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Has to be the only time a year when Apples international customers get a better deal than their American ones. Assume their is some obscure American law that doesn't allow Apple to offer this in the US.
That was a reasonably fast turn around on the update, had it been a phone from HTC or something running Android it would have taken months at least to come out. If Amazon can iron out the kinks they could have a nice little tablet that caters to the needs of most people out there, still I won't be trading in my iPad for one.
The phrase "no shit" comes to mind with these so called predictions. What on earth do these people get paid for?!
This report does not suprise me, I see far more iPhones on my daily commute/at the office than I do BlackBerry/Android/Other. The UK is very pro iPhone!
There aren't that many people in the UK that want us to be part of the EU anyway. Don't know why the UK has to pay £22, £19.60 (which includes our VAT/Taxes) would be about the same as the USA. Either way I'm signing up for the service, glad it came out so soon after the states.
Hmmm protestors, in the UK they are nothing more than a blight on your usual decent citizen, an inconvenience that I wish the police could just round up and move on. Good choice guys!
Wonder when this wil hit the UK, I'd certainly pay for the service due to the amount of music that I own.
I don't mind paying a fair price, and feel that someone should be rewarded for their hard work. But, let's say that a new book is £8 at a book store, why should it also be £8 on iBooks or the Kindle Store. What's more I find that digital contect frequently works out more expensive than traditional media as time goes on. DVD's for example after a year or so they drop into the bargain buckets at £2-3 but are still on iTunes for £9-10. I know that I have the choice to...
Still annoys me that many e-books are the same price as paperback books, it's pure profiteering. At the end of the day e-books do not have to be printed & then shipped, sure you'll still have Apple/Amazon's mark up but then you'd have that at a bookstore. As it's digital delivery Apple/Amazon don't have to have retail stores full of staff that needs to be paid for. E-books, just like all downloadable content should be cheaper full stop!
I have to admit to being tempted by the Kindle Fire myself. I love my iPad but mostly use it for music, books/newspapers and the odd game of Angry Birds, rather than getting an iPad 3 next year I might trade down to one of these. Will wait for actual reviews of the device first.
New Posts  All Forums: