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Pimped out iMac 5K i7 295 @ Adorama and dodged the state tax. $50 + free Apple Care =   
BTW, are my eyes deceiving me or is Katt Williams wearing an Apple Watch in this clip?  http://www.tmz.com/2014/10/30/katt-williams-suge-knight-arrested-paparazzi-camera-video/
C'mon, I can be an Apple fan without loving everything they do. Hope I'm wrong about the watch but I honestly don't think much of it.
I'm emphatically underwhelmed by the prospect of owning this product. The straps are the best part of the design IMO and having to remove it daily to charge is dorky. I think it's no coincidence that Apple is launching the watch to coincide with the release of the iPhone 6 Plus which is cumbersome. I believe the watch was conceived as an interface for the larger phones. I wish Apple luck with it but I just don't see a runaway hit.
Surprised by some replies in this thread. If Tim felt compelled to make this declaration, good for him. The fact that some are troubled or confused by it is likely why he made the declaration.  
"The only reason I'm copping a plea is I can't afford a decent lawyer. But I'm innocent, I swear!"
FWIW, just updated Flash and Safari seems quicker. 
Although the greed motivating this consortium is misguided, their resistance to Apple Pay is an obstacle nonetheless. I'm certain Apple calculated such speed bumps but its stock will probably take a minor hit Monday on the news.
I hear you, Yosemite's response time seems to lag a little. My speculation is the OS will grow speedier as the cache begins to bolster apps. I'd also hope future updates address lag time. I don't believe the lag time is connected to upgrading over Mavericks, I think its characteristic of Yosemite. 
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