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Now if only they would add the conference call feature back into Facetime on the Mac we would be in business. It's really annoying that they replaced iChat and left us with no video conference option.
 I suppose it all depends on what one thinks of as a "proper" spreadsheet. For my analytical work Numbers does not cover many features that I actually need and use. The latest dumbed down update has certainly not helped matters. As a product, when used for genuine professional use Excel is a mightily powerful tool and MS actually deserves credit for it. Excel is not designed for the home user who simply wants to balance their cheque book or to create a shopping list, sadly...
Add my two iMacs to the last quarter, last year was a blip due to the imac screwup & nothing else.
The original iPad had one single update, not even two years worth of software coverage. I'm sorry, but for a premium Apple device that is piss poor.  Keeping in mind that the iPhone 3GS that was released 10 months earlier was able to run iOS 6 it just reinforces my point. I own a lot of Apple hardware and will point out when I think Apple is wrong, rather than a faceless Apple Fan who almost has a heart attack when anything negative is said about their beloved corporation.
This represent my biggest gripe with Apple, the original iPad should have been upgraded to iOS 6. Leaving it as iOS 5 was really poor.
I'd imagine that many of the devices that aren't on iOS7 are iPhone 3GS's
Not over yet, certainly been a poor show so far but still a chance that something people actually want will come up.
Assuming it's genuine and it does look that way then the buyer owns a really cool piece of history.
Home alone suits me, I felt like watching it again and was too tight to spend the money to rent it. Thanks Apple
This was free upon release, so thanks for the already free gift Apple.
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