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More like nobody with any sense buys an 18 month+ computer at full price..... Once they refresh it the sales will come.
I hope the features between iOS 8 and 10.10 will be available on all handsets, tempted to keep my iPhone 4s another year but really want to use my Mac to answer my phone whilst it's on charge etc.
Well, that was forced & awkward. Bad call.
If you buy a 64gb iphone you should get 64gb of cloud storeage. Should incentivise people to buy the more expensive devices.
Getting the service into other primary markets such as the UK would be a great start. They're really dragging their heels on this, it's a shame they don't invest a similar priority into their customers overseas.
So chuck a billion dollars his way & save the other 2 billion.
Yes, one with a tiny amount of market penetration. Sure, there conversion rate for said service is impressive, but most of the customers are likely fans of Dr Dre & the expensive yet cheaply designed headphones that they offer.
Man, they could've bought a company that makes real quality sound equipment like Bowers & Wilkins. No way Beats is worth this much!
My iPhone 4s is chugging along nicely, although I suspect iOS 8 will make it lag just like iOS 7 did for the iPhone 4.   Looking forward to the iPhone 6, but hope the size doesn't increase or that they at least offer a sibling 4" or smaller device for those of us that appreciate real single handed operation.
Excellent, they just removed the only two barriers from me buying the console! I'll be getting one now.
New Posts  All Forums: