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Fantastic news! Once this goes through Apple can start suing Google directly for their violations rather than the companies that ship their OS!
Interesting, figures seem really low for this year. I had hoped that Apple was waiting until October so that, for once, they would actually have a reasonable amount of stock on hand for launch day. I guess it's going to be the usual Apple launch then.
When you consider that the iPhone 4 is almost 15 months old the next iPhone had better not be an iPhone 4S! But an iPad 2 Pro would be nice, might even tempt me to upgrade from the original iPad.
Now, these are quality headphones: http://www.bowers-wilkins.co.uk/Head.../Overview.html Those Dr Dre Beats aren't anything special, not by a long shot!
It's very well implemented, well done Amazon! Apple is welcome to their 30%, it is their store after all. Having said that they need to look at their rules, how is someone like Amazon supposed to implement the 30% rule across millions of books that all have different price points! Now if only some nice jailbreaker could work out a way to add the store link back to Kindle apps.....
Market share is almost meaningless. For Apple track their profits & more importantly their profit share of a certain market, that's how they roll.
Luckily I've not been blocked yet. I enjoy playing with beta software, I guess I'm just impatient. It was the same with Lion, I was playing with each build, even sent through quite a few bug reports so they should thank me!
I could see this working in a niche product, but for many users Intel CPU's are a must. The virtulisation market is getting bigger all the time.
We don't know that yet, I've played with WP7 and it's not too shabby. Don't get me wrong, I have no intention of ditching my iPhone but WP7 is a good Android/iOS competitor that is only going to get stronger. I think it's fair to say that MS needed Nokia more than the other way around and that this is a strategic fail of epic proportions on Nokia's side when the new N9 & it's MeeGo OS are taken into consideration.
New Posts  All Forums: