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My mistake. Thanks for pointing it out. AAPLSept 2012 - $700April 2014 - $526
 AAPLSept 2011 - $700April 2014 - $526 Apple's value is in an extended state of atrophy in an otherwise booming economy. Yes, I'd say that's a bloody mess!
Apple has become painfully predictable and stuck in slow motion innovation-wise. The media and Wall Street are correct! Tim Cook has put Apple in position where Cupertino now needs to prove it still possesses "fire in its belly".    ​My radar leads me to conclude the iWatch is imminent. That may move the needle! A larger iPhone will plug the dyke but I think it's too late to be significant because everyone expects it. By making Apple TV a hobby for way too long I fear...
I'll take a small one but for the sake of its stock value AAPL better make a jumbo!
That, my friend, is the problem! In terms of innovation, Apple has been in a state of suspended animation. And its advertising, with a few exceptions, has been an exercise of basking in past glory. A very boring exercise. 
Another good hire! Seems Cook wants to delegate responsibility, responsibly, since he's putting a team in place to fill Steve Job's shoes. Apple's anemic offerings and off note advertising since Steve's demise are the very areas Steve mastered. Independent outside talent like Heiselman and Angela Ahrendts will disrupt Apple, which it sorely needs! Although I've criticized Tim Cook I give him credit for identifying Apple's shortcomings and hiring the right talent to remedy...
This is one of the worst ads ever shot! I won numerous Cleos so I have an inkling. What was Apple's directive to the agency? Target non white immigrants and 1 Percenters who can't afford the 5S and make the 5S owners feel superior to them? That's how the ad plays and lots of people besides me consider this spot to be ignorant, ill advised, and racist. Not to mention that the 5C is Apple's worst new product in decades.    
Great Apple advertising? Haven't seen a great Apple ad since Apple became a predictable boring company. That'd be since Tim Cook took the reigns. In 2014 Apple hasn't done a f-ing thing -- just like in 2011 -2013! Shiller is wrong, the the Mad boys are right. But why listen to the very people you pay to be experts? Apple needs to get off its self righteous ass and do anything remotely surprising, original, or creative. AAPL is a featherless peacock under Tim Cook!
AI dredging up and bashing what someone said 30 years ago is identical to Fox News' around the clock bashing of Barrack Obama.
GIVE IT UP ALREADY AI! Even Tim Cook disputes your erroneous BS supposition. http://appleinsider.com/articles/14/01/27/tim-cook-admits-iphone-5c-share-lower-than-expected-says-demand-was-different-than-we-thought
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