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amazon own't force apple to do anything, just don't hold your breath for a cheaper iPhone.
apple should ask for a change of venue, or at the very least, a different judge.
right, because microsoft is so on the cutting-edge of innovation that apple would need to feel that it needs to compete.   it is a well known fact that apple looks to itself as it's own competitor and attempts to outdo itself, not it's competitors—except when their technology is stolen (cough-android-cough).
i just keeps getting better.
you see, there's the flaw in your argument—huge—huge flaw—some would say gargantuan.
no—i mean, yes. i mean—YES! (420 time.)
talk about a reality distortion field.
siri is still in beta, so i'd say the figures are about right.   the one thing siri can do that google search can't is correct a majority of a speaker's pronunciation of their native language (when available in their country). in this case, the pronunciation of the american english language has—not unlike it's citizenry—gotten fat, lazy and sloppy.   to me, that's priceless.
you have choices. there's always android.
i lost all respect for the nyt after they let bush off the hook. talk about a bunch of pussies.   nyt is nothing but a glorified national enquirer.
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