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Interesting points.
You are my hero. I would pretty much say that this is no contest.
Actually it is football, but soccer will do. Wbrasington needs to leave his mothers basement, get a passport and do a bit of traveling. It is funny how no one talks about the millions, literally millions of people that do not want an iPhone but are actually looking forward to the N97.
[QUOTE=jahonen;1345950] Jarkko and RichL best posters ever !!!!!!!!!!!
Are you doing this on purpose. Why do you think there is now GSM? Qualcomm tried to corner the market on the tech, and the rest of the world told them to take a flying leap. Thus GSM was born. No one country or manufacture wanted to be locked into one technology owner with the license.Love the way you cherry picked his answer.
Apple and RIM (Hey Mr. Correction, do you mean RIM or RIMM?) are up in the US. How about in the UK, Mid East, Far East? These are parts of the world right?My vote for the stupidest line in a post, in a forum, hell on the Internet. Yeah, why innovate or bring new products out? We are winners. We don't need to do anything. Consumers will just give us money. DId you even think before you hit the enter key? Are you filtering anything before unleashing it on the world?
Don't waste your time trying to educate him about Nokia's history. Facts are not wasted on fanboys. They just go for the "ooh, ahh factor".
So the iPhone is now telekinetic. Just think about where you want to go and just go. Even Apple didn't make such a stupid statement. With each passing post your rhetoric is more and more pathetic. Now, back into Steve Jobs pants with you.
I would say this round goes to jfanning. Nice post. He will rev up the engines though and get the spin in full effect.
Dude. DOn't sweat it. People are people. No need to convince them one way or another. You are wasting your time in this forum with that. This is the cheerleading forum. You made a good point no matter how unpleasing it is to some but that is your right to make a point. I would drop it as this is the myopic side of the forum.
New Posts  All Forums: