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I've been saying this for years. They don't need to own the content, provide the app/channel store & customer demand will force the content owners to supply their product.
Why would Apple enter the TV business when the ATV can connect to every HD TV ever made. I know which category I'd prefer to be in.
how is it a stab in the back? Microsoft has the only console that'll have this game, their agreement obviously did not apply to non console systems.
Bit late to offer the iPhone 5 now.
I'd have been very tempted to get an XBox one, but I don't want to be forced to pay for the Kinect or for the gold membership to use the multimedia capabilities. Sell the console without the Kinect & allow me to use Netflix etc without gold & I'm sold.
Same here in the UK, although we have been price gouged more than the US customers (as usual). We were already the most expensive Amazon prime country despite being the smallest. I'll be dumping prime once I get to renewal, I don't want their film service & refuse to pay for it.
Would be nice if they released this outside of the US, after all it has been 6 MONTHS now. Come on Apple, give those that pay more some love.
FairPlay my iPhone 4s & iPad 3 feel a lot more responsive, finally close to iOS 6 performance.
It's a shame they don't keep it around and throw in a fusion drive, I think it'd be a compelling buy that way for a lot of people.
I'm surprised that as many as 6% are thinking of buying the 5c, I have only ever seen one in the wild in the UK. Perhaps a higher proportion of Americans have purchased the device?
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