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People used to say the same about Apple in the 90's. Nokia have been painfully slow to react, they were too confident of their position and are now being punished for it. They have a lot of talent & although I'd have liked to have seen them build on MeGo rather than betting on Microsoft I wouldn't write them off yet.
Man, it's so hard. Luckily for me when I wake up AI has articles promising me my new iPhone in October..... then at the end of the day I usually see an article claiming that it's all a lie and that Apple have decided that the world will just have to wait because they can't be assed to release it until next year! I then usually cry myself to sleep cradling my old, battle scarred iPhone 3GS promising it that soon, soon it will be laid to rest in a nice comfortable draw with...
Quoting StarCraft II "Hell, it's about time!" Let's just hope availability is within a week or so of the announcement, kept my 3GS expecting to trade up in June and have now had to wait like everyone else for months.....
I wish Apple would just release the iPhone 5 already..... getting seriously tired of waiting! I second the idea that Apple might want to buy Rim, although might as well wait another couple of quarters so that their value halves.
This is the type of survey where ones response can only be something like "No Sh*t Sherlock"! There is a huge demand for the iPhone 5, just waiting on Apple to get their butts into gear and actually release it, the imminent release of the GM version of iOS pretty much confirms the October release date. Now we just need Apple to arrange a little presentation.......
Sucks that this is an iPad 2 only feature. No reason the first iPad couldn't do this apart from Apples greed!
Interesting name, bet any business invites he issues always gets a laugh from attendees. Seriously though, he feels that the tablet fever will recede and that netbooks/notebooks will once again come to the fore, yet despite this prediction of his Acer is gearing up to release a slew of Android Tablets..... hedging your bets Mr Wang or just talking out of your ass?
An iPhone 4 with just 8gb of memory would make sense as the cheaper handset, it's exactly what they did with the 3GS so would hardly be a surprise. I'd imagine thay they would simply leave it's name be once again just like the 3GS. When you consider how ancient the IP4 now is I'd be extremely surprised to see and iPhone 4S, it'll be an iPhone 5 plain and simple.
I wonder if Apple has had a little chat to HP about buying WebOS, at a far smaller price than HP paid for palm of course. There is some nice functionality there that would benefit their platform tremendously.
Typical, reduction only applies to the USA, for some reason HP either expects the rest of the world to pay full price or the idea of making sure the USA is always cheaper than the UK etc is just too engrained in their minds.
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