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Good for you, hopefully that will bode well for me. I ordered my phone within 5 mins of the Apple Website coming online, still I'm in the UK not America and Apple tends to preference the US over everyone else.Hope mine updates to shipped soon! *Edit* Hmmmm, a tad confused by the Apple site. Under my order it shows "Processing Items" then a little blue arrow followed by "Dispatched: Ships by October 14th", I have the option to cancel my order, how can something be...
Wow, I know Apple tend to make around 30-35% margin usually, but 70%....... Does make me feel that Apple just shafted me on my £499 aquisition for a 16gb iPhone 4S. \ Oh well, as only Apple makes the iPhone and that's the platform I want I guess I should not complain too much I am afterall paying for it.
Makes sense, they don't want to collapse their servers on Friday with all the activations etc.
I thought that too at first, but my email confirmation says shipped "by" 14th of October... Hope it arrives on launch day, can't wait to get rid of my 3GS!
I managed to order my iPhone from Apples website within 10 mins of it going live yesterday. Never pre ordered a product from Apple before, in the past I've always queued up outside my local Apple store. Does anyone know from previous experience if I'm likely to get the phone on release date? Not sure if the UK is different to the US.
Based on the title and reading the first bit of text I had expected to see 100's of flowers etc. None the less, what a legend Steve was. The man truly changed the technological landscape for all. RIP Steve.
There does seem to be quite a bit of disappointment over this, I know that three of my friends will not be upgrading based on the announcement. Had Apple released the iPhone 4S back in June not many people I know would have complained, but to be 4 months later than usual and then show off a "S" model....... Well what did Apple expect? They screwed up plain & simple. Still, as a 3GS owner it's good enough for me so I'll be pre ordering on Friday.
If Apple had released the 4S back in June people would have been far more excited, but to wait an additional 4 months and just release a speedbump...... Well naturally the attitude is going to be neutral. Apple dropped the ball on this one. It certainly won't stop me replacing my iPhone 3GS, it's a great upgrade just one that should have been released months ago.
Surprised about this, figured they'd either keep the cheap 3GS shell and bump up the CPU or keep the iPhone 4 design.
Missed opportunty, Microsoft could have easily made an iPod Touch competitor and marketed it as such. Don't get why they did not do so, heck they could have added functions that the iPod Touch does not have such as a GPS chip. Biggest issue I ever had with the Zune was it's name, seriously.... Zune, what the heck were they thinking?
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