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Plus my AppleTV gives me access to my own movie library. This is huge for me. Amazon's box appears to have no access to local movies whatsoever. 
It's a matter of taste I suppose, but it sounds a bit like what Blackberry users used to say. I can't use dedicated remotes wether it's IR or BT, I need to be able to control all my equipment and don't want to use several remotes. I now use Roomie Remote; works great and will work even better if the next Apple TV would sport IP control.
What a joke.   The whole culture of Google and their services is designed for zero direct interaction with customers. They will point you a link even if you get a chance to ever talk to a Google employee.   Plus, in this example having retail presence would make no financial sense. 
I understood that the pin data is completely separate from the mapping data, hence Google Maps as well.   Either way, compared to Flyover, the 45 degree view is like lipstick on a hog. If viewed from a different direction then photographed it's just as ugly as using the satellite view in 3D (Apple Maps). And who picked the launch cities? Sioux Falls, SD, really? At least Apple picked major cities for their flyover. 
First off, I really like the look of the IOS6 Maps app and the turn-by-turn navigation design is excellent and extremely responsive. Love the autofill and history functionality as well.   Transit info is not relevant to me so I never missed that and am sure that the 3-party approach will yield superior tools/results to anything Google within months.   That said, my gripe has been with the route guidance. I have tried using it several times going to addresses that...
Just for the fun of it, I tried using FaceTime over cellular and low and behold, it's working perfectly.   To be sure, we do NOT have a shared AT&T Data Plan. Ours is still the original unlimited Data Plan we had with our original iPhones (1st gen.). Family plan for voice, separate unlimited plans for data.   Haven't tried if this is just between phones on the same account or anyone, but it's the one that matters most to me.
While it is unclear that they would purchase Loewe, it actually fits right into Apple's strategy. In the end Apple always buys talent (and IP, naturally).Wether the product is hardware or software, they don't need to start from scratch.I remember that SoundJam was purchased and turned into iTunes in a heartbeat. Loewe would provide the hardware and TV-specific design experience that Apple could use to accelerate getting into the market.I remember having a Loewe TV in the...
I think that's unlikely and given the quality of the build (looking at the injection molding of the lcd bezel and the antenna), it appears pretty legitimate.I am not sure why everybody thinks that Apple exerts such tight control over past development machines. That maybe the case now, but certainly not years ago (like this MBP).Over the years I had purchased several pre-production Apple computers (G5's and Xserve's) that showed the various stages of designing the final...
So?? Back in the eighties, they said that a 20 MB (megabytes, not gigabytes) was enough for a hard drive. Yet, here we are with 3TB drives looking for more. I for one see nothing wrong with a 64 or 128GB model. I rather take more storage in my phone than more power-hungry radios to cover the mess of US cell frequency bands and competing technologies.
That's true, but if you purchased Lion via the App store like everyone else and the USB stick isn't going to be available for weeks, they won't give you a $30 rebate. so you'll be still paying for both
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