah, that must be it.
competition for whom? if you're referring to everyone but apple, i'm inclined to agree with you. in other news, apple not requiring competition to push them forward:Apple investigating 'no-look' gestures for iPod nano
you're completely delusional. gm and chrysler went under because they have a crap product and didn't give a shit about quality. all they cared about was their profit. all their shareholders care(d) about was their check at the end of the month. this is why at&t doesn't build their infrastructure—my opinion. the height of capitalism, not socialism.
you are SO right! if it wasn't for apple's competition—forcing apple to innovate, they (apple) wouldn't be where they are now. astonishing!
what a waste of taxpayers dollars. they can probably afford to purchase their own mobile phones. the army should consider equipping our troops with adequate body armor or other form of adequate protection for those in the line of fire, instead. an iphone for each troop? ludicrous!
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