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Just release an Apple TV with an App Store. Issue solved, stick to making money off the hardware Apple!
Was considering the subscription until I tapped on it and was shown the price in US $, as I live in the UK and work in £ this is absolutely useless.   Come on, this is just being sloppy!
Soooo, the main reason to get an iPad mini 3 is the Touch ID sensor which it could and should have had last year anyway. Thanks for neutering the iPad mini update Apple, real crappy move. That along with the removal of the 32gb option instead of making 32gb the default option annoys me. I know they're a business, I know they are neutering the mini and removing the 32gb option on their iDevices so that people move up the line & pay more. But I can't help but feel that...
Gutted, misread the headline and went straight to the Mac App store, Yosesmite not there yet. 
4" is what I wanted, 4.7" is what I've had to make do with. It's a damn shame Apple decided to ignore their customers who wanted the 4" size to remain. And before anyone says it, yes I am aware that Apple has kept last years phone on the market, big whoop.
They have pulled the update for OTA, at least I don't see the option on my iPhone 6. Thank goodness I was not able to download it!!!
I wonder why it did so poorly on the pysics test.
I'd happily pay the same amount of money for a 4" iPhone 6 as is charged for the 4.7" model.I'm truly gutted that they ignored the customers who wanted the 4" factor to remain.
Had thought that it'd be higher, assuming the figure was due to lack of stock as opposed to lack of demand.   Beat most "expert" expectations.
Well after a few hours use I can honestly say that I love the phone, but wish it was 4" or smaller. The reachability option does work, but let's face it, it is a workaround.   It's a shame, short of the size it's the perfect phone.
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