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so, essentially, this story is nothing but filler for a very slow apple news day.
hilarious. i wonder what kind of dog & pony show they presented to the board of johnson & johnson. then again, i'd be surprised if any of them were tech savvy.
fucking awesome!
i'm so on board with this. don't give a shit if apple people—or even apple—use them.
"There was only a brief presentation of a "Risk Report" proposal fronted by a right wing group that sought to skewer the company's investments in alternative energy as entirely dependent upon the current U.S. administration's policies and doomed to crisis if the next one goes in the direction imagined by certain U.S. Senate members flouting the Logan Act." White falcon, Benjamin frost & Dasanman69 are still pissed because they were voted down by 98%.
very little on the air is worth paying for. in fact, they should be paying me to listen to it. that being said, in this day and age, why do artists & musicians use or need record labels to begin with? it's another dinosaur that should have been extinct a long time ago.
if true, it really contradicts the previous apple credo of using personal info to help make the products better. if enough people complain, tim cook may need to explain. i think it's a shitty idea and it's one of the main reasons i use apple products.
this is a little late. mine was installed on the 23 of february. i'd like to know what "safari networking" is and how to stop these dialogue boxes from popping up every time i navigate to a site. and yes, i have sent a report (more like an inquiry, as it's probably not a bug) to apple, but they're not going to write back. i'm hoping someone on the thread can answer for me.
maybe it's a jetpack.
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