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why should apple divulge any information other than what is legally required?
oh-no! apple is doomed!
i can speak from first-hand experience as a native san franciscan. our local government is so corrupt—and unless you grease the palms of city hall, you'll never get anything done. there was (and still is) an abandoned building (part of it was a theater) on divisadero street several years ago. the owner/developer wanted to put condos in. a neighborhood group wanted to preserve all or at least part of the original structure. they finally reached a compromise with one person...
next time i have an issue with microsoft software or one of the other crap computer hardware companies, i'm writing a letter to this bozo and ask that he write a letter to said company for the crap product they put out. in fact, why doesn't everyone do this? what a turd. clearly, he's not busy enough.
apple's detractors are pulling out all the stops to make this an issue.
first, microsoft trains its employees to spontaneously line dance and now this? zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz...
someone doesn't like apple.
what crap apps have you paid for and want a refund? could you provide a list? forgive my suspicion, but you almost sound like a troll.
wow. such a narrow view. i actually know a lot of 'righties' that have iphones. apple will survive this.
of course they do—or they should. i'm sure it's one of apple's competitors who are nudging their pocket politicians into creating more bad press for apple. why isn't congress looking into the privacy policies of facebook and google?
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