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just visualizing how that iPad mini is going to look tied to your wrist... 
don't know about lyft, but uber has been really crappy lately. the drivers don't know their way around town and are constantly relying on gps to get them around. i have a friend who, 6 months ago, swore by uber. she's now going back to taxis. it's all good, though. taxi cab drivers now need to step up their game. 
the only good thing about drones is they make great substitutes for "skeets".
they're only as smart as the user.  
who cares?
whew! glad i didn't purchase one recently.
just my opinion. don't get your panties in a bunch. and..."thanks for playing"...(wtf does that mean?)
ugh...looks like a samsung phone--mofugly!
i don't get anything nefarious or dodgy about apple's response at all. they're just doing a little pre-emptive pr—before the msm & trolls pick it up and make this about apple being the bad guy. apple's following the law if you have problems with that, change the law.
New Posts  All Forums: