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No, you ARE wrong not me. I pay for my contract, I also pay for the tethering option, if I had a netbook, notebook, pc or any number of other devices I could and in cases such as my MacBook pro, do use the internet tethered through my phone. Lets just be clear, just for you and people like you I shall repeat myself, not only do I pay for my contract I also pay an additional fee to tether my iPhone to a computer/computers, I class the iPad as a computer, due to a technical...
As it happens I do pay for tethering on top of my monthly £45 contract with O2, despite this I am unable to use it to tether my ipad hence using Mywi, please do not just assume people are stealing.
Around a month ago I felt the exact way as you do now, since then I have bought an iPad and jailbroken my iPhone so that I can use Mywi, I pay for all of my iPhone apps as well as the 3 Jailbroken apps that I have, my data usage is only around 300mb a month and I saw no reason as to why I should pay an extra £100 for an iPad (not including a monthly £10 a month contract) just to use mobile internet on it. The idea that all jailbreakers are just thieves is wrong, as I have...
At the previous price point it might have been a good deal, that it's versatile is a given, it's an amazing little machine. Having said that it is over priced, highly over priced!
You're 100% right, very sloppy grammar on my part!
Yes, way to expensive now, in the UK you get the 21.5" iMac for just £250 more, honeslty who would buy this machine when you get double the ram, a better cpu/gpu, KB & Mouse and screen for that little bit more.Such a shame, it's beautiful but priced by a retard I think, either that or Apple assumes its customers are stupid!
You'd have hoped they'd have learnt their lesson over the ipad, lol you can just picture the board meeting now "guys, we've got this super hot new phone that everyones going to want, perhaps we should be cautious and only have a million or so available on launch day, what do you guys think?"
Dunno if the price in dollars has increaded or not, but for us Brits this supposedly entry level Mac is now VERY expensive. No sale for me, shame because it looks really nice.
Does anyone actually have any sales data to backup the stance that the MS stores aren't making money? If everyone is just assuming this fact we might find out later on that they're doing well.
Lets hope that Apple actually manages to build a decent amount of these, after the cock up with the iPad production my faith is shaken a little. Still I'll be pre-ordering as soon as I can in the UK.
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