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that's hot! i would so do this.
the product that isn't even a product should be renamed the 'headband'. no glasses involved.
if steve were alive, he'd rip this guy such a huge new asshole. too bad tim isn't mouthy when apple needs it.
obviously, the solution would be for the driver to sue apple in court, claiming that because of the glass facade, he didn't know the building actually existed. thus making millions of dollars profit, while forcing apple to put up a brick & mortar facade.
bullshit! parents need to start parenting. period.
hell yeah, i want it to be individualized. i don't want to have to pay $100 for 1500 channels with only 5 of those channels playing things i'm interested in. i'd like to be able to subscribe only to the shows i like. that's it.   newsticker? are you kidding me? that's the most ridiculous thing i've ever heard. talk about a distraction. sounds more like a google feature.
'IF' that's the case...?   i suspect you hate apple anyway.
awesome. bring it on. hate google. hate microsoft. am going to love watching them go at it.
yeah, apple needs competition in order to stay innovative and relevant. they simply keep besting themselves. glad they have the patent on this. then they can defend themselves in court when all their competitors copy them.
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