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Think I'll wait for the next point release before moving my iphoto library across. Still, from playing around photos seems nice.
From what I've gathered Disney won't be able to release the unaltered editions for at least 6 years. Due to licensing etc, long wait for me. I'm not buying any HD version that isn't the original cut
 That's fine with me. At the end of the day if Google worries that they will be heavily fined for the breaking the law it might well put them off doing so in the first place. I don't mind that the UK Government get's paid.
Yes, but it doesn't have to the cheap model. Cheaper perhaps than the bigger phones, but like the MacBook Pro Line the 4" device does not have to be inferior.
But why would they have to make the 4" iPhone as a shitty rebadged 5s. I'd trade my iPhone 6 in for a 4" iPhone 6s.
I hope they give the 4" the same specs as the new 6s version. Why should the 4" be stuck with last years specs.
From what I remember from other articles Ive had his resignation letter because he expected to be fired and felt that he'd prefer to quit.
I hope this does not mean that the original Nes Versions of Mario Bros will not be coming to the iPhone. Most people want to play the classic's!
You might not feel it now, but come iOS 10 you'll wish your iPhone had 2gb ram.
Charging a flat rate for every device manufacture sounds right, based on the details above Ericsson was trying to charge based on handset sale value so Apple would be paying far more than anyone else. If this is the case I hope they lose.
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