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Unfortunately not, stuck airplaying from your iDevice. Now that Apple will finally release an Apple TV that has an app store support this will hopefully be rectified.
I won't be renewing, my iTunes Match service covers what I personally need. Perhaps I'm using it wrong, but I didn't find much "new" music and will keep buying what I want. Can understand why others, especially those without big music libraries or iTunes Match would consider this.
Can only echo the other two. My iPhone 6 is just as fast on iOS 9 as it was on iOS 8.Annoying I know, but you really should try a full reset and restore.
Disappointed to hear this, I want the ability to whitelist sites and ad networks myself. I certainly don't want Google or anyone else paying to keep tracking me. I'll have to look elsewhere, I've heard 1blocker offers what I need so was looking to move apps anyway.
Wish they'd do that for the UK too. We don't use the word trash here either.
Nope, no Apple news. Ah well
Have they added Apple News to the UK?
Who'd have thought that ad blocking would be such a huge feature. I wonder what the uptake rate for this new feature is.
I wish they'd release a channel store for the ATV 3, that's all that most people actually want.
Works in iTunes, no luck downloading from the device itself.
New Posts  All Forums: