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the wsj & nyt are fucking jokes and have no credibility. they lost it in 2000 when they chose fear over truth.
that will never happen—not unless, in an alternate universe, ballmer becomes CEO.
Microsoft: Products & Software made by engineers for engineers.
the biggest (and most obvious) flaw IMO is the fact that you have to torque your wrist in an unnatural position to read anything. makes sense that apple would stick to the basic idea of a traditional watch.
this isn't about government control. it's about government doing the bidding of corporations, knowing that on its own, the citizens of this country would never allow to happen.
msft is fucking AWESOME!
yeah...imagine that.
i just skipped the article and comments for yesterdays article: MCX defends CurrentC against Apple Pay controversy, says sensitive customer data is saved in the cloud   and jumped to this one. popcorn is ready.
i was thinking, "man, the replies are going to be a fun read". sog35 (and those that are going back & forth with him/her). how disappointing. how boring.
i always get apple protection. i have a 2011 mbp 17" and it's worked perfectly fine.  i have to wonder why 3 people waited till their warranties were up in 2013 to file a class action lawsuit.   if i have even a pixel that is always on, i take it back. this happened with a monitor i purchased in 2010. i got it home and same problem. this happened once more and the third time a manager took the call, told me he would test the monitor himself and send the replacement out...
New Posts  All Forums: