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I guess none of your companies employees are data analysts, Excel is an absolute essential part of my work arsenal, nothing else comes close.
Indeed it is, I have had no issues switching between Office 2011 and the Preview version.
Personally I hope they do a snow leopard styled update to both OS X and iOS.   Time to really start releasing rock solid software once again please Apple.
What's the difference to the current situation? It's not like Apple has all of the main bits of entertainment in one nice little App is it.I'd like the option to download the 5 or so apps that'd cover me.
Forget trying to make content deals, just release the app store, put 30% markup on every Apple TV sold and see the money roll in.   I don't get why they have not done this simple thing already.
Damn, I was just about to turn the feature on as I have rubbish mobile reception at my mum's house. But if it disables my ability to answer calls at home on my iMac I'll not turn it on. Bloody stupid if it does remove that functionality!
Think I'll wait for the next point release before moving my iphoto library across. Still, from playing around photos seems nice.
From what I've gathered Disney won't be able to release the unaltered editions for at least 6 years. Due to licensing etc, long wait for me. I'm not buying any HD version that isn't the original cut
 That's fine with me. At the end of the day if Google worries that they will be heavily fined for the breaking the law it might well put them off doing so in the first place. I don't mind that the UK Government get's paid.
Yes, but it doesn't have to the cheap model. Cheaper perhaps than the bigger phones, but like the MacBook Pro Line the 4" device does not have to be inferior.
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