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To my knowledge no version of OS X to date has been released with features only available to the current generation of machines.   Apple has correctly limited the base of machines to only those that could cope with the upgrade and correctly jettisoned PPC hardware on Snow Leopard and Core Due machines in Lion.   But this stinks of the iOS strategy, I have no problem with this on a £200 iPod touch or an iPad but think it is reprehensible on a £1500 18 month old...
Actually I can think of many, your assumption that I cannot is baseless. For example, in the UK catchup television if very popular. BBC, ITV etc would all make apps for the Apple TV, they've already done so for the other iDevices and have seen mass adoption.
Not at all, the app store would be extremely useful. Think of all of the possibilities that could be unlocked, it would certainly increase the use of the device exponentially.    As to the grand plan it's pretty simple, only those that own the current generation of each hardware model can have the full feature set of the OS, everyone else will just be forced to upgrade and so they hope that sales will increase.   This type of behaviour is very much like Microsoft.
This was one of the features that I was really looking forward to, because Apple has not bothered to release an app store for the Apple TV we are currently stuck with either Netflix or iTunes movies.   With this feature I can load up BBC iPlayer on my iMac and hey presto it's there...... or at least it would be there except Apple seems to think that my Mid 2010 Quad Core i5 iMac with 16GB of ram and and  1GB Video card cannot handle it!   No it's not going to...
This is a big feature for my wife, she is dyslexic and finds it far easier to type an email or document via speech. We tried DragonDictate but it was not nearly as accurate as the dictation feature built into the iPad.
Re-designed iMac next year would be great for me, my Apple care runs out on my 2010 iMac in November 2013 so an October release would certainly suit me!
Good step in the right direction, now of they could only speed up the release time of the security updates that'd be something! What is it, 4-6 weeks on average after a security hole has been reported in the news before Apple tends to plug it?
To be fair Samsung was expecting explosive sales results for this handset. 
The 15" MacBook Pro's do indeed feature Nvidia Graphics, the 13" model however does not. Considering the starting price of a 13" MacBook Pro is £1000 I find it, frankly, insulting that they sell a "professional" machine, with a price tag to match, that features such cheap graphics.   Before you say, well don't buy one then, I won't. My 13" MacBook Pro is still chugging along nicely and although I'd have upgraded it by now I'm holding off on principal.   Don't get...
It's such a shame that Apple insists on shipping the crud Intel Graphics on so many of their newest machines, forget anything like this on those.
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