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The theory I advanced when the Watch was announced is playing out in reality. It enables iPhone 6 users -- and especially iPhone 6 Plus users -- to bypass their unwieldy phone while benefiting from a subset of its functions. Therefore I reiterate that iPhone 6 Plus users will be Watch v1's primary user base. One thing I haven't heard discussed is the possibility that the innards of the Watch are upgradable or replaceable for a fee. If Apple could stave off the...
Wouldn't it be novel if AI posted a positive note on Intel? There's a first for everything. and let's admit it. Without Intel there would be no Mac.
i smell a stinky fish.
You know what they say about "interesting" and "unimportant"? If you have nothing to say, don't say it! If you want to be a writer, you should re-read your headline and take stock.
I'll be asleep, hence won't be ordering one. In fact I don't believe I'll be buying one until v2 or v3. Good luck Apple!
The only book I've seen hyped and hawked more than "Becoming Steve Jobs" is the bible. And I'm no believer in the bible! I do believe in SJ but I get the vibe this is a total waste of a read. The reviews remind me of the proprietor's friends' reviews on Yelp.
No brainer IMO.
Editorial... http://appleinsider.com/articles/15/03/23/rumor-apple-watch-faces-staggering-manufacturing-issues-initial-production-run-halved
The Reader's Digest version, and I quote.... "An extraordinarily dubious rumor from China suggests that while dramatic, this is a highly unlikely scenario. The rumored assembly problems are even more farfetched."
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