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Wrong, coverage came out today. Which explains why I could not add on Sunday.
I tried adding my first direct card on Sunday and couldn't do so. Really annoying.
No shit. The new computers will be faster with better graphics, what a scoop.
So they had a three year exclusivity deal and then screwed it up by not launching until said deal was due to expire? Poor management right there.
Pixelmator is an absolute steal at this price
Perhaps Apple should go back to the 8gb, after all I'm sure millions of customers would be satisfied with that amount.Look, the 8gb was too small and the 16gb is too. The only reason Apple kept iPhone at 16gb was to get people to buy the 64gb as they make more profit that way.From a user perceptive it's a nasty tactic, but from a business point of view I applaud Apple. They found a great way to increase profit margins on a device that already has the highest margin (by a...
Why rely on a bulky external battery, hardly an elegant solution is it?Whilst on holiday I like to take lots of pictures and use apps such as Google translate.An external battery is one more thing to have to lug around.
Assuming it is thicker I'd expect the horrible protruding camera will be gone. Wonder why they didn't just make the 6 bigger with a better battery?
Can't wait until the 3rd generation ships, that'll be when they get my money,
I stopped using messenger the second they pulled it out of the Facebook app, most of my friends did the same.
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