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So, Apple finally decide to offer a pair of Bluetooth headphones, only a few years behind everyone else. And looks like the cheeky buggers want to patent it.
From my own experience getting from A to B is not really the problem with Apple Maps, I do a lot of driving for work up and down the country and I've found it pretty accurate.   The problem is lack of data with regards to points of interest such as shops, restaurants, cinema's etc and this sadly is one area where Google really seemed to excel.   Having said that I reported the large supermarket near me to Apple last week and as of yet it has not been added........
So Microsoft now needs to pay Apple for the Arc mouse?
  I assume you are in the USA? The problem is far more pronounced outside of Apple's favourite market, in my office today 7 individual non technical people were complaining about the maps problem. These people do not want to have to download a load of apps to replace what was reliable core functionality, they do not want to browse to a website and have their battery nuked. From my own searches it feels like 90-95% of all shops/restaurant/etc are missing. With Maps it's...
If they still have a year left with Google on the clock why not offer customers the choice of source from within the map app until that licence runs out. Problems immediately solved! It certainly would not be any more embarrassing than the fiasco so far!
Before anyone over reacts to my joke I'm a big Apple fan and despite being scratchtastic I love the look & feel of the new iPhone. Wish I could justify the upgrade over my 4S
Cue the jokes on how the apple faithful wont be able to find the stores next year to buy the phones due to Apple Maps
Well the tablet race to the bottom has certainly gone quicker than it did with the computer market. Not that Apple cares, if anything it differentiates them and marks them out as the premium niche which they love so much.
I think a lot of people are misunderstanding what most people want from "apps" on the Apple TV, hence the it's a stupid idea comments. It is highly frustrating for those that don't live in America and so do not have access to Netflix & Hulu. As many have said the UK is a year example in terms of BBC iPlayer. Apps that allow additional functionality in terms of adding Iplayer support is desperately needed, using the Iplayer app on the iPhone to deliver unoptimised video...
The presentation is secondary to information in this case, sure it looks fantastic but it's next to useless. I'd imagine it's better in the US than anywhere else in the world.
New Posts  All Forums: