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Can't Apple just buy the domain name from the current owners? It was registered 3 years ago, an although they are obviously trolls nothing stopped Apple from registering the address in advance.
Have had my Yahoo.co.uk address for the last 13 years, despite the mountains of spam I doub't I'll change any time soon.
Do thee figures include digital dowloads too?
Well Google had to work out how to monetise Android somehow!
I've had major problems with my iPhone 4S' battery life, drains about 10% an hour in idle. This morning I dropped 20% in one hour with 45 mins idle and 15 mins light web browsing.... iCloud is turned off and I rarely use Siri, signal was strong the whole time. Really weird, never had an issue with my 3GS, serious case of buyers remorse right now!
Was always annoyed that Apple did not offer this service, makes total sense. Most large stores that I shop at have a ship to shop option, don't know why it took them so long to add the option.
The N9 is a beautiful phone, really well made. The Lumia 800 looks like it's essentially the same design. If I was not an iPhone user I would SERIOUSLY consider this handset. Might not get Americans excited, but Nokia is still talked about fondly here in the UK & Europe, people want them to succeed.
Assume these are the same analysts and bloggers that told everyone to expect these features in this years model too...... Apple will release it when they are good and ready, they will not sacrifice battery life or design for a feature that even by next year will not have anywhere near full implementation from carriers. Heck, sometimes it's hard to find a decent 3G signal in many parts of the UK, let alone 4G!
Simply pre ordered it because I was on the iBook store anyway and it was supposed to be one less thinig to do. Sadly Apple cocked it up, how they managed it I don't know but they did.
I preordered, got my email confirmation this morning from Apple. Click the link they send, iBooks launches and then...... Sweet F*ck All. Check my purchased list, it doesn't show there. Worried about buying another copy from iBooks unless I get billed again so I've emailed Apple support. My wife preordered her copy from Amazon, opens up the Kindle app this morning and the book automatically downloads. Come on Apple get your shit together, I've had a pathetic...
New Posts  All Forums: