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Considering that there is no offical confirmation of an iPhone using any other technology than GSM I don't see how these figures have any relevance at all. Although I might be proven wrong I doubt Apple would invest in CDMA, most of the planet uses GSM and they can't build enough iPhone 4's as it is, let alone muddying the waters with another handset to manufacture. I'm sure that Verizon has some advantages for certain area's of the US in terms of coverage etc and I...
No Apple, DON'T DO IT! I know that for most of your MacBook base of users the crappy graphics from Intel would do the job just fine but don't punish the rest of us, especially after steam etc has finally come to the Mac! \
My only issue with digital distribution is that I feel it should be cheaper than the physical media. Frequently a Blu ray from Amazon will be cheaper than buying an HD movie through iTunes, this shouldn't be the case. I doubt it'll change but considering they don't have to produce the disc, ship the item and then pay for shelf space it's a bloody piss taker!
We do a bit better than you in the UK although still far off of the discount that the Americans get. Lol, if they get $150 off of something from Apple.com we'd be lucky to get £10 off!
I don't pirate any apps at all, I have bought a few apps through Cydia though. Don't tar everyone with the same brush. I've got a shaved head too but am not a facist for instance....
I don't see how this would be better or even much different than say "The Times" newspaper app that I've had on my iPad since the end of May. Not sure if it's available in the US Apple store but the Times app has gone from strength to strength and only cost £8 a month for al of their daily editions (excluding the Sunday Times). Competition is great but this is hardly new. \
Makes complete sense. Most of the so called "serious" competition for the iPad is due out Q1 2011, just as they are getting released Apple will announce the iPad 2 making them obsolete overnight and pushing them out of the news..... very smart!
Yes it does
Just what we need, more ads!! I hope more apps go for the 59p model instead and dump the ads.
You're mixing me up with "Sarek" subtle spelling difference I'll give you that, still shows your own ignorance.
New Posts  All Forums: