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you have choices. there's always android.
i lost all respect for the nyt after they let bush off the hook. talk about a bunch of pussies.   nyt is nothing but a glorified national enquirer.
hammered shit.
so...i'm thinking you actually mean a box of chocolate covered shit, because when i eat chocolate, it tastes like chocolate. ;-) other than that, i think you're spot on.
does anyone else have a problem with the fact that even though you increase the resolution, you're still stuck with the physical real estate of the monitor?   i currently have a 17" mbp and i love it. glad i got in under the wire. i find the 15" simply too small for my needs.   won't even consider 13". makes no sense to me.
ha!   had a really stressful day at work. thanks for the laugh, idc!
"There was some indication that that might have been happening," Parker said. "You hear things, people send you emails."   really? this is all he's got? what a bunch of horseshit—and, in true form, the troll are like flies and are all over it.
or...   maybe you got a lemon (yes, it does happen with apple products, too); and, maybe, apple has great customer service.   i had to replace a monitor because it had one pixel that was white. called apple, took it in. same problem with the replacement, but different pixel. after the second return, i was passed along to a manager who proceeded to tell me that he would replace my monitor and inspect it himself, that it would ship that same day—didn't need me to send the...
not only was steve jobs around when apple purchased siri, but he announced the phone that had the software and was very clear about it being beta.   just more apple-hating bullshit.
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