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Insane, at least wait until the announcement. Amazing how people can happily waste 2 weeks of their lives waiting outside a shop.... Muppets 
Could you tone down the language please, utilise another word to emphasize your point.
Switched to YNAB, could not be happier. Don't see how this is going to sell well, ignore people for long enough and they'll find alternatives.
I hope this means that the sizes are going to be 32/64/128gb as standard. 16gb is not really enough any more.
The only issue would be with regards to marketing the older models following the launch of subsequent models. "The new iPhone 2014 revision" will not sound good come 2015 when the New iPhone comes out. Macbooks don't really have this issue as Apple discontinues the old line as soon as the new one comes out.
Unlike you I bailed due to lack of an App Store. There is no local content outside of the US, it's a piss poor joke of a situation.
Not sure why Apple has not released the App Store for the Apple TV, they should've released it with the ATV 2
Glad to see the non retina model survived, gutted that they did not bother to up date it in any way.   Come on Apple, it's seriously long in the tooth now!!!!!!!!
I suppose each to their own with regards to the design of the Beats headphones, personally they are not to my taste. Tacky plastic is not really my thing, that's why I like my Apple products. I wish Apple had bought Bowers & Wilkins, now there is a company that offers quality along with taste and design in spades!
The iPhone 5C was over priced at first and did not sell as well as Apple expected. The price, at least with carriers in the UK, is now far more palatable and the sales have increased accordingly.   The 5C is a lovely device, long may it's sales increase.
New Posts  All Forums: