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The N9 is a beautiful phone, really well made. The Lumia 800 looks like it's essentially the same design. If I was not an iPhone user I would SERIOUSLY consider this handset. Might not get Americans excited, but Nokia is still talked about fondly here in the UK & Europe, people want them to succeed.
Assume these are the same analysts and bloggers that told everyone to expect these features in this years model too...... Apple will release it when they are good and ready, they will not sacrifice battery life or design for a feature that even by next year will not have anywhere near full implementation from carriers. Heck, sometimes it's hard to find a decent 3G signal in many parts of the UK, let alone 4G!
Simply pre ordered it because I was on the iBook store anyway and it was supposed to be one less thinig to do. Sadly Apple cocked it up, how they managed it I don't know but they did.
I preordered, got my email confirmation this morning from Apple. Click the link they send, iBooks launches and then...... Sweet F*ck All. Check my purchased list, it doesn't show there. Worried about buying another copy from iBooks unless I get billed again so I've emailed Apple support. My wife preordered her copy from Amazon, opens up the Kindle app this morning and the book automatically downloads. Come on Apple get your shit together, I've had a pathetic...
Hardly surprising, I'm sure that most Verizon customers were awaiting the new iPhone rather than getting involved in a contract of an already dated device.
Jony Ive is an absolute legend. The design that he and Steve assembled do amazing work, long may this continue!
To be fair, a lot of the complaints are that much of the functionality of Siri is for US Customers only. This lack of support for markets such as the UK that were highlighted on the keynote along with Siri is highly disappointing and does a lot to dilute the appeal. I'm sure things will improve as time moves on, but essentially it's a half baked product that is only really any use in the US at this moment in time, once it's out of beta I'm sure the enthusiasm for it will...
Siri is an interesting concept, with additional time and money (of which Apple has both) it may one day become truly useful. For now, however it's not much use, especially outside of the US. In the UK Siri will not look up any map or business information, simple questions seem to throw it off. A mind numbing example hit me yesterday. I was walking home, it was raining so I was holding my umbrella, I'd forgotten my watch at home and so asked Siri for the time. I...
The iPhone 4S will give a nice bump to the figures today!
Siri asked me "Vicky or Victoria Whitendale" I replied Vicky. In which way was my response unclear?
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