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It's faster, no need to enter a pin or if in America go through the hassle of showing your ID/having to sign for the transaction. However it only works on small payments, what is exciting about the Apple Pay system is that it should cover all payments both large and small. Hopefully this will roll out quickly and not become the stagnant abortion that iTunes Radio has become, heck it's only been a year with no sign of that service in most countries. Pathetic really.
I really wish they'd offer a 4" version, the new 4"7 seems too big based on the cut out. Can't think why anyone would seriously want the 6 plus, just buy an iPad if you want a device with a huge screen.
WTF I can't preorder until the 12th?!?!?!
 It's not a bad deal $100 to go from 16gb to 64gb, just annoying as a customer that they did not standardise on 32gb. I know why they did it, they want to make more money, it makes business sense, but still sucks.
I had certainly hoped that they'd have 2GB of ram, one of the biggest reasons stated for certain devices not getting the latest iOS update is due to lack of Ram. 2GB would almost guarantee an extra year of support.
Due to upgrade my iPhone 4S, it's lasted well. Have been holding out for a redesigned look as the iPhone 4 - 5S look essentially identical. Assuming this is the new iPhone I don't think it will have the wow factor (purely in terms of looks) that the iPhone 4 had vs the 3GS.   Still, I'll appreciate the fingerprint reader etc. Looking forward to my new phone.
Insane, at least wait until the announcement. Amazing how people can happily waste 2 weeks of their lives waiting outside a shop.... Muppets 
Could you tone down the language please, utilise another word to emphasize your point.
Switched to YNAB, could not be happier. Don't see how this is going to sell well, ignore people for long enough and they'll find alternatives.
I hope this means that the sizes are going to be 32/64/128gb as standard. 16gb is not really enough any more.
New Posts  All Forums: