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I hope this fixes the hot corners expose issue I have. Since upgrading the bottom left corner does not reveal the desktop like I've set it too. Seriously annoying to say the least!
Well I always felt that Microsoft was run by a bunch of "Squares" now I have proof.
Is it wrong that I actually enjoyed that particular ad?
Thank goodness, they were rubbish!
Apple deciding to exclude pretty much the headline Mountain Lion feature (Airplay mirroring) to 2011 only Mac's has annoyed many people. Apple's forums are flooded with complaints over this.
I couldn't disagree more if I tried, iWork is in dire need of a significant update! Sure these little patches to ensure compatibility with the newer versions of OS X are great, they're also pretty much unavoidable for Apple as it would be rather pathetic for them to release Mountain Lion and not have their own work suite compatible with it's latest feature.
To my knowledge no version of OS X to date has been released with features only available to the current generation of machines.   Apple has correctly limited the base of machines to only those that could cope with the upgrade and correctly jettisoned PPC hardware on Snow Leopard and Core Due machines in Lion.   But this stinks of the iOS strategy, I have no problem with this on a £200 iPod touch or an iPad but think it is reprehensible on a £1500 18 month old...
Actually I can think of many, your assumption that I cannot is baseless. For example, in the UK catchup television if very popular. BBC, ITV etc would all make apps for the Apple TV, they've already done so for the other iDevices and have seen mass adoption.
Not at all, the app store would be extremely useful. Think of all of the possibilities that could be unlocked, it would certainly increase the use of the device exponentially.    As to the grand plan it's pretty simple, only those that own the current generation of each hardware model can have the full feature set of the OS, everyone else will just be forced to upgrade and so they hope that sales will increase.   This type of behaviour is very much like Microsoft.
This was one of the features that I was really looking forward to, because Apple has not bothered to release an app store for the Apple TV we are currently stuck with either Netflix or iTunes movies.   With this feature I can load up BBC iPlayer on my iMac and hey presto it's there...... or at least it would be there except Apple seems to think that my Mid 2010 Quad Core i5 iMac with 16GB of ram and and  1GB Video card cannot handle it!   No it's not going to...
New Posts  All Forums: