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I actually like BB10, but it was just a case of too little too late.
I wonder when they will bring back conference video calls. I miss being able to video chat with family members this way. iChat supported it just fine.
Not to my understanding, no. This will allow you to make a FaceTime audio call to any iDevice that supports the feature.
 Maybe they are nicer where you are, whilst in warranty I have always found Apple's service to be top notch. But when my iPhone 4s' top button stopped working after 14 months (bearing in mind that the phone was in a protective case and was in pristine condition) the helpful Genius suggested that I either use an annoying software work around or cough up £150 for a replacement handset.Or when my top of the line 2010 iMac decided to die after just 16 months another Apple...
I wish I could both afford/justify the purchase of one of these beauties!
I assume you did not bother reading all of the comments, as previously stated certain TV based apps block airplay.
Apple should offer 2 years cover on their iPads/iPhones and 3 years warranty on their computers as standard. They make a truck load more money than any of their competitors per device sold and should be at the forefront of offering a decent warranty period.   Luckily in Europe and now Australia they are being forced to do the right thing, just a shame it is not standard practice for them.
The reasons to grab a controller just keeps growing. I'll give it a year to let the pricing become competitive on them first.
Wrong, all apps can support airplay. However many TV based apps block Airplay.
 A few apps do indeed allow airplay, however the quality is not the same streamed from your iDevice as it is when run natively. Also, you have the added hassle of having to have your iDevice open with its battery draining whilst you airplay. Don't get me wrong, airplay is great and will quite possibly be the answer for gaming on the ATV. Especially now that the controllers are starting to come out. I don't envision the app store so much for apps, as opposed to channels....
New Posts  All Forums: