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When I bought my iPhone 6 it was delivered to my local Apple Store for collection. How is this different?
Sad to see that Apple's once vaunted quality control continues to decrease each year. So much for the old "it just works" system of old.
I thought this was a joke at first. $99 cup that reminds you to drink? If you feel thirsty then drink, simple as that.
I hardly ever use it now, find it to frustrating. Reach for my iPhone for basic web browsing and use my iMac for anything more intensive.You see it started becoming sluggish on iOS 7 and has just gotten worse.At the iOS 7 stage it was still a relatively new device and the loss of performance just rubbed salt in to my displeasure at the short changed upgrade cycle.This is all just my opinion and does not necessarily reflect most iPad 3 owners views obviously, but I know...
Well they released the iPad 4 just 7 months after the iPad 3.The iPad 3 has been slow to use for me since iOS 7 whereas my friends iPad 4 runs along beautifully.So yeah, I feel a tad screwed. My iPad works, I suppose, but it's no joy to use.I was one of the first people to own an iPhone in the UK and have always felt that I've had excellent value from the iPhone line.But my iPad experience has been soured which stopped me buying another, even though I could afford one.
I felt burned with my iPad 3 purchase and that's the main reason that I have not upgraded.
Spot on review, I love how detailed Anandtech are. It's a shame about the ridiculous 16gb starter that's just there to ensure more people buy the 64gb model.
Hardly surprising is it? The channel apps will all be free because you either already pay to watch the content or they don't charge anyway. What other category could possibly be at the top?
I don't see why. Like any shop they can stock or not stock whatever they wish.The only reason they will change their mind is due to customer pressure.
Why not just get a cheap router, place your VPN details onto it and use it as a secondary "UK" router. I switch routers at will on my devices to watch US content here in the UK.
New Posts  All Forums: