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Thank you, I do have fun with my Samsung TV. ​7072 posts, do you do this for a living?
My Samsung 8550 has voice control, a touch remote, and laser pointer. And apps!  All built into a slick 4K package. The tables have turned! Apple TV is now playing catch up with the likes of Samsung and Sony TV and based on my personal experience -- which you haven't experienced obviously -- Apple TV has failed miserably. I love Apple more than you do because I'm not blinded when their products miss. The new Apple TV is a miss, that's my opinion.
Are you mad? I watch 4K all the time, primarily on Netflix and You Tube. And of course I'd expect a groundbreaking interface from Apple, not a rehash of the static "hobby" interface it hasn't updated in years. And what's with the ugly product design that looks like two old Apple TVs glued together? This is a half cocked release to put it mildly. And BTW, it takes minutes to DL a 100GB file, not hours!
Not impressed! After all the hoopla about SJ decoding and transcending the TV experience, this is all Apple can come up with? It does nothing new that dozens of other TV brands didn't acomplish years ago and the design is a ugly bloated version of Apple TVs 6 year old design. OSTV looks early like the dated OS old Apple TV had that was behind the times years ago. And no 4K? The fact Apple would release this makes me wonder if it hasn't lost its way. Would have been better...
I wish Apple TV all the best, however these features are rudimentary on many smart TVs. My Samsung 8550, for example, has a mouse shaped controller with voice, touch, and laser input. I use my Apple TV on an older LCD that predates smart features. I reserve my opinion until I see Apple TV's implimentation next week but its hard to envision this appealing to people with smart TVs.  
When your biggest aspiration is getting invited to a Suge Knight party, this is what the commercial looks like. The whole Beats acquisition is a hold your nose and look the other way affair, IMO.
You're missing the point my friend. It's not a matter of why they would be sold on Evine. They were sold on Evine, period! My question is why? And don't feel that you have to blindly defend Apple, or every observation is a criticism. As great as Apple is they're far from perfect. I hate to break that to you. Now move on, unless you have something to contribute.
I found it odd -- if not newsworthy -- they were selling, packaging, financing and discounting it. And I, for one, am curious about the circumstances and Apple's involvement, if any. 
Did anyone notice Apple Watch being discounted on the Evine shopping channel this weekend?
Rappers :/
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