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No doubt Apple is working on a 7" as well as other form factors.
Shipping September. Early Adopter
Will make "Kindle"ing wood out of the Samsung Galaxy.
After YHOO dropped the MSFT ball in the winter of 2008 I sold all my YHOO at $19 and put it in AAPL at $120. Since then... YHOO has decline 50% in value from what was an all time low APPL has increased about 140% in value to an all time high! Now Carol Bartz has the chutzpah to open up her ugly pie-hole?
We've been marked! Our Windows will crash.
FOURTH MAJOR story about this "app" in less than a week. AppleInsider is covering this story like they're in Parallels' pocket.
What BS! Never had a reception or antenna issue with my two iP4s. Sold my free bumper case on Amazon for $50.... Thanks Apple!
+1 hdr
Which is exactly where he's driving MSFT! $23.65 approaching its Millennium low. PS: Shucks, do ya think MSFT kinda misses Bill Gates?
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