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If Apple doesn't release a large phone like the masses have been clamoring for, pronto, it will be extremely detrimental to AAPL's stock.
No, that's why Apple needs an aggregator like Comcast. Steve-o-Vision is the same shows delivered in an intuitive interface.
Apple is best positioned to reshape the mishmash of channels into a cohesive structure where viewers can select shows by genre as opposed to channel or time. But before Apple can release "Steve-o-vision" it must partner with a "Comcast-like" entity who already has the networks sewn up. Apple doesn't need to reinvent the wheel but it does need access to a full spectrum of networks and shows
The camera focus is for wearables and the iWatch.
It's increasingly apparent the 5C's substandard design was a deliberate choice to avoid cannibalizing the 5S. iPhone 6 must feature a larger screen or AAPL will plummet, that's what this analyst is betting. And I agree with him. As an Apple loyalist I'd be terribly disappointed if the iPhone 6 doesn't feature a larger screen. 
If this comes back to bite Apple in the ass -- like if Samsung steals Apple's IP, blows a critical deadline, or sabotages the A8 in any way -- Apple will have no one to blame but itself. Hope I'm wrong but I can smell trouble coming a year away!
Good luck to P Oppenheimer and props to Apple for having his successor in place.
How about monetizing iTune's in some original and imaginative way instead of trying to wring blood out of an old stone? Wake up Apple!
I didn't mention ads. I said Apple should monetize its reach by releasing a Paypal competing wallet app, a Whatsapp competing communicator, a Pandora competing music service, or you know, anything remotely original invented under Apple's roof since Steve's tragic demise.  Let me phrase it another way. Apple, under Tim Cook's management, has literally bored investors and Wall Street to death! Now let me guess... iPhone 6 will have a 4" screen although consumers have been...
Sounds like the same speech Cook gave at last years annual meeting. He mentions Apple sold more iPads, iPhones, and iPads, than ever before but neglects to mention that growth in these segments has been on a multi-year downward spiral, year-over-year, for the the past two years, after several years of exponential growth. That's why AAPL was valued over 30% higher two years ago. Cook warned investors who don't like his style to get out of the stock and the moment he opened...
New Posts  All Forums: