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Placed my bet on AAPL in 2007 and ain't sellin' now. 
It mystifies me why INTC can't crack the mobile code. They really should be ashamed of themselves! Their only job is making great chips and they suck at mobile. Go figure? To me IOS is a kiddie OS compared to OS X and I prefer applications, not apps. But if Intel doesn't get it's act together, another architecture will render them obsolete someday.
The movie didn't bomb because it was about SJ, it bombed because it was a "Aaron Sorkin" movie. He's a fine writer but went out of his way to make this a "Cassavetes" film. That's why David Fincher, Christian Bale, and Sony, all baled from this project, because of Sorkin's minimalist vision. I personally liked the film, reminded me of John Cassavetes. The film is another brick in the wall of SJ's myth.
Proud iPad Air owner here. Don't think I'll ever replace it, even if it breaks. Only use when I'm away from home, which is rare, so find it marginally useful. The piechart shows the trend, iPad waning in popularity. iPad Pro may have relevance in enterprise but is also a play to convert users of MS Surface Pro IMO.
There's clearly a big market for this so I'm disappointed Apple released a half baked product. Lack of audio out is step backward as is its industrial design. I'm afraid Apple has lowered its gold standard. El Capitan, for example, is fraught with bugs. It seems Apple will do well with TV in spite of itself but if these lower standards persist people will begin to catch on.
First things first. It's ugly! Who designed this thing? The OG ATV puck was perfectly designed. Adding 3/8"and calling it new is the laziest act I ever recall Apple doing. Someone @ Apple should've kiboshed the design. 
When Apple releases a watch that can work without an iPhone, has a full array of sensors, and doesn't resemble a Chicklet, it'll sell more units.  +1 I think the iPhone 6 plus was Apple's raison d'etre for releasing the Watch.
The smart money loses too. David Einhorn's $11 billion Greenlight Capital lost 17 per cent to the end of September, Daniel Loeb's $17 bilion Third Point is down about 4 per cent and Bill Ackman's Pershing Square down double digits over the summer.
LOL! Have made more holding AAPL than you'll ever make trading it. AAPL has appreciated 3400% in the last decade.
New Posts  All Forums: