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Such a shame they did not decide to update the CPU, you'll be lucky to get iOS 9 support on this and I wouldn't be surprised to see iOS 8 as the last version. Very poor update.
Well, a large supermarket and historical park that I notified them of upon launch was added yesterday. Only took them just under two years, great that they finally bothered to get around to it just a shame that they did not increase their staff levels and get this sorted a LONG time ago.   I will consider using Apple Maps again now, the more people that use it the better the data should get. It's just a shame that they cocked up so badly at launch, none of my family use...
Apple should've given them the extra discount before the 520k mark, they were making money anyway, You can bet this switch is all about money.
I really hope for a new look this year, the current design has not really changed since the iPhone 4. And before people say that there is not much that Apple can do as the device has to have a screen etc taking up all the space I'd point out that if you compare the iPhone 4 to a 3GS no one could claim they were the same device.
Great, another update that only benefits US customers. Just open the bloody App Store Apple! FFS
The whole "looking into your lights" etc response is a bit crap and makes little sense, now if the response "I will look to do this for you" or "I will look into this, please wait" that'd be fine.
Now, if they'd just price the rest of their products in the UK at a fair markup we'd be in business!
It'll run just fine, considering it has the same requirements as Mavericks that runs great on my 2008 Aluminium MacBook.
I dumped facebook the second they stopped me being able to use the messenger function within the main app. I was planning to leave anyway and that was the last little push that I needed.
Most of the features touted here are already available Europe and have been for a while. The Tado Thermostat has all these features and more, what's more they are looking to build in the support for the new features in iOS 8.
New Posts  All Forums: