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You do have a choice. There's always Google.
Ccould not have said it better myself.
how ironic. they're the ones that need it most.
uh...no. but MUCH BETTER than guns! the marijuana handbook, frweed, leafly, weed maps, and who could forget cheech and chong's "the fatty" (cheech and chong's newest joint venture) and many more were available pre-beats. and i associate smoking weed with snoop (or willie, depending upon your generation)—not dre as others have suggested. apple should give him an honorary board position just for that.
how about a solar farm on the moon?
@mstone: no need to be passive aggressive. Nothing wrong with making a simple suggestion.
Now I know where balmer landed.
i was setting up a friend's email and was wondering why the account name listed as "nameDEV" it was puzzling and now makes sense. i'm going over today to see if it's still there. she did say she was having problems with mail earlier, but doesn't see to have them now. i suppose the security risk is directly connected to the morals of the developer.
if you guys are sending your feedback to apple, why post it here? it just sounds like whining to me.
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