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This is great, it will allow functionality that Apple either won't or cannot allow. For us UK users I think we can look forward to iPlayer and Lovefilm.com access pretty soon as both these services run on all the other iOS devices just fine.
Still no firm eta on my order, I wonder when the retail stores will stock them, getting impatient now! Lol Seems that Apple once again heavily underestimated consumer demand and so are flat on their backs not able to stock up on these. Still not a bad position for them to be in, just annoying that I ordered mine on September 9th and probably have to wait at least another 2 weeks.
Chill man, grab a coffee and take a walk.
Sadly Hulu etc are all locked to the USA, just like BBC iPlayer is UK only...... a pain in the arse!
True it's limited, but I have a large content of music, photos and films in iTunes. I've got an Xbox and connect360 on my Mac but the stupid Xbox can't play unprotected movie files from within iTunes.It's highly frustrating that the Apple TV has more features in the US and that we get the pleasure of paying so much more for it, although I suspect that rather than their usual only the US matters approach this is more due to licensing issues at least on the rentals front.As...
I wonder if anyone outside of the US has got a shipping date for this Thursday, I know that Apple tends to prioritise the US customers over everyone else, but if it's shipping direct from China the rest of the world might get a look too. EDIT I guess everything ships direct from China really so that won't make a difference, no ship date on my order yet here in the UK.
Hardly suprising really if it does end up being delayed. Apple doesn't seem to be able to release anything these days on time, White Apple iPhone, iPad delays etc. Oh for the days when Steve would give a release date and you'd actually be able to walk to your local Apple Store and pick tjhe item up on the date specified.
Well I love my iPad, but I also love my MacBook Pro, both fulfill a different need for me. As I commute to work which is around an hours train journey each way I find that my iPad serves as my book, newspaper, movie player, email system etc etc during the day. When home I tend to just use my iPhone for a quick internet session or turn to my MacBook for anything else. I'm sure there are many people like me who will continue to use the iPad as an intermdediate device.
Apples inability to get the white iPhone 4 out is a bad joke. Don't announce something that you can't ship!
Some Apple products have almost 0% increase over the prices in the US, others, for example the TV are extortionate in terms of the price. From what I can tell from the other computer related items I have bought within the UK only Apple tends to have a large price discrepancy, some items are slightly cheaper here.
New Posts  All Forums: