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totally agree! i won't even put windows on my mac pro because of the hassle of just installing.
glad you did, too. that's one less cry baby we have to worry about.
no kidding! i spent half a day with a friends laptop (using parallels) trying to download a windows xp (that she purchased a week ago). it crashed, then i got stuck in a loop with windows launching, but then not being able to find a 'winserv' driver. i spent an additional 4 hours just trying to reinstall the operating system—to no avail. i finally just removed everything and gave her back her laptop. she had a friend who was going to help her out with a tower he was giving...
great! i don't want a phone that looks like the tokyo skyline.
check your batteries or your connection.
sadly, you are mistaken about html5. i agree with you about adobe and 64-bit. should have happened with cs4, probably won't happen until cs8 or 9. my beef with flash is that adobe's own product, flash plug-in, doesn't even work—consistently— using their own product to produce content.
apple's design group uses all the tools that you use to create the work. don't think you need to start worrying just yet. when it is time for that transition, you will probably be able to do that.
you're a troll. are you more concerned that apple charges more for their products (which, btw, are far superior to it's competitors—and are available to you should you decide to spend less money on them), or are you horrified by the working conditions at foxconn? if it's the later, then why aren't you pissed off at the other clients of foxconn? i suspect it doesn't matter to you that apple is the ONLY company that requires a 'code of conduct' when they employ overseas. do...
who knows? we don't hear about this stuff until apple is involved. all the haters don't really care about anyone else. after all, dell and hp (and others) have been using foxconn for YEARS and we never heard about this. i suspect that this all has to do with apples competitors sending their worker bees out into the blogosphere to see what kind of damage they can do to apple—rather than put out any real competition or innovation. america loves a hero so they can trample and...
if it's as buggy as flash, it's dead before it even hits the shelves. adobe should clean house and get rid of anyone who's not on board and completely redo flash—if it's that important to them. also, i'm wondering about the possibility of filing a class action lawsuit against adobe based on the fact that when i produce a flash movie and goes to testing (multiple platforms), it crashes machines.
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