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When your biggest aspiration is getting invited to a Suge Knight party, this is what the commercial looks like. The whole Beats acquisition is a hold your nose and look the other way affair, IMO.
You're missing the point my friend. It's not a matter of why they would be sold on Evine. They were sold on Evine, period! My question is why? And don't feel that you have to blindly defend Apple, or every observation is a criticism. As great as Apple is they're far from perfect. I hate to break that to you. Now move on, unless you have something to contribute.
I found it odd -- if not newsworthy -- they were selling, packaging, financing and discounting it. And I, for one, am curious about the circumstances and Apple's involvement, if any. 
Did anyone notice Apple Watch being discounted on the Evine shopping channel this weekend?
Rappers :/
If the acquisition of Beats ever turns a profit I'll eat my hat. Jimmy Iovine embarrassed himself and Apple in his lone appeareance on behalf of the company and Apple will have to sell billions of headphones to earn its investment back. I'm among many core Apple users who never subscribed to Apple Music even though its free. Just read another report about a guy who was rendered to tears by what Music did to his library and album art. Many have complained about Music making...
First things first. Here's hoping Apple TV updates its "wilderness of icons interface" into a device that is user programmable through iTunes. Siri, meh! I never use the voice control on my Samsung 4K because its laser pointing remote is so user friendly. I've pretty much given up on using Siri anyway except to chuckle at how it bungles simple requests. It seems pretty obvious an updated Apple TV would stream in 4K but god help Apple if it doesn't. Standard HD is going the...
When Jobs called Apple TV a hobby Tim Cook kept SJ's word. Apple TV is mockingly ancient and years behind the times. It still uses elements of Apple's Aqua UI dating back to OS X 10.4. Samsung is the leader in TV UIs and as I've said before Apple has a decade of catching up to do. Apple TV streams well but its UI is embarrassingly old and clunky.
My iMac 5K i7 295X is also driving a Dell 4K 2715Q. A pleasure on the eyes!
New Posts  All Forums: