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If anything this works in their favour. Anyone reading it is simply reminded that Apple is cool and Samsung is not, a judge says so so it must be true. 
Easy to have the desktop sales become so insignificant when you only bother to do a refresh after 18+ months & then don't even have stock to sell people.No question the MacBooks massively outsell the desktop line but a lot of sales are lost due to the late refresh cycle over the entire line.I feel for the poor Mac Pro users.
My initial comment was regarding what the Mac sales could have been if they'd not dropped the ball on the desktop macs, I did not write off their achievement. The rest of their product line has done fantastically well and it has been an excellent quarter.
Well lets see, 18 month+ refresh time scale despite availability of the new generation CPU's months ago. No availability of the new iMacs and likely no 27" volume sales until December at the earliest etc etc.Apple screwed up
Imagine what the Mac sales would have looked like if they'd not screwed up the Desktop refresh. Expect a nice climb in Mac sales for the next quarter.
Once again, a nice product ruined by the Intel Graphics only option, same with the beautiful 13" retina MacBook. Intel Graphics = no sale for me
I think he is right. The Nexus 7 is a very nice device, but in terms of build quality it's no iPad. The aluminium & glass make for a premium product and it is priced accordingly. $299 would have been nice but these will sell very well indeed at the current price point. Next year it'll probably drop once the Android devices continue the race to the bottom and hit $99
But a situation that they created, I doubt any of their parts suppliers would turn around and say "sorry, but we won't sell this to you". Apple cocked up really badly, someone took their eye off the ball.
Apple really screwed up on the iMac refresh. 18 months was just taking the piss. The new models are very nice, shame about the rubbish 5400RPM Hard Drives as standard but you can configure a very nice spec if needed.   Personally I wish they had gone with higher performance over thin design, but that's just my personal view.   I'll keep my 2010 iMac for a bit longer and upgrade next year, that is if they care enough to do an update within 12 months of course......
I wish Apple would throw their mac based users of iWork a bone. 3 years+ without a new release only tiny updates that they really had no choice but to release. A bit like the iMac or MacPro release, it simply shows that Apple doesn't care that much about those that want/need a refresh.
New Posts  All Forums: