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it would be helpful if folks who made claims posted links. it just strengthens the case for those of us who are apple fans. this is the only thing i could find: http://www.theapplepips.com/altconf-barred-from-streaming-wwdc-keynote-developer-sessions-mac-blog/
it's not really flexible, is it. it's just spin. it's what samsung does. try doing a bendgate on that and it would shatter. move along, nothing to see here. i don't know if i'm more annoyed with samsung or ai for posting this. but it hardly seems worth any more than the 2 minutes i've spent so far. wake me when there is something worthwhile that samsung does.
because, as we all know, needing to check our notifications & answering emails is so fucking important that we can't leave them alone for 2 hours. btw, it's not only the blinding of fellow moviegoers that is bothersome, but also the visual distraction—which isn't blinding. what it really comes down to is a matter of inconsideration.
i remember the asian students in art school would do this. they claimed their culture doesn't view copying as wrong. is anyone aware of any studies on this? i wonder if patent infringement—as it is defined int he west—is the same in asian countries. are they as vigilant about patent infringement within their own country (ies). if so, what are their criteria?
 yeah, only better.
change the fucking laws. "... "diverting profits earned in Australia away" from the country to avoid paying local taxes..." is bullshit. someone trying to make a name for himself or, more importantly, the australian government has decided that australia should be making more money so, rather than blame themselves for having allowed this "loophole" to exist for so fucking long, have decided to plug it up. and rather than take responsibility for its existence under their...
gift him with the cheapest android watch.
sounds like a feature searching for a benefit.   i can't possibly imagine a use case where "iPhone owners may soon have an easier way to determine whether a friend is available to take a call" than what is currently available.
just what i need—spyware on my iMac. no thanks.
whatever. it's a samsung phone. who really cares? slow (apple) news day so far.
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