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sorry...apologies.   it's google. who really fucking cares?
who really fucking cares?
whatever... i'm not crazy that whenever i start iTunes after 12 hours (sleepy time), i don't get the same artist/album/song+ i left off at. when are they gonna fix that?
i wonder if this is a deal between apple and samsung: samsung: because we really need your manufacturing partnership to stay afloat, we'll make you a deal: we publicly apologize for stealing your designs to appear contrite and guilty%u2014we appear honorable and just, you agree to make some concessions (insert koh here) on your lawsuit to give the appearance of being defeated, therefore humbled and contrite. after a few weeks, we continue a mutually beneficial business...
that's just rude.
so...basically, it's extortion.
this guy needs to be taken down a notch. tim cook should take a lesson from steve's handbook and hand him his balls back on a platter.   how about apple stockholders band together and take a full page ad out in the new york times or wall street journal and tell this clown to go **** himself. now that would be worth the price of either newspaper.   [edit] so...now it's not okay to use the 'f' word on the web? what's next? mandatory skinny jeans?   [2nd edit] american...
great. more spam/ads. can't wait to have to disable notifications on every website i visit or have already bookmarked.
er...former apple partner qualcomm...
delusional to the last. he'd make a great politician.
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