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Well let's see shall we, for example the September quarter Apple dropped 5.6% after the earning were revealed. (Source: http://www.macobserver.com/tmo/artic...g_q4_earnings/) It also dropped in June following the results. I could go on, however my point was accurate and history backs me up.
Perhaps you are confusing US Market share with world wide market share?
Well usually the stock takes a dive, the better the news the worse the dive. I'm not sure how good news makes the stock holders sell, I guess many are simply retarded.
This is not suprising, at least to me. Although a tad on the expensive side in terms of their bottom end machine the 27" line offers superb value. The design and materials used simply scream buy me!
To be fair, at least here in the UK there are quiet a few Premium Authorised Resellers and I can see their point. Case in point, Cardiff, UK. In Cardiff that was a nice little Apple Store run by an authorised reseller, they had a similar layout to the official Apple Stores and their staff were both friendly and informative. Apple released a large store in Cardiff and suddenly most of their business dried up, they have now closed shop and moved elsewhere. I can...
Has to be the only time a year when Apples international customers get a better deal than their American ones. Assume their is some obscure American law that doesn't allow Apple to offer this in the US.
That was a reasonably fast turn around on the update, had it been a phone from HTC or something running Android it would have taken months at least to come out. If Amazon can iron out the kinks they could have a nice little tablet that caters to the needs of most people out there, still I won't be trading in my iPad for one.
The phrase "no shit" comes to mind with these so called predictions. What on earth do these people get paid for?!
This report does not suprise me, I see far more iPhones on my daily commute/at the office than I do BlackBerry/Android/Other. The UK is very pro iPhone!
There aren't that many people in the UK that want us to be part of the EU anyway. Don't know why the UK has to pay £22, £19.60 (which includes our VAT/Taxes) would be about the same as the USA. Either way I'm signing up for the service, glad it came out so soon after the states.
New Posts  All Forums: