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Any chance of a paid for version so that I can get rid of the annoying ads?
Ok, first of all it's not a mac store exclusive, you can buy it from multiple online stores.Secondly you need to bear in mind that Steam play is both a blessing and a curse for porting companies such as Feral. Certainly the market is massively increased due to the popularity of Steam. But, if a person buys the PC copy which has usually been out for months/years before the Mac Port and is therefore far cheaper Feral gets nothing for the sale. Think about it, they've done...
  I dunno, I'd of thought more "Coming Mid 2014 to match the same seriously late cycle as last revision"
  100% agree with you. Although, in a way I think we were all spoilt by the POI data that google has. As an actual map, or a GPS to get you from A to B Apple maps has worked pretty damn well for me in the UK.   But the second I look for a POI, whether it be a take away, school, shop, whatever else anyone can think of then it falls flat on it's face and this is by and far my biggest issue with the update.   I have tried to add this missing info in my own area, as an...
It's the sold vs shipped thing again. Personally I only think tablets that are sold should be classed in these figures, but most analyst tend to disagree.
Any feature that is missing will eventually be added back in, they released this build with all of the essentials and now have time to catch up. I hope they decide to add coverflow back, not everyone's cup of tea but I loved using it.
Just bought my Mrs a 13" MacBook Pro was holding out with faint hope that Apple would release a 13" MacBook, any 13" MacBook that did not come with just the crud Intel only graphics. Had it not been for the integrated graphics Apple would have easily upsold me to the retina model.
Absolutely right, this entire refresh cycle was a HUGE screwup. Hopefully the right heads will roll in time for this.
Simply click on the Apple (top left of your screen) and click on software updates....   Oh, unless you are a poor unfortunate soul who is stuck with a PC?
Are you using a retina MacBook? All looks fine on my 27" iMac
New Posts  All Forums: