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iOS 7 is no longer digitally signed by Apple and has not been for a long time now, I supposed I could look to do a full restore and launch an IPSW file. But I have had issues in the past with restoring a backup from a newer version onto a device reformated to a an older version of iOS. With the subsequent updates it's now more of an annoyance that my iPad feels sluggish even with simple tasks as opposed to "This is completely unuseable now". I got burned with the iPad 3....
My iPad 3 was made barely useable when I upgraded to iOS 8, so I quickly advised my friends and family who had iPad 2 or 3 not to upgrade, most are still on iOS 7. iOS 8 was a poorly optimised bag of hurt for people with older devices when it was released, although subsequent updates have alleviated this a bit. From what I've read iOS 9 is supposed to give a bit of life back to the older iPads, I hope that's the case. I'm still one of those who felt screwed when the...
Neutered the specs to sell more iPad Pro models. Should at least have an A9 CPU.
The screen size was obviously a big factor in reasoning for upgrades. However I think one of the largest reasons was the design change. The iPhone 5s and below resembled the iPhone 4. The iPhone 6 was the first major redesign, purely in terms of looks since the iPhone 4.
It's a great business strategy. Would I own a 64gb iPhone 6 if 32gb had been the base model, not a chance.   I suspect that the majority of those who bought the 64gb iPhone would have stuck with a 32gb base model.    
They are not lies, they are simply honest observations. Why do you always have to get so upset when people describe any Apple product as less than god like and faultless.
Nope, I checked my statement.
Why would my information be hacked? The retailer has no more data than if I'd used chip and pin. They don't keep my details on some secret file.
I've tried using Apple Pay a few times here in the UK and have gone back to my credit card which has NFC built in. Out of the 7 transactions I tried with Apple Pay only 3 went through without a hitch. Twice I had to put my card in anyway to "verify the payment method" and the other two times my iPhone showed done but the cashier confirmed that the transaction hadn't gone through. I really wanted to love Apple Pay and can see how it would be a bit of a revelation in a...
So, is this only open to those in the US? My sister was stupid enough to pay for this crap without speaking to me, would love to get here a refund here in the UK.
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