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There wouldn't be any two horse race if Apple would just release a damn app store so that local content can be shown. And before people go on about the presentation of the apps etc, Apple could easily bring in guidelines for this.
Now all Apple has to do is get their Butts into gear & get moving with the international roll out!
Sigh. As usual if you're not American there is nothing to see here.
I have not lied, Mandela openly admitted these acts. Get your facts right before calling me a liar. The difference between me and most other people here is that I see him in shades of grey as opposed to seeing him as some god like saint.
Had Mandela attacked military/government/police based targets I'd put him into the freedom fighter category.But his tactics were no different to Bin Ladens.
I agreed with his cause, but not his methods. Everyone wears blinkers & choose to only remember the good parts, conveniently forgetting (or ignorantly simply not knowing) the terrible actions that he took. He was a terrorist, he wasn't imprisoned for being black. For those who are not aware here is a small article that covers the basics: http://thebackbencher.co.uk/3-things-you-didnt-want-to-know-about-nelson-mandela/ To be fair to Mandela he asked people not to call...
I always felt that the original iPad should have, at the very least, received iOS 6.
It was a shame that the retina ipad mini was not discounted, but considering the stock levels it was understandable.
Ironic considering the profits that Apple makes, of all the companies on this planet Apple can afford to easily drop their pricing and still make far more money per sale than most companies do at full price.
I'd hardly describe Samsung as a company in crisis. They essentially own the Android market & are highly successful in other electronic areas. Their exponential growth had to slow eventually as it was all at the expense of other Andriod handset manufacturers & there isn't really any market share to take any more.
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