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We don't know that yet, I've played with WP7 and it's not too shabby. Don't get me wrong, I have no intention of ditching my iPhone but WP7 is a good Android/iOS competitor that is only going to get stronger. I think it's fair to say that MS needed Nokia more than the other way around and that this is a strategic fail of epic proportions on Nokia's side when the new N9 & it's MeeGo OS are taken into consideration.
Samsung phones are highly popular, I'm sure that their sell through is pretty good.
Correct me if I'm wrong but I thought Apple had said that they can offer a payment system but have to also offer pricing from the App Store. The Times iPad app works this way.
You're 100% correct, however if you consider the number of Mac's out there vs the number of PC's I think you'll find that user base vs user base Lion has a much quicker up take.
"We are lucky that Steve Jobs has such a bad temper and doesn't care about China," Liu reportedly said last year. "If Apple were to spend the same effort on the Chinese consumer as we do, we would be in trouble." Of all the people to challenge he chucks a gauntlet at Steve's feet with that comment!
So, If Apple paid the most does that mean that they will benefit the most, or have exclusive rights to some of the patents? Seems illogical for them to pay to benefit others in the consortium....
MS's share in phone OS market share will increase due to this merger, no doubt about it. Unfortunately the move has already started to relegate Nokia to an also ran, the only one who benefits is Microsoft.
I disagree, sure the N9 is just one phone, but they could have made other handsets across multiple price points.The software is there, they made it and so could have created the hardware around it.There is a lot of brand loyalty in Europe with Nokia, a range of phones running Meego would have stood a chance. The ineptitude of the senior management is the problem here, they should have been able to release a device like this years ago.I still feel that going with Microsoft...
A thoroughly deserved fall from grace, Nokia has had over 4 years to respond to the iPhone and they wasted their chance. They finally managed to unveil a creditable competitor in June (the N9) but it's too late, no one in their right mind will buy the N9 because it's OS will be discontinued around December when the first Microsoft powered phones launch. When you look at the N9 and the OS that it has you just have to stand and shake your head, they obviously had the...
New Posts  All Forums: