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Maybe Samsung decided that HTC's dwindling orders were not worth their time any more and HTC found that they could get a better deal elsewhere for the amount that they are ordering.
Apples lack of updates on their entire desktop line is ridiculous, you can forgive them for not following the 3-6 month schedule of their competitors but 18 months + takes the piss.
Technically the new maps app is brilliant, for use as a GPS to get someone from A to B it's pretty much up there with the best. But where it falls down is the low res or black & white maps that covers much of the world and missing data in terms of where things are.   Simple example, open up google maps in the browser and the school, chip shop, supermarket, post office, off licence etc etc are all listed around me. Open up Apple Maps and you get the road names and...
Unfortunately new standards take time, most electronic devices do not yet support the new standard and so the tech companies do not have enough incentive to move on up the tech ladder.   This is an area that Apple generally leads in.
Bluetooth headphones - check Bluetooth headphones that come with a wire to charge - Check Bluetooth headphones with a microphone and volume button - Check   Yep, all of the above is already out in the wild. What are they sending out for a patent, the fact that it's white and has an Apple logo?
So, Apple finally decide to offer a pair of Bluetooth headphones, only a few years behind everyone else. And looks like the cheeky buggers want to patent it.
From my own experience getting from A to B is not really the problem with Apple Maps, I do a lot of driving for work up and down the country and I've found it pretty accurate.   The problem is lack of data with regards to points of interest such as shops, restaurants, cinema's etc and this sadly is one area where Google really seemed to excel.   Having said that I reported the large supermarket near me to Apple last week and as of yet it has not been added........
So Microsoft now needs to pay Apple for the Arc mouse?
  I assume you are in the USA? The problem is far more pronounced outside of Apple's favourite market, in my office today 7 individual non technical people were complaining about the maps problem. These people do not want to have to download a load of apps to replace what was reliable core functionality, they do not want to browse to a website and have their battery nuked. From my own searches it feels like 90-95% of all shops/restaurant/etc are missing. With Maps it's...
If they still have a year left with Google on the clock why not offer customers the choice of source from within the map app until that licence runs out. Problems immediately solved! It certainly would not be any more embarrassing than the fiasco so far!
New Posts  All Forums: