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Let's hope they actually manage to build enough to supply more than the USA on launch day....
I read a Macworld article today where some sources feel that the iPad 2 will be pushed back to April partly due to supply issues, more worrying for anyone outside of the States is that iPad 2's might not ship until July outside of the US..... Hopefully if the iPad 2 does get pushed back to April it will mean that Apple has built up enough stock to at least supply the states and it's strongest markets such as the UK etc on release date rather than shafting everyone but...
Nice updates coming iWorks way recently, I wonder when the update everyone is actually waiting for will arrive..... iWork 11 come on Apple!
I really enjoyed the magazine and intend to subscribe, I feel a free copy for everyone followed by a paid subscription makes sense.
If Steve was an actor he'd have golden globes and oscars coming out of his arse! Well done Steve!
Well I'm an Apple user, I use one hell of a lot of Apple products and I've got a Blu Ray player. Just because you use Apple products does not mean you won't own Blu Ray players etc! On to the rest of the article, the App store..... Damn right captain obvious, this thing needs an app store badly, perhaps not so much for the US customers but for us Brits and the rest of the world. The App store would allow the BBC to role out iPlayer within the UK for instance which would be...
Thank goodness for that, did my head in the way iPhoto forced you to use one of it's templates! At least Apple occasionally listens to their customers.
Does anyone know if they have put the close, minimise and maximise buttons back to where they should be? I hate an inconsistent GUI.
Well aware of the websites name, also very aware of the amount of times this same rumour has been perpetuated in multiple forms. My comment was not against Appleinsider it was against the bullshit numbers being thrown about by analysts'. Perhaps you feel that such insightful (not) data is useful, personally I think it's a load of crap. But you are naturally entitled to your opinion.
Considering that there is no offical confirmation of an iPhone using any other technology than GSM I don't see how these figures have any relevance at all. Although I might be proven wrong I doubt Apple would invest in CDMA, most of the planet uses GSM and they can't build enough iPhone 4's as it is, let alone muddying the waters with another handset to manufacture. I'm sure that Verizon has some advantages for certain area's of the US in terms of coverage etc and I...
New Posts  All Forums: