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I adore Lagerfeld and Wintour who clearly are vampires. Jony looks like he just had a sip of their blood.
Won't be purchasing first iteration of watch but would only consider smaller one. For same reason I purchased iPhone 6, better suited to me.
Actually, it looks a little bent on this billboard! Was Apple trying to deflect a rumor it surreptitiously started through subliminal persuation? 
Golly, Apple will sell an extra million phones just filling all the bend testing channels.
Pearls of wisdom from the ugliest human being on the planet earth.
FOUL! But what would you expect from Steve Bummer? MSFT has gained 25% in 8 months since he resigned.
Anyone who craps up an iPhone 6 with a bulky Oterbox-like case doesn't appreciate the architectural aesthetic of the iPhone 6. My Sena sleeve is on the way.
Apple will turn this into a positive in the end. 
Apple has taken dozens of serious missteps in the past two weeks which are inconsequential compared to the products it launched and those in the pipeline. What road doesn't have potholes? I'm not sure Bendghazi-gate is over. Apple may have to pony up some 6 Plus cases. 
Unfortunately, this is newsworthy! Apple might comp 6 Plusers with a protective case and I expect the material composition of the 6S Plus will be strengthened. Yesterday I read cargo pockets are making a comeback at the mall this holiday season thanks to 6 Plus size.    IMO Apple made the watch to reduce the need to handle the new larger phones, especially the 6 Plus!
New Posts  All Forums: