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Assuming it is thicker I'd expect the horrible protruding camera will be gone. Wonder why they didn't just make the 6 bigger with a better battery?
Can't wait until the 3rd generation ships, that'll be when they get my money,
I stopped using messenger the second they pulled it out of the Facebook app, most of my friends did the same.
Seems a lot of money for what you actually get.
I'm getting old, don't have any idea who most of these "stars" are.
I'm surprised they don't just buy the company.
I don't get the animosity shown towards the Kindle. It's a fantastic product line that's priced competitively. My original Kindle from 2007 died in 2013 and my current Kindle (Kindle Touch) is still running along perfectly. If all you want to do is read books then I fail to see how anyone can complain about it in the slightest.
The surface is actually starting to gain some traction in the market and I've always felt that their peripherals are of a decent quality.
Cutting down the installation size is really important and I think this was a barrier to a lot of users.
True, but if there is a fine structure in place it would be unusual to get rid of them. Ride it out and rake in the cash for their mistakes.
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