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Big Anand fan here! Tim Cook sure knows who and how to hire. Wasn't big fan of TC until 2014 but with me his stock is on the rise.
The iPhone Phatboy Beats Edition
A Timex is not a Rolex! I'm confident there will be iWatch models for every buyer. But WTF do I know?
Wow, really cheap for all you get!
I'm in since 2007! Been quite a ride up and down and up again. I expect a 5% retrace/retreat after 9-9 but I intend to hold, subject to change if I don't like what I see/hear. I can envision $120 AAPL by January but WTF do I know? One thing for sure is this is the best product ramp of Tim Cook's tenure.
I think it's a chicken/egg thing. Parts will leak soon as production begins and Apple is managing expectations. Would be surprised if it doesn't ship by Thanksgiving. 
If history is any indicator, AAPL will fall on 9.9 regardless of what Apple unveils. If per chance AAPL goes up on 9.9 a lot of short sellers are going to lose their shirts!
It's a pisser watching Samsung try to guess what Apple is going to do!
755 seat Yerba Buena vs 2300 Flint Center, over 3x seating capacity! Absolutely flabbergasted that there hasn't been one leak of this watch. Apple security is tighter than Uncle Sam. Or -- as I've often speculated -- Apple is responsible for spreading the majority of rumors about Apple.
I'll wager it looks more like a Breitling than a Nike Fuel Band. iWatch is a Jony Ive thing!
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