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The more Kindles amazon sells, the more $ Amazon is losing! Love Amazon but there's a flaw in Jeff Bezos' equation.
Mitt Romney, you dare defend that hollow windbag! Not that Obama is any prize but at least the guy is really who he is, warts and all. Mitt Romney is a fakir, poseur, who believes wearing magic underwear and screwing the poor to get hiss ass licked by rich cronies is the way into the Pearly Gates! If there was a hell the devil would reject Mitt Romeny for being such a flaming bore. You really believed Dick Morris and Karl Rove. Oh, boo hoo, grow up!
Microsoft was beating the crowd back with sticks in Century City!         Honestly, there were at least 3 sales clerks for every Lookie Lou... Another bomb from Redmond!  
Then simply Google "broken samsung tv" and get countless hits!
First Samsung shoots itself in the foot, then amputates its own leg, LOL!  Samsung sucks!
"Workers complained the set of rules was too stringent and could not be met without proper training, however Foxconn management allegedly ignored the objections and in some cases were reportedly beaten." How do you beat an objection?
Google is an Android Ponzi scheme and Eric Schmidt is the Bernie Madoff of Silicon Valley.
I think the recent site refresh indicates AI's primary interest is selling ad space, not producing pertinent or compelling journalism! 
My white 32 GB iP 5 is flawless.
New Posts  All Forums: