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Anecdotally, I bought a 128 GB iPad Air, my first tablet, last year. It primarily collects dust. iPad excels at presentations and as an aggregator of all my media files, but I prefer working on my iMac or surfing the web on my MB air. Obviously your mileage may vary and some people are hooked on tablets but I can personally understand why table sales are waning.
Jay Carney obviously elicits an abundance of negative feelings. That, and the permanent scowl embedded in his cheeks from endlessly being grilled by the media, should put the kibosh on this stupid idea. 
I don't think Apple is that stupid! Jay Carney couldn't even sell Obama. A bored media whore.
iWatch Rolex - $899 - Available 11-14-2014iWatch Timex -$499 - Available 10-24-2014
Good! Seen and heard quite enough from Jay Carney recently. Tainted with Obama's pall. Give it a rest, dude.
Go you chickenfat, go!
iWatch may be one product but I expect numerous models, styles, and price points. Their "Timex" will be cheap and affordable but their "Rolex" model will produce serious pangs of envy. People who never considered buying a smart watch will suddenly sell the farm to put Apple's Rolex on their wrist. That's what I expect.
Hadn't seen this but it's along the lines of what I envision Apple releasing... High concept design.
I wouldn't be surprise if the iWatch looks more like a fashion statement than a piece of technology -- more Rolex than Swatch. I don't think the world is waiting for a "Dick Tracy" watch and I'll be surprised if Apple releases one. That's what everyone expects and it's already been knocked off by Apple's competitors! I expect iWatch will veer toward a traditional timepiece appearance-wise concealing its IOS capabilities.
September is only 2 months away. Incremental inching up until Fall product cycle and then the proverbial "buy the rumor sell the news" selloff -- then comes the Xmas rally where AAPL goes to new highs.
New Posts  All Forums: