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Why does it need replacing, assume it's not all cracked and grungy.
Decissions decissions, decided not to upgrade my 3GS last year and have patiently waited for the iPhone 5. But now that it's delayed and all the reports point to a modest upgrade at best is there any point in waiting. There are a lot of good iPhone 4 deals around at the moment, still Apple might pull a rabbit out of the hat and release an amazing upgrade, Argh such a touch choice!
Wonder why Apple does not bother entering negotiations sooner with the EU/British side on things. We are still waiting to get half of the functionality that Apple TV customers in the US have, yet Apple does not seem to care as long as the US is covered. Very frustrating.
Lol, don't forget the Brits!
Hmmmm, I don't see how this would work out. Consider that on my iMac I have around 240gb or music and a further 185gb of movies, now if I was to decide to stream this content, as well as buy movies etc from the new iCloud service I would need to have super fast internet away from home (doubt that 3G would cut it) and an unlimited data usuage contract. Obviously I would not stream 100's of gigabytes of data each month, but if everything was streamed to my iPhone, iPad...
Fair play to Apple, even when they F*ck up they still manage to land on their feet and smell of roses. Not many companies could release a product 10 months late, not bother to release it's replacement (which will probably be a mediocre/lazy 4Gs type of upgrade anyway) and still increase their sales! All of the other phone compaines must be scratching their heads trying to work out how to win.
Not so sure why people are so against this, for a machine like the MacBook Air a custom designed chip and board would be a real benefit, think of the benefits that such control could give to Apple. I doubt Apple would stop using Intel chips in the bulk of their computer line up. Besides, we have Universal applications on our Mac's, no reason why overtime they could not support the Arm architecture.
Hmmm doesn't seem to be out in the UK, rather annoying how companies release something for the US only and ignore the rest of the planet, guess Amazon does not want me to spend my British Pounds with them..... Twats
I think most of us remember iChat, damn I so badly wanted to use that application and in so doing dump MSN messenger and Skype, but it didn't happen. It didn't happen because two thirds of the people whom I have online contact with do not own a Mac and so could not use iChat. I still feel to this day that Apple wasted a good opportunity and are simply doing the same with Facetime. Facetime has many benefits over Skype or MSN but until they release a Windows...
To be fair to Samsung (& all the other phone manufacturers out there) there's not really anything they can do about having a similar look to the iPhone. Seriously, how else can you make a touch screen phone? The display naturally sets the design, it's rectangular and usually 3.5". Apart from rounding the edges a bit more and maybe making it bright green what else can they do! The OS is also very similar & Apple should sue google accordingly. Apple might as well...
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