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I've seen this option in the Airport menuling, just wondering what it does and if I should be using it or not. Thanks.
Nope, nor will it be. I still maintain that there is no real technical reason Apple can't put the current 970 in Powerbooks right now @ 1.0 and 1.2Ghz. The heat and power consumption characteristics would be somewhat less than optimal, but not unfeasible. Power and heat will gradually decrease in magnitude as the efficiency of the production line ramps up and more of the processes switch to 90 nm. So 970 Powerbooks by next spring, guaranteed
Notice that this leaves the door open for a new Cube w/ '57 G4 @ $799-$899.
Awww, gee guys. 8) This thread really should be a sticky, maybe even a permanent part of the AppleInsider website. Maybe some sort of list with people's names and general library info that want to be a part of it. Don't know how non-static IP's would be handled though, someone more familiar with these things wanna chime in?
Some things have been established already. First, there is no technical reason that a .13u 970 @1.0-1.2ghz can't be put into a laptop. The heat characteristics and power consumption are equal to or lower than the current .867-1ghz G4 used in the laptop line. Second, IBM has proven that they will produce virtually anything for you as long as they stand to make a profit from it. They would have absolutely no problem with making low-voltage 1-1.2ghz 970's purely..., please tell me if it works or not. I have 3405 songs in total, with pretty much every type of music you can think of except for classical. Focused mainly on non-mainstream groups, with lots of hip hop, electronic/acid jazz, trance, techno, and alt. rock. Also some blues/jazz, reggae, scratch, country, industrial/metal, and world music. Mostly recent, some oldies scattered around. It's organized by song name, artist, genre, and rating only; everything...
Well, personally I think that a 970 Powerbook is far more likely than a 64 processor Xstation, or even a 970 Xserve for that matter. There is no technical reason that Apple cannot release a 970 Powerbook @ 1Ghz and 1.2Ghz. If they're serious about countering the Centrino PC's they'd better release a machine like this soon.
[quote]Come to think of it, I seem to recall seeing analyses to the effect that system overheads would limit the 6.4 GB/s figure to a mere (ahem) 5.6GB/s or thereabouts. In which case we could talk about a dual 1.8 970 wanting about 10GB/s to feel satisfied.
I believe the 6.4gb/s number is the true amount of throughput after factoring in system overhead. Total throughput of the 970's busses are somewhere around 7.2gb/s.
How about PowerMac X1?
[quote]RAM doesn't really need to change. The current controller can already handle DDR RAM, async access to RAM, and DMA access to just about everything. If it becomes the "companion chip" in single processor systems, it seems to me that only the part that communicates with the processor bus would need to change. Apple's already got DDR in PowerBooks. The resulting board would be memory bound, but that's still an improvement over the current situation....
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