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First things first. Here's hoping Apple TV updates its "wilderness of icons interface" into a device that is user programmable through iTunes. Siri, meh! I never use the voice control on my Samsung 4K because its laser pointing remote is so user friendly. I've pretty much given up on using Siri anyway except to chuckle at how it bungles simple requests. It seems pretty obvious an updated Apple TV would stream in 4K but god help Apple if it doesn't. Standard HD is going the...
When Jobs called Apple TV a hobby Tim Cook kept SJ's word. Apple TV is mockingly ancient and years behind the times. It still uses elements of Apple's Aqua UI dating back to OS X 10.4. Samsung is the leader in TV UIs and as I've said before Apple has a decade of catching up to do. Apple TV streams well but its UI is embarrassingly old and clunky.
My iMac 5K i7 295X is also driving a Dell 4K 2715Q. A pleasure on the eyes!
Educated Speculation Department... AAPL buys or partners with MBLY I
woopy . Haven't looked at Music's streaming and subscription services yet. No interest in Music aside from listening to my Library. I have no interest in Dr. Dre or Beats either and have yet to muster enough interest in the Watch to even walk in a store to look. I'm still loyal to Apple but obviously not their target demographic. As such it's no surprise to me that AAPL has stalled. I believe the stock will rally year end but I don't believe its new products and services...
I have my doubts about the casting on this film but we'll see. Ashton Kutcher was actually quite believable as SJ IMO.
I haven't even looked @ Apple Music yet. With a 40 GB music library and not one rap, hip hop, or Taylor Swift song I'm not the target audience. As is I can't possibly listen to all the music in my collection. I do find it curious Apple is gung ho to trumpet Music stats but stone cold silent on Watch sales.
I'm wondering is the "Stagefright" hack is already installed or if you have to DL it? http://www.bbc.com/news/technology-33689399
Having held AAPL going on ten years, another record setting quarter and the traders weak knee reaction is par for the course. It'll be 140 by November. Long term AAPL is positioned to flirt with 150 by December, that's my anticipation. I've been an investor since Jobs switched to Intel and opened Mac up to Windows users via Boot Camp. I see no reason to sell when Tim Cook is just beginning to feel his oats.
New Posts  All Forums: