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I made the statement because it's true. It's entirely possible that Apple has infringed on Nokia's patents, it's also entirely possible that Nokia is in the wrong and does not have a foot to stand on. My point was quite simply that most people here in the forum have already decided that either Apple or Nokia are right without and facts being laid out.
I'd hardly call them a little company, also at this moment in time we do not actually know what the outcome of this action will be. It is quite possible that Apple has infringed on their patents. Nokia has been in the communication business for over 20 years, their patent portfollio is very strong. I'll concur that they have fallen behind Apple and others with regards to smart phones in recent years but contrary to what seem to be popular American opinion they do not make...
Deleted as duplicate.
It won't really take off this way over a wire, air play on the other hand.... Well that's a different story all together. If Apple gets Air Play to support this then they will have a big gaming win on their hands, wouldn't hurt Apple TV sales either!
Nice update if you're American.... As usual with the Apple TV nothing of any real benefit to the many owners outside of the US. Would it really hurt Apple to improve the device from an international user perspective? I'm aware that it's a "hobby" product, but it's highly annoying that outside of the US we pay significantly more for a product that offers significantly less! I love my Apple TV, I really do, but sometimes i can't help but feel shafted by Apple.
Such a shame that Apple decided to hobble the 13" MacBook Pro with the pathetic intel integrated graphics chip. They could easily have has the best line out ever of MacBooks, still at least the 15-17" MacBooks have everything a pro could desire.
I mainly use iBooks on my iPad, can't load my books on my iPhone as the article says. Just means I'll get all books from Kindle store now. If it's between losing Mywi or iBooks it's no contest!
A smaller iPhone in terms of screen size makes no sense. I've played with some handsets running Android that have smaller screens and they are shite. I could see Apple releasing a cheaper iPhone using previous years tech with less ram etc, that would sell well..... Oh wait, Apple already does that with the iPhone 3GS! Maybe I will be proved wrong, but Steve Job's was clear on the fact that Tablets need a 10" or higher screen, I'm pretty sure they researched the size...
I was referring to Win mobile in that sentence, When you consider the Windows Mobile Market share even last year to today then they are a declining giant. You are right that MS is making more money now that before, more computers are shipping each year and so sales of Windows naturally grows as well. Having said that the iPad has already made a big splash and everyone is following suit, MS has been broadsided and is not likely to have competing software out within the next...
So one declining giant embracing another..... Well this announcentment has probably saved Windows Mobile from a total rout scenario throughout 2011. I wish Nokia had bought palm when they had the chance, they really could have done something there without relying on a third party. Before the iPhone I would only buy Nokia's, they are good solid phones. Such a shame to see them drop into a tailspin since 2007, who knows maybe this will work out for them, I hope it...
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