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...where kim jong is no longer ill.
i'd be happy if i could just download it to my imac.  
god, i hope not! this has microslop 'innovation' and form/design written all over it. surely apple can come up with something more smartly designed than this. hell, give me a larger form factor 'iPad' with a full operating system and i'd be very happy.  
you've just made the case for apple. that was easy.
well...not quite seamless.   i still receive a 'signature not valid' message on my late 2011 iMac at home. the only reason i was able to download it onto my late 2011 mbp was that i booted up in safe mode, accessed the apple store and purchased/downloaded—and, it took about 8 hours to download. quite franklin below apple's standards.   i attempted the same on my home machine, but it didn't work. all i get is the same 'signature not valid' message.   i'm...
hell, i'd just be happy if it downloaded quickly. at the rate it's going, it'll be next week by the time it completely downloads.
  a future candidate for the darwin awards.  
especially given that, prior to apple, corporations never even considered worker rights overseas. apple implemented the first-ever policy for worker rights in factories. but apple is the one that gets the flack for either not taking care of everyone or outsourcing jobs.   hell, i won't be surprised if there are some people who will say it's not good enough.   apparently, all society's woes can be attributed to apple.
if this is true, it would be seriously cutting into samsung's profits.   think about it. samsung can't sue apple for design infringement because it'll just be a mini iPad. people will purchase this over samsung because apple already has a reputation for kick-ass integration hardware/software. so if it takes away profits from samsung and android, i'm all for it.
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