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No, but a USB version will be available in August.
It's locked to your iTunes account, any Mac in your household can have this installed. At £21 a pop it's far cheaper than the Leopard family version was so at worst you'll break even by having your parents, grandparents etc buying their own copy. At best (and most likely) you'll save money.
Makes total sense, a shame that Apple decided to release this in August. Either thorugh deliberate planning or ineptitude on their part. Considering that they have to buy the drives, install the data, package them and then ship them to the Apple Store I think the pricing is fair, certainly far cheaper than Windows.
I was suprised that they did not release this for each country at 00:01 am local time, that way they could have tiered the hit that their servers are going to get now.
Very nice, still a tad expensive to my mind for what it is but at least the specs are semi decent this time around!
I wonder when we are going to get iWork 11, I assume it will come out at the same time as some of it's features will be lion exclusives. Not heard anything on the new iWork for months, it had better rock!
Not sure which country you're from, but there is an average of one week wait for an iPhone 4 in my area on all networks.
I was one of those people, in many respects I stick with the same argument. iPhone 4's are hard to get worldwide, supply is tight. All of those Verizon phones could have been GSM handhelds which are used by the rest of the planet. Supply would have been less constrained, to assist the American market Apple could have released the iPhone to Sprint and T-Mobile.
Couldn't agree more, they are the same price after all. For most people I would assume that the MacBook Air's power and storage capacity are more than ample. And let's not forget that the Air is a much nicer looking machine, certainly does more for the brand than the cheap white MacBook's do. If they are not discontinuing it then I hope they replace it with a black MacBook, it looked so much better!
Ah come on, everyone copies everyone especially in the IT industry. Apple is sorting out their complaints in court as is their right, none the less their relationship with Samsung as a component supplier has been mutually benefitial and will likely continue. Samsung is a huge organisation with multiple seperate departments and divisions. Just because I don't like the lady that serves the tea in the office does not mean that I'm going to avoid any product that has...
New Posts  All Forums: