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If my hunch is correct, iPhone 6 plus users will be the Watch's biggest target audience followed by road warriors and fitness buffs. IMO the more germane figure is what % of iPhone customers have iP 6 pluses?
Duh! 2008-ish Apple likely considered -- and rejected --a full blown TV bc it was obvious they could never make their profit margin. Why Munster couldn't grasp this is a mystery? I predict AAPL will make plenty of $ skinny streaming once it connects its new package, TV/OS, and STB dots.
To support its secret Mobileye collaboration as well as others, no doubt .
Most unflattering unboxing! From the cheap plastic box, to the loose unsecured Watch rattling unmounted in the box, to cheap looking Milanese band shriveling like a magnetic pretzel, it looks like Apple shockingly failed to package this model up to its own high standards. I've seen watches by Swatch, Fossil, and Eddy Bauer with far more impressive product and package design that sell for $150-200. I knew I wasn't impressed by the design of the v1 Watch but am shocked by...
Ms. Harrington, art teacher at Bay Point Elementary creates amazing pieces of Art... She is retiring and will be missed!
It's high time Apple becomes more porn and privacy friendly! It's no one's business -- including Apple's -- what a user uses Apple devices for. Any file on an Apple device should be hidable at the user's discretion. Apple TV is almost unusable because iTune's intersperses your S&M loops with clips of the grandkids and puppies. If you don't want to sell porn, fine. Otherwise, grow up, Apple!
The theory I advanced when the Watch was announced is playing out in reality. It enables iPhone 6 users -- and especially iPhone 6 Plus users -- to bypass their unwieldy phone while benefiting from a subset of its functions. Therefore I reiterate that iPhone 6 Plus users will be Watch v1's primary user base. One thing I haven't heard discussed is the possibility that the innards of the Watch are upgradable or replaceable for a fee. If Apple could stave off the...
Wouldn't it be novel if AI posted a positive note on Intel? There's a first for everything. and let's admit it. Without Intel there would be no Mac.
i smell a stinky fish.
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