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Maybe this is one of the reasons as to why my iPhone 4S seems to get about 10% less battery life then my 2 year old iPhone 3GS did.
I second that. There are some good features in Web OS, the patents alone should be worth the cash to Apple. It's not like they can't afford it!
As with most things Apple now adays this only benefits Americans. Maybe a VISA card magically works differently outside of the US for some reason, or perhaps the Apple products in the Apple Stores outside of the US don't support Apple's own software payment system....... This is just like Siri. Yelp is in the UK and Google Maps works fine here too yet Apple does not bother to add the support.
The stock outs world wide aren't going to go anywhere soon, not if Apple's release schedule for other countries goes as planned. Going to be some high numbers on the next fiscal report.
A quad core A6 and a retina display might just be enough to make me upgrade from my original iPad. This is an important market for Apple so I'm pretty sure they will come out firing on all cylinders. Just hope they release it in April and don't make people wait like we had to for the iPhone 4S
Can't Apple just buy the domain name from the current owners? It was registered 3 years ago, an although they are obviously trolls nothing stopped Apple from registering the address in advance.
Have had my Yahoo.co.uk address for the last 13 years, despite the mountains of spam I doub't I'll change any time soon.
Do thee figures include digital dowloads too?
Well Google had to work out how to monetise Android somehow!
I've had major problems with my iPhone 4S' battery life, drains about 10% an hour in idle. This morning I dropped 20% in one hour with 45 mins idle and 15 mins light web browsing.... iCloud is turned off and I rarely use Siri, signal was strong the whole time. Really weird, never had an issue with my 3GS, serious case of buyers remorse right now!
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