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If Apple was to release a Channel Store it would be up to the content providers to explain to the clamoring hoard why it is that they are not offering their content onto the ATV. Just as with the iOS ecosystem I personally do not believe that it would not take long for their content to appear.
If this has Amazon Prime Video and Netflix from the get go and will offer a channel store I'll flog my ATV 3 and jump ship straight away.
What's sad is that if Apple had simply released a channel store years ago they'd own this market right now, no one would be able to touch them. But for some reason they seem to be pursuing the content rights model as opposed to sticking with their traditional high markup hardware model.   Chuck in some extra memory, double the price, enable the app store and sit back as Billions of Dollars of additional revenue falls your way.   Why on earth has Apple not done this...
From what I have read most of the Chinese sales have also been the highend 5s model, it's seen as a status symbol out there isn't it?
Makes sense, the iPhone 5c seems largely to have been a flop outside of the USA. The iPhone 5c has already seen a lot of really good deals recently in the UK and this new entry level model will lower the pricing even more which should spur on sales. Even at the new price point the iPhone 5c is hardly cheap, costing as much as if not more than the highend Android handsets.
A much better value proposition for it's customers, the iPad 2 had been around for far too long.
It depends on ones needs. My wife for example never uses more than 5gb of iPhone memory. She uses a lot of Apps from banking through to our Tado thermostat & has a lot of pictures & emails. Music & video is not something she uses her iPhone for.
Makes sense, should've been at this price point upon release. Finally priced at what it's worth, watch the sales sky rocket now.
Apple created & updates bootcamp for a reason. It generates sales, they're not a charity. If this feature did not add to their bottom line it wouldn't exist.
I hate subscriptions. If it's decent & priced at a reasonable price point of sub £50 I'll buy it.
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