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I've not upgraded my current MacBook Pro 13" due to the crud intel graphics that Apple ships. I'd certainly be up for the new Retina 13" but if it's got the same intel chip then I won't buy. A professional grade machine should never have to rely on intel graphics.
So, the iPad 2 will have full map functionality whilst the iPhone 4 that runs the same CPU is out, with the iPhone 3GS you could understand as it's getting pretty long in the tooth but this obviously has nothing to do with hardware and everything to do with milking customers dry.
If they'd just open up an app store for the current Apple TV unit's they'd steal the market. No reason to build a TV, leave that to Samsung.
Makes complete sense, as it's a current selling product there'd be an uproar if it could not run iOS 6!
Still no support for the FUJI X10.... COME ON APPPLE!!!!!
I don't understand how AT&T or Verizon are top "global brands" as they are only in the US. No one who is not a geek would know who they are outside of their home country.
Yep, an update to iPhoto is a given, although where the heck the new version of iWork got to I'll never know, talk about long in the tooth......
Stock seems to be far better this time around, popped into the local Apple Store in Cardiff and picked my new 32gb iPad up no problems. The local Curry's have stock too. Nice to be able to get a new Apple product easisly for a change.
FaceTime works great over 3G. I use it all the time on my jailbroken iPhone.
I think people are being a tad short sighted here. Yes a 15" version of the air wouldn't be a "Pro" replacement. But if they were to meld the air design into a 15" chassis, remove the optical drive and use all the additional space to build in the required logic boards etc to include Ethernet & additional FireWire/TB ports I reckon they'd be on to a winner. A best of breed if you will.
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