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True, but I'd be happier with the same thickness as the iPhone 5S with a bigger battery and 2gb+ or Ram.I love Mr Ive's designs, but he frequently seems to choose form over function when it comes to the thickness of a device.
I think he means no lower rate once your contract ends, could be wrong. The Americans get ripped off when it comes to mobile phone contracts.
I wanted a 4" iPhone, but Apple did not really give me an option. I suppose I could've bought the 5s, but I want to have a device that I can expect 3 years solid use out of just like the 4s that I am replacing. I'm very disappointed that Apple decided to ignore all of the people that want a 4" device, especially after all of their valid points about one handed operation. Won't pretend that I was forced to buy an iPhone 6, but as I am an Apple centric kind of person it...
Hardly surprising, but still a very impressive number. They finally came out with a redesigned case, lots of people are vain and won't upgrade until people can see that they have the latest and greatest. Also, there are two models of the flagship as opposed to the usual one.
No shit, the old handsets can still be bought? Wow, you're right, they are really supporting the 4" form factor....... /s
I'm annoyed that Apple ditched the 4" form factor. I didn't need my iPhone to be thinner, but I did want it to keep the same screen size for true, no gimmick, one handed operation. By chasing the Asian market everyone who stuck with them had just been shown the middle finger.
News to me, how long has the Galaxy Note been able to run iOS?
Apple would save themselves a lot of unnecessary pain if they'd simply roll out the pre-orders at midnight, local time, for each country that they are releasing in.   I really don't understand why they don't do this, it'd fix their problems in one easy step.
I hope this comes out in the UK soon, I'll actually use it.
Managed to get mine, very annoyed that there is no collect in store option for the UK, why the hell not? We have plenty of brick and mortar Apple stores.
New Posts  All Forums: