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Hmmmm, where is coverflow? I love that view.
Don't see why, Apple has been looking to drop Samsung for quite a while so was hardly unexpected. The companies that get pushed out can go knocking at Samsungs door as they will have a lot of spare capacity.   What's worth more to Samsung in over all profit, Apple's Business or their handset sales, anyone know?
A: the refresh was seriously delayed, 19 months is ridiculous. B: Apple has many manufacturing partners, other companies have hundreds of different lines being produced all at once. I know it may seem magical to you but Apple's partners could have continued building the old chasis with refreshed components and started winding down once the new iMac was ready to go. This was sloppy, plain and simple.
It's not about Christmas, It's about the refresh cycle. All they had to do was release a CPU/GPU update in the old chasis much earlier on this year. Then release the new system once production is up and running and wow everyone.   Instead they had a large drop off in sales for desktop iMacs and two months of no sales full stop on iMacs.    I'm sorry, but if this is not a monumental cock up I don't know what is.
About damn time, this entire refresh has been a massive cock up.    Considering Tim is known for his supply management skills this is a big blemish on his record.
"have been failing both at inopportune times and at an unacceptable rate."   Lucky they don't need to use iMessage, Facetime or iCloud then as these services certainly fall into the failing both at inopportune times and at an unacceptable rate category!
Well the clusterf*ck screw up that was the late iMac refresh will certainly account for any drop.
Fair as in level playing field. Company A who sells the same type of product at a similar turnover as Company B should not be hit with 25% tax vs 0.1% tax (numbers purely pulled out of the air).Apple, Starbucks and everyone else should pay the same levels of tax as the other companies within each country.Lets face it, Apple is hardly a struggling little company that can't afford to pay tax.
And rightly so, they should pay a fair amount of tax. Having said that governments need to remove the loop holes that allow this type of legal tax dodging in the first place.
They should be able to buy Nokia soon, bring their executive back after his successful mission and make excellent phones. All in all, well played Microsoft well played.
New Posts  All Forums: