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i love how the investment people are pricing apple's products. they've done such a bang up job with everything else. here's to apple pricing their products as they see fit.
there is no 'i' in 'slate'.
too bad they couldn't track 2 747's flying into the world trade center.
thanks, now just go away.
you mean like the big box religions?--sorry, couldn't resist--wrong forum.
seriously...you answered your own post.
uh, i could best you with the latest microsoft ads. they are absolutely horrible. they're a conceptual rip-off of the swiffer ads. it's really embarrassing. does that company have any kind of originality these days?
this would be AWESOME. and i don't use that word very often. awesome only because use the 'pay as you go plan' (currently, roughly 3 months for $25), then get rid of my land line. my current t-mobile phone is nothing to write home about, but if it was an iphone, it would be a completely different story. keeping my fingers crossed.
i'm surprised by your comment. does apple promote their products in windows software, or chrome (that are not paid advertising on public sites)? please give examples if you think they do.
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