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Should've been in the last batch, hardly a surprise that it's coming in the new ones.
Let me get this right, you switched from an iMac because it had crappy internal speakers and your solution was to replace it with a MacBook that also has crappy speakers?Seriously, it doesn't matter what computer you buy they all have rubbish speakers, just some are slightly less crap than others.If you care about sound plug in some B&W MM1's or use a pair of decent headphones.
It's been a very boring start to the year for Apple fans. All going well Apple will have an exciting June - December
I hate the so called "freemium" model. Although I do believe that Apple needs to allow a trial facility should the developer wish to add it.
For $800,000 I'd also do my best to come up with a way to bash an existing patent with similar spurious dribble that they've come up with.
If around the £300 mark put me down for one in my 5 year old Ford!
Well, if anyone can do it Apple can. They suprised everyone with the 64bit A7
It certainly looks like Apple is slowly but surely moving everything in house which is really smart. In a few years time Apples competition will find it difficult to combat the latest iDevice because they are relying on mass produced parts from other companies.
In most areas I'd agree, but the Apple TV has become a stagnant mess. This is no more apparent than outside of the USA where it's support for local content is embarrassingly low. The attitude that they've shown to their international community with regards to the ATV is simply disgusting really, especially when you factor in the 25% price hike that they happily charge us. Supporting local content via a channel store would have been simple for them really and would have...
Well, to match the features of the Fire TV they don't really have to do much. Add a channel store etc, features that they could and should have added years ago.
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