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I wish Apple would throw their mac based users of iWork a bone. 3 years+ without a new release only tiny updates that they really had no choice but to release. A bit like the iMac or MacPro release, it simply shows that Apple doesn't care that much about those that want/need a refresh.
As long as they don't ruin the machine with crud intel only graphics I'll be buying one, haven't replaced my ageing 2008 13" MacBook Aluminium due to Apple trying to fob people off with Intel Graphics in a pro machine.
Anyone with this "error" need to realise that they're looking at their screen wrongly. If you find you see this with the keyboard then don't use it that way.
Interesting how most rulings outside of Apples home turf seem to go against apple. Personally I feel that at the start Apple was right, their ideas were ripped off. Sadly the newer Samsung devices are not nearly as much a copy and so the rulings on past wrongs are going to be harder & harder to fight. Don't agree with the advertising ruling in this case, but had the same ruling gone in Apples favour most people here would be celebrating it.
Who are they? Well for a start they are only Apples biggest customer outside of the states, not to mention one of the few markets where the iPhone has a larger share than Android handsets etc.But you're right, they're only a small Island that has no effect on anyone or anything.....
They should've been updated 6 months ago. Apple is really taking the piss with this cycle. Anyone buying a current generation iMac is getting shafted.
Funny how the analyst/usual mix of people that don't really know shit pull out the unexpected yield problems once their predicted release time frame does not come to fruition. 
I totally get where you are coming from, it's the same for me with Maps and the yelp integration etc. I don't want a flood of apps taking up space.  As an idea passbook is brilliant, I just wish Apple had worked out a way for people to integrate it without loads of apps that I really do not want clogging up my iPhone.
Do you have the white or black iPhone 5?
I got the black one, sadly as many have pointed out the black one is scratchtastic. General wear and tear, the screen is still perfect but the sides and back have nicks/scratches all over.  I suppose I could use gloves whilst holding it and put it in a case but I shouldn't have too.   Never had a problem with my original iPhone, or my 3GS or my iPhone 4S.   The iPhone 5 got scratched the first time I put it into a GPS holder that never caused a problem with my...
New Posts  All Forums: