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i'll go one further and say that the rate of copy (i.e., non-apple products) will dominate the markets. because, as we all know, apple is the only company out there that is truly innovating and pushing themselves.
it's called parenting for a reason┬Śnot babysitting, not having a pet...etc. imo most 'parents' aren't up to the task. in fact, i'd wager to say that most adults are only barely capable of going to work, using their smart phones, and watching t.v. expecting them to go beyond that is really asking a lot.
yeah, and like buying a house, we'll now have to take out a loan to afford the adobe suite.
...or...um...said professionals care about where their money goes and can smell greed from a mile away.
i sure hope there's an upgrade price for existing users, because $1140 for the CSP is a shit-load of money when, in the past, i'd pay $660 and change for an entire upgrade. serious fail as far as i'm concerned. and, to add insult to injury, they probably haven't even fixed bugs in their current suite.
i find it hilarious when i hear comments like this, "apple has to keep evolving...". since steve jobs took over the helm, apple has done nothing but innovate and evolve┬Świthout pressure from competitors. the big difference (imo) between apple's philosophy and its competitors is that apple sees itself as it's only competitor. the others are too busy seeing what everyone else is doing and they're completely missing the boat. we're already starting to see 'cracks' in the...
exactly. it's simply a perception.i'm sure apple's competitors will spin this so it looks like apple is being bullish and anti-competitive. yet they would do the exact same thing if the roles were reversed.all apple is doing is guaranteeing their supply. they have the capital and are using it wisely. if apple's competition has the money, they should do it too. the problem being their products aren't a guaranteed success, so they won't want to make that kind of commitment....
i know a flash developer (strictly pc platform) who is having to rethink her limited skillset. she's telling me the market has dried up and she's not getting any work for the past several months. granted, no one does anything from december through february, but she's really good and is usually busy that time of year. nothing. so i'd say your post has a little more truth to it than you intended.
this really sucks. i was perfectly content with my t-mobile service. now that at&t is at the helm, it'll all go downhill from here.
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