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My AAPL Projections... 137 - Dec 31 150 - Feb 1 143 - May 1
I'm happy!
Reminded me of a Cassavetes film from the 60s. Was more about Aaron Sorkin than Steve Jobs but I enjoyed it. An old school arthouse film. Totally understand why Fincher and Bale, baled, and Sony and Universal put the script in turnaround. But was nonetheless brilliant in a Sorkin kind of way.
v1 of the Watch was primarily released as a phablet interface for the iPhone 6x Plus. Aware the phone was a bit unwieldy, Apple wanted to provide users a way of receiving notifications without having to access the phone. If the sensors are indeed inaccurate it's a serious issue Apple will have to address.
I wonder if OSTV will be ported to earlier Apple TV models, sans Siri and apps? I'll be sticking with my older model until a 4K version is released with more features.
While a concern, I don't use 1PW Anywhere or post links to my keychain on public sites, which is a stupid practice anyway. I've used 1PW since v1 in Beta and Dave Teare and Agilebits have always been very candid about vulnerabilities and open about security strategy. That's how they're responding to this incident too and for that they should be commended. Knowing Dave I predict a migration from the older format to OP Vault in short order for OS X. I understand Android will...
As a long term AAPL investor I agree with Munster. $172 by Fall 2016 is realistic considering the iP 7 release. The tide goes in and the tide rolls out. AAPL is taking a seasonal breather before a holiday pop that should put it in the 130s by year end. AAPL was punished this year because the Watch, Apple TV, and Apple Music did not live up to Wall Street expectations. 
Skimping on parts like extra ram bays, access ports, and hinges, increases Apple's profit margin and enables it to sell products like the 4K iMac at palatable prices.
Bought it for my iMac 5K. Guess that makes me an early adopter.
I agree with the points but not the conclusion. Apple should release products that are ready for prime time to preserve its reputation as "best in class", not to placate Wall Street. I'm disappointed by the Apple Watch and TV because the Apple of old wouldn't release such mediocre products. Tim Cook is responsible for what Apple releases, not Wall Street.
New Posts  All Forums: