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uhhh...sorry...this is bullshit.   1) give your daughters your apple i.d.; 2) burn all your music to cd's/dvd's and call it a day. until apple changes things, you can still burn your music to portable formats and put it wherever you want.   like someone said here earlier. why just apple? why not amazon, too?   i'm guessing expendables 2 didn't give him much in terms of notoriety or profit and he needs something for retirement.
you're simply not going to get ANY ASIAN COUNTRY to side with apple.   copying is a cultural thing. period. they do it in school. they did it in art school when i was there. when you ask them, it's simply not an issue.   could you imagine the whole culture having to change the behavior of a lifetime? won't happen.
and that would be perfectly fine with me (and probably a lot of other folks).
along with martians, flying saucers and big foot. can't wait!
california is an 'at will' state. unless you have it in writing, you can be fired for having green hair—if your employer chooses. unless you have it in writing and can prove it, you're pretty much on your own.
all you crybabies crying 'this is the last straw' and 'maybe' now you'll ditch at&t either put up or shut up. you either do it now or don't. **** at&t. they're just a bunch of corporate bastards taking as much as most of you are willing to give them.   so...i suppose it's partly your fault.   (when did this forum go 'pg-13' on us?)
You're joking, right?Whenever I go to best buy, I can never find anyone to help me. On the occasion I did have to go into a store to use the restroom, there were—I kid you not—at least 8 employees in there. Wtf? If that's efficiency, we're all doomed.
this goes against the very essence of who steve jobs was and what he stood for.   send this guy packing asap—no matter what the cost!   if cook allows this clown to continue, it will mark the beginning of the end of apple as the company we have grown to love and respect.
...(nevermind)...too volatile for the thread.
New Posts  All Forums: