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Absolutely unjustifiable price increase in the UK, the VAT Rate in Luxembourg now stands at 17%, UK rate is 20%. The difference between the old Luxembourg VAT rate and the UK was just 3p yet apple increase the price by 10p.   Apple rips off the Brits once again! Shameless
I hate the freemium model, give me a trial and allow me to unlock the entire experience for a single set price.
It's times like these that a little old fashioned "police brutality" would be welcome. Drag them out by their hair.
Well, my iphone 4s was getting a little long in the tooth. I replace my phone every 3 years, if I bought the 5s I'd probably need to replace it in two years as it'll likely struggle with iOS 10.So all in all it works out more financially viable to pay the extra $100 now.As I will keep this device for 3 years getting the new iphone 6 that has features that will be used in the UK makes a lot of sense.So, despite the inflection of your reply, I'm not a mindless troll who just...
I love my iPhone 6, but if I had an option to get a smaller 4" version I'd switch immediately.
I wish them luck, I really do. I'm hoping that Apple brings the ability to move a mobile phone based call back from the Mac to the iPhone so that you can switch between the two devices mid conversation.
Apple made a mistake by sticking with 16gb on the new generation. These devices are going to be around for at least 3 years adding to this issue.Considering what Apple makes on each device they did not have to be greedy by going 16/64/128 and should have gone 32/64/128.Yes, from a business point of view they're making more money as a large percentage will opt for the 64gb model this year. But in the long run it will leave many customers frustrated and this is not the...
The items will remain on the shelf until the stock is sold. Simple answer.
Naming rights, not naming writes. Come on AI, at least try to proof read.
Feature parity with windows for Excel, please let there be feature parity. Can't wait to stop using a virtual machine to run office.
New Posts  All Forums: