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I think that what annoys peope in general, and certainly me as an individual, is that Apple charges more for their items outside of the USA (which is their right, of course, as a business) and yet only supplies part of the overall experience. Apple goes out of their way to ensure that a feature is ready for the US launch of an iDevice and then puts far less effort into getting this feature out to the rest of the world. It's not just iTunes Radio, Apple Map's was and in...
Interesting that they won't release sales figures. Perhaps they feel the actual figures are underwhelming?
The British Plug might not be beautiful, but it's still regarded as the safest and "best plug" in the world. Numerous tests have been carried out.    Google it if you'd like.
Apple Maps is excellent, in certain countries and downright crap in others. It's great that Apple Maps works for you, but for a large percentage of Apple's customers world wide (who likely pay more than you do for their phones) the experience is sub par.
20 Million pre orders world wide is not a small figure, 200,000 in just 10 days in their home territory may well be a smaller number than usual for a flagship release by Samsung but it doesn't sound particularily low to me.
I wonder why someone hasn't purchased Arm outright.
I guess none of your companies employees are data analysts, Excel is an absolute essential part of my work arsenal, nothing else comes close.
Indeed it is, I have had no issues switching between Office 2011 and the Preview version.
Personally I hope they do a snow leopard styled update to both OS X and iOS.   Time to really start releasing rock solid software once again please Apple.
What's the difference to the current situation? It's not like Apple has all of the main bits of entertainment in one nice little App is it.I'd like the option to download the 5 or so apps that'd cover me.
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