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If Adobe doesn't buy Pixelmator and/or release some modern affordable software they'll go the way of Gateway 2000. Their pathetic emails begging me to buy CS% at a deep discount makes me want to puke.
I already shorted Microsoft. They'll be treading water @ $25 by April.
Dumbo (Microsoft) is always a "day late and a dollar short"!
I said "Long live Steve"... Friends, Romans, and countrymen, I didn't come her to bury him!
In Feb '09... I'm looking for $400 in 2011. Long Live Steve!
Well, that about says it all!Bezos would have you believe if you lust after the iPad it's alright to buy a dinky Kindle too.
My blood is percolating! My first investment of 2011.... SHORT RIM!!!!!
The second I read the BS I shorted RIM! April 50 a sure bet!
That in itself would be worth an announcement.
In Silicon Valley.... Jen-Hsun Huang principle reason for living is to blow smoke up the ass of Jen-Hsun Huang!
New Posts  All Forums: