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From what I remember from other articles Ive had his resignation letter because he expected to be fired and felt that he'd prefer to quit.
I hope this does not mean that the original Nes Versions of Mario Bros will not be coming to the iPhone. Most people want to play the classic's!
You might not feel it now, but come iOS 10 you'll wish your iPhone had 2gb ram.
Charging a flat rate for every device manufacture sounds right, based on the details above Ericsson was trying to charge based on handset sale value so Apple would be paying far more than anyone else. If this is the case I hope they lose.
Does anyone actually use Flyover? To my mind it's always been a bit of a gimmicky "look we can do something that Google doesn't" kind of feature. I wish they'd invest resources into getting an equivalent to Google's street view instead.
Hopefully this will kickstart some of the banks with apps that are, well apps that are almost amateur in nature, to bring out native apps. I won't hold my breath, but it'd certainly be nice.
Shame there is no support for IMAP email accounts. Hope it's added soon.
It's not about the few cents, although it is pence in this case. It's the principal of the matter. There is no real justification for the increase in the UK, it's simply corporate greed.
Absolutely unjustifiable price increase in the UK, the VAT Rate in Luxembourg now stands at 17%, UK rate is 20%. The difference between the old Luxembourg VAT rate and the UK was just 3p yet apple increase the price by 10p.   Apple rips off the Brits once again! Shameless
I hate the freemium model, give me a trial and allow me to unlock the entire experience for a single set price.
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