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Same here in the UK, although we have been price gouged more than the US customers (as usual). We were already the most expensive Amazon prime country despite being the smallest. I'll be dumping prime once I get to renewal, I don't want their film service & refuse to pay for it.
Would be nice if they released this outside of the US, after all it has been 6 MONTHS now. Come on Apple, give those that pay more some love.
FairPlay my iPhone 4s & iPad 3 feel a lot more responsive, finally close to iOS 6 performance.
It's a shame they don't keep it around and throw in a fusion drive, I think it'd be a compelling buy that way for a lot of people.
I'm surprised that as many as 6% are thinking of buying the 5c, I have only ever seen one in the wild in the UK. Perhaps a higher proportion of Americans have purchased the device?
You can't expect the customers who pay far more for their Apple products to have the same high level of service as an American, don't be so silly!
Bear in mind that you are talking from an American perspective, many countries do not have this issue, i.e. the BBC in the UK.
 What is standard in the USA is rarely the same outside of the USA. Not releasing an APP/Channel store before now simply because content providers in the USA would not jump on board is not a good reason.In the UK, for example, the BBC would almost certainly have their own channel on the ATV rather quickly.Others providers such as Amazons Love Film etc would also be very likely to get their content onto the ATV as soon as possible.From a US point of view the ATV as it...
Very tempted, if Apple decides to not release a proper refresh with a channel store (at the minimum) I'll dump my ATV in the bin and get something like this. The lack of channel/App store is an absolute joke, it would have been a piece of cake for them to roll it out years ago. Not as if the channel apps take up a lot of space, Apple could easily have set guidelines as to the design of each channel. Stop trying to sell us content Apple, leave that crap to the cable...
Amazed they didn't have this in on all of their international sites (especially the English speaking ones) from day 1. Very sloppy.
New Posts  All Forums: