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Hmmm, if you're lucky enough to get selected could you then sell your ticket for a HUGE profit? Could Apple stop you doing that?
True, but Apple could have and should have released the App Store for the ATV years ago when they launched the ATV 2. They seriously dropped the ball for no reason on this one. 
It's in the UK. Although the Amazon content may not be in your country there will be the ability on this box for local content providers to get in on the action, plus the channel list is far more extensive than what is on the ATV. I wanted Apple to give a shit about the ATV and the users outside of America for years, I have owned each and every ATV with the hope that one day that might actually do something. Once this baby is in the UK I am putting my ATV on eBay, as a...
Unfortunately Apple with it's US Centric view seems to have been chasing cable providers instead of simply opening the App/Channel store so that the content providers could do their job for them.   I can see non US customers dumping their ATV's very quickly once this comes out in their country, Apples support for the international market with the ATV is a poor joke. Pay 25% more and have no local content whilst the US Customers get everything, really pisses me...
It's fair to raise prices based on the exchange rate. Still, it'd be nice if they lowered the prices on an improving exchange, the UK for example should now be lower.
Apple was willing to negotiate with the same labels in the USA to arrange this. It didn't magically drop into their laps, all I'm asking is that they put a similar amount of effort into their UK/all other international operations.
Wish they'd get a move on and offer iTunes Radio to their international customers, come on Apple you released this half a year ago. Show some love to the customers that pay far more for your goods than your American customer base!
They make lots of money on the ATV outside of the USA, they charge an average of 25% premium everywhere else. So break even in the US and profit off the others.
I'd have happily shelled out a £100 for this. No way am I going subscription though.
Never thought I'd see the day where the Apple Faithful get excited about a MS Conference. I expect MS to release it for free subject to an office 365 subscription. That way they get to both push the subscription model down people's throats & avoid paying Apple 30%
New Posts  All Forums: