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Not sure I'm comfortable with mobile phones being placed up against traditional PC's in this data. Adding iPads & Mac's together no problem but adding in iPhones...... You might as well start adding in my calculator wrist watch from the 80's, it's able to compute after all.
Better late than never, I can't understand why it's taken as long as it has already to bring out an app/channel store
Personally, I feel that these may have sold well had Sony agreed to do it.   Out of all of the "PC" manufacturers the Sony Vaio range is the only one that has ever made a concerted effort to be elegant.   My biggest problem with the Vaio's is how they started releasing cheap and nasty ones along with the premium versions to cash in on the name around 2006 onwards.   Ah well, none of us have a crystal ball to peer into and see what life would be like had Sony accepted...
Not at all, I felt that the quality and design dropped greatly from the original iPhone to the cheap design of the iPhone 3G/s. I owned a 3Gs as I wanted the speed and hardware features that it offered and waited in line for the iPhone 4 launch. In my opinion Apple made the iPhone 5c plastic for two major reasons. First to free up materials for the iPhone 5s, this was a smart move. Second to cut down on costs and increase their profit margins, looks smart in the board...
Because people associate the build quality and materials of the iPhone 5/5s as coinciding with a premium product, just as one associates hand stitched leather seats etc on a car as coinciding with a premium product. Same internals, cheap shell. It's a great handset with a nice level of build quality, but it is not priced correctly which is the reason it has not sold as well as expected.
All of us who said at launch that the iPhone 5c is a nice product but that it's priced too high have been proven right. Got flamed by a lot of people for saying it at the time though. No one but an idiot would buy the 5c over the 5s at the base point pricing. Still, a lot of really good deals have started to emerge whereby phone companies are trying to move their unsold inventory and at the new pricing it's become quite tempting. The 5c is a really nice device, it's...
I take it you don't own a 5s then? Seriously just pushing the home button & having your phone unlock is far easier (& quicker) than turning on the screen & entering your pass code.
Not showing on any of our 5 iPhones/iPads alas.
When the app originally came out I asked for a paid option to remove the ads, I have to admit I was expecting a 99p pay once option rather than 69p a month subscription.   Running ad blocker etc on my Mac I never see ads anyway..... Still I do visit Appleinsider on a daily basis so perhaps I should value the sites service more.   I hate subscriptions though, it's like death by a million small cuts. Can we maybe have a £10 once off life long purchase instead, I bet AI...
I'm glad the UK launch was delayed now, I has been eagerly awaiting the chance to buy the Thermostat. Picked up a Tado model instead, after extensive research it actually seems to be a better product in many respects, at least for Europe.
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