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The App Store is the main reason, at least for those outside of of the USA, to buy a new Apple TV. Local content support was always shite on the old Apple TV's and this will redress the balance. It's just a shame that they didn't release a channel store years ago.
Can't believe I'm going to defend Microsoft here, but feel in this instance that I should. I frequently see threads littered with people mocking competitors who simply copy what Apple does, heck DED himself has made many articles to this accord. With the Surface Microsoft has tried to do something different and to be honest for certain segments of the computer market their way does make sense. I'm not arguing that the surface is better than an iPad or a MacBook, but it...
32gb for me as I'm only interested in the additional tv channels which shouldn't take up much memory.If you plan to use it for gaming you'll probably be best served by the 64gb model.
Interesting, I had assumed that the issues with MS Office were Microsofts fault. But as this release specifically mentions fixes for Office 2016 it would seem that the whole screw up was Apple's fault.
I'll give Apple Music a go again in the future. Too many bugs and issues for me at the moment. Plus the pricing is completely out in the UK, even taking in VAT etc on our price it's way above the US Price. Should be closer to £7.50 not £10!
Only shitty Intel Graphics, not even an option to upgrade to a decent GPU. Not for me then, shame was looking to upgrade one of our computers.
If I might chime in here. My debit and credit card have both had contactless built right in for the last 5 years or so.It's dead easy to wave your card of choice at the NFC terminal and off you go.That's also the reason for the £30 limit, if anyone steals my wallet they can go to McDonalds etc and use the card.So, from an ease of use point of view us Brits have had it pretty good over the last 10 years, what with chip and pin followed by contactless.And this is largely the...
Unfortunately not, stuck airplaying from your iDevice. Now that Apple will finally release an Apple TV that has an app store support this will hopefully be rectified.
I won't be renewing, my iTunes Match service covers what I personally need. Perhaps I'm using it wrong, but I didn't find much "new" music and will keep buying what I want. Can understand why others, especially those without big music libraries or iTunes Match would consider this.
Can only echo the other two. My iPhone 6 is just as fast on iOS 9 as it was on iOS 8.Annoying I know, but you really should try a full reset and restore.
New Posts  All Forums: