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clearly, you have the inside scoop. troll.
awesome! i feel better now, too.
and i would say that it goes both ways. adobe would be some third-rate software company if they would even exist without apple.
hmmm...because maybe, he actually design's web sites and 'designer' isn't simply in his title.
he's an artist like the national enquirer is unquestionably good and proper journalism.
i think you forgot: "The six-member commission... had finished a partial review of the case's initial determination..." what's with the partial review shit?
a) this will be successful and these huge studios will face the same fate as record companies; b) we may actually start getting decent television programming—the movie execs will have to work to justify their relevance; c) i'm in. can't wait.
i'll wait for the movie.
perhaps a very small following—they're called notepads or notebooks.
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