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Personally I think that this year will be remembered as the year of the redesigned iPhone 5, I'm guessing the iPad 3 will actually be more like an iPad 2S, nothing wrong with that!
I wonder how the actual return rate faired compared to the actual sold rate.
Assume that this report is US only? Wish my company in the UK would let me use a Mac, heck I would buy the machine myself and donate it to them if they would!
Now that's hardly being fair is it? As it happens I own a 4S. My wife has an iPhone 4 and we decided (quite rationally I think) that the iPhone 4 is still pretty fast, the camera although not as good as the iPhone 4S is still better than most camera phones out there. As she protects her phone in a case she never had reception issues, the display is the same as is the outer casing design. Finally & I accept that in the US this is different Siri has almost no functionality...
Thanks, that actually makes sense. Couldn't work out why people would have paid to upgrade, but I'd in the US you could upgrade for free or actually make some money to upgrade then that makes sense.
I didn't slate the iPhone 4S, it's a fantastic handset, best on the market hands down. If you've got a 3GS or below I'd fully understand the need to upgrade, those handsets are now starting to feel sluggish.
Why would anyone with an iPhone 4 upgrade to a 4S? Sure it's got Siri which is only really any use in the US, but apart from that one single feature what is there to upgrade for? It's not as if the iPhone 4 is slow, or has a rubbish camera. It's got the same design etc as the 4S so why do it? Colour me confused.
Well let's see shall we, for example the September quarter Apple dropped 5.6% after the earning were revealed. (Source: http://www.macobserver.com/tmo/artic...g_q4_earnings/) It also dropped in June following the results. I could go on, however my point was accurate and history backs me up.
Perhaps you are confusing US Market share with world wide market share?
Well usually the stock takes a dive, the better the news the worse the dive. I'm not sure how good news makes the stock holders sell, I guess many are simply retarded.
New Posts  All Forums: