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Hi,   I wonder if we can blame Browett for the location of Sweden's first Apple Store, that opened last month.   In the past, Apple has chosen prime down-town locations for the first store in a country. The store in Sweden is located a shopping mall 16 km / 10 miles north of down-town Stockholm, a city of about 1.5m people. Big disappointment among Swedish Apple fans when the location was revealed. I live in the city and have not been in that mall for several...
That's what I will have. Had the iPad been out when I got my MacBook, I probably would have gotten a Mac mini instead. As noted in the review, the iPad is not a standalone device. It needs to sync with a computer running iTunes. I hope that Apple will change this in the future by enabling cloud sync (MobileMe). Another option would be upgrading the Apple TV software to include iTunes. It would then make an excellent companion to the iPad. Best, Daniel
Like it or not, but Flash is a reality on the Internet. In the promo video, Apple repeatedly talks about the iPad as the best way to surf the web. People may have accepted missing Flash on the smaller screen of the iPhone, but I think it will not be accepted on the iPad, a full-size web device. /Daniel
Hi, As presented yesterday, the (impressive) iPad is a companion device. A PC or Mac with iTunes is required to sync and backup media, documents etc. Yet, with iWork (and external keyboard), it could cover many peoples computing needs, and comptete more directly with netbooks. For example, think about someone looking to replace their old or broken computer. Buying the iPad and a new computer would be a tough sell. We know that Apple's building a huge data...
Yes, we have a winner! Stayed up late (in Europe) to watch the keynote, and it was worth it. 3G was a real cliffhanger. I like the low weight. In the videos, it looked like people were holding it comfortably with one hand. Apple better ramp up production. People will go crazy at launch. Expect it to be "constrained" for some time. Positive surprise that they will launch internationally right away. Pretty much according to my expectations. Minor missing (HW)...
DiDo doesn't know Diddley. Seriously, while the screen resolution on a 10" device obviously will be higher than on a 3" device, I think low power consumption will be more important than high-end graphics. Good to see some tablet rumors again. The Schiller comment that "the holiday line-up is set" seemed to kill a lot of the speculation fun. Best, Daniel
Well, it's a bit complicated. Three alternatives: 1. Apple re-writes the built-in Maps app to include the Google Navigation and Lattitude features. 2. A separate Google Navigation app. Will probably not be allowed by Apple, since it would duplicate a lot of the built-in Maps app. 3. Google delivers an app using the MapKit API. The API is probably not powerful enough for this purpose. No 1 would be the best option, but it would require a new firmware. /Daniel
I had the same dream 6-12 month ago. Then I realized that the tablet will not run Mac OS. Since I wanted to try to develop for iPhone, I got a MacBook instead. However, I do think that a tablet with a stand (built-in?) and wireless keyboard would cover most people´s (home) computing needs. Surfing the web, managing photos, light word processing - these would all work well on a tablet with iLife and iWork. Plus. of course, the added benefit of mobility within and out of the...
Not really, late spring is Q2.
If it's a 3G device, which I strongly believe, FCC approval would be required, right? An early2010 market launch would then mean that Apple has to announce the tablet any day now. OK, I'm holding my breath until they annouce it. /Daniel
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