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  And what is a HDD and SSD if they are not hardware? lol
You could put one in your iMac. But Apple will not sell you one. You could buy a SSD Drive online (ensure it is compatible) then ask an authorised reseller to install it along with your existing HDD. You can then create your own fusion drive via a well documented and seemingly easy terminal hack.
  The fusion drive is hardware and the software required for it is Mountain Lion 10.8.2. No reason whatsoever that the fusion drive would not work in an older Mac.    As to the previous poster, no way will Apple sell you just the drive. No sir, you need to purchase a new Mac, can't have one upgrading their old machine when you could buy a new one!
It should be noted that most judgements seem to have gone against Apple across the globe. I don't personally agree with the decision in this case, but most courts do.
As far as I am aware the UK is Apple's most profitable market outside of the US.
Awwww, but they love you long time!
Jon is an absolute legend. I am sure he will sort out the mess of different ideas strewn across iOS and Mac OS X. Goodbye inconsistency! 
Personally I never liked Forstall, he always came across as smarmy to me.
106%? And there I was thinking that 100% equalled the whole of something....... /sarcasm
  Yes, the Mac sales hang steady. They would have done far more than hold steady if they'd not cocked up the desktop refresh. The reason they only held steady is that the large increase in notebook turnover was nerfed by the huge slump in desktop sales.
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