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To be fair, a lot of the complaints are that much of the functionality of Siri is for US Customers only. This lack of support for markets such as the UK that were highlighted on the keynote along with Siri is highly disappointing and does a lot to dilute the appeal. I'm sure things will improve as time moves on, but essentially it's a half baked product that is only really any use in the US at this moment in time, once it's out of beta I'm sure the enthusiasm for it will...
Siri is an interesting concept, with additional time and money (of which Apple has both) it may one day become truly useful. For now, however it's not much use, especially outside of the US. In the UK Siri will not look up any map or business information, simple questions seem to throw it off. A mind numbing example hit me yesterday. I was walking home, it was raining so I was holding my umbrella, I'd forgotten my watch at home and so asked Siri for the time. I...
The iPhone 4S will give a nice bump to the figures today!
Siri asked me "Vicky or Victoria Whitendale" I replied Vicky. In which way was my response unclear?
On the whole I've enjoyed using Siri, I was really happy that the voice used out here in the UK is different to one on the keynote demo..... Much nicer somehow, less computerised. The only issue I've had is when I ask it to call a contact where I've only entered in the forename, this is especially true for Vicky. Siri correctly picks up that I've said Vicky, searches my address book and offers me three names from my contact list, two of which have surnames and then asks...
Good for you, hopefully that will bode well for me. I ordered my phone within 5 mins of the Apple Website coming online, still I'm in the UK not America and Apple tends to preference the US over everyone else.Hope mine updates to shipped soon! *Edit* Hmmmm, a tad confused by the Apple site. Under my order it shows "Processing Items" then a little blue arrow followed by "Dispatched: Ships by October 14th", I have the option to cancel my order, how can something be...
Wow, I know Apple tend to make around 30-35% margin usually, but 70%....... Does make me feel that Apple just shafted me on my £499 aquisition for a 16gb iPhone 4S. \ Oh well, as only Apple makes the iPhone and that's the platform I want I guess I should not complain too much I am afterall paying for it.
Makes sense, they don't want to collapse their servers on Friday with all the activations etc.
I thought that too at first, but my email confirmation says shipped "by" 14th of October... Hope it arrives on launch day, can't wait to get rid of my 3GS!
I managed to order my iPhone from Apples website within 10 mins of it going live yesterday. Never pre ordered a product from Apple before, in the past I've always queued up outside my local Apple store. Does anyone know from previous experience if I'm likely to get the phone on release date? Not sure if the UK is different to the US.
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