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when you find one that is the exception, not the rule, let me know. There's also nothing saying Apple can't hire people to replace them when they choose to go on strike.
I have to be able to work with Linux, Windows, and OS X for my job anyway, so having a single machine that can run VM's really well is nice. I always found VMWare Workstation to be a bit wonky under Windows for some reason.
Yeah, 30,000 is better than 2300, but still rather small given the number of computers out there.
I agree completely, and thanks for the welcome I think it's the nature of the internet. The very fact that it provides a sort of anonymity that face to face conversation doesn't allow for has the tendency to bring the worst out in some people. yeah that is the stereotype, isn't it? Well I'm a proud Mac user and I do love a good cup of overpriced coffee, but I try to keep my enthusiasm from going too overboard, lest the Linux users at work put me in my place. I frequent...
I'm always left feeling a little disappointed with some of these studies, because they don't really say what fails. It's like that "85% of Mac users have a Windows PC" survey. First, they only surveyed 2300 owners out of millions. Second, they never said if the PC's were left over from before the switch and never thrown out, or if they were cheap machines purchased for kids, or if they were work-supplied, etc. In short, surveys sometimes suck.
Oh me too; I am a virtualization nut, and I love trying out OSes, even the odd ones.
That would be refreshing indeed. Again, no company is infallible, not even Apple. But it's reached ridiculous heights there, and I'm rather over it. There's also ZERO moderator presence, which I feel contributes to it. If there was more presence, every thread wouldn't degrade to a geek pissing contest. Anyway, I'll stick around here for awhile. Thanks for the response!
It's certainly interesting if you view it from the standpoint of where it's intended to be installed, namely netbooks or even internet tablets. If you view it as an OS in the sense that OS X, Linux, or Windows is, then it's horribly incapable. But still, seeing as how Android is actually more feature filled than the current build of Chromium OS, while still retaining excellent integration with Google's services, I have to ask: what's the point? My Droid is a more...
An Apple fan-related site that has the initials of MR? I'm asking because lately the *other* place seems void of intelligent conversation, and more about flamewars about who's opinion is more right than the other, etc. There's also a huge amount of Windows-only users on the site now trolling Ad nauseam about how Windows machines are cheaper, more variety, etc. I'm not saying Apple doesn't deserve criticism, nor that Windows is horrible (I use both myself), but...
This site is great, but the pop-up ads are extraordinarily irritating. Is there that much revenue being generated from it that you need to irritate members? Just a suggestion.
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