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how much are they charging for it? and is it by subscription only?
citizens? you're under the misperception that there is an overwhelming majority that wants to keep this fountain, when i think it's probably only just a handful. i certainly don't think it's worth stopping plans for apple's flagship store. makes no sense whatsoever.
ha! the perfect solution!
i'm so sick of san francisco politics. the fountain is an eyesore. it's not even facing union square. in fact, it's a half block away, facing other retail. it's nothing. certainly not worth the attention it's getting.
really? how about common fucking sense?
ha. doing that now with cs6.   i'm one of those users that has always defended adobe. in spite of their mediocre upgrades. no more. i simply can't justify being locked into yet another monthly fee.    adobe has a history of upgrades that are riddled with bugs, lackluster or completely useless features—certainly not worth the upgrade prices anymore.   this isn't about piracy. this is about a company that has gotten too big and needs to sustain itself. a quality product and...
just keep it.
don't forget the courts that continue to allow the likes of samsung, google, et al, to benefit from apple's r & d.
developers should sue parents for legal fees.
that's hot! i would so do this.
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