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Editorial... http://appleinsider.com/articles/15/03/23/rumor-apple-watch-faces-staggering-manufacturing-issues-initial-production-run-halved
The Reader's Digest version, and I quote.... "An extraordinarily dubious rumor from China suggests that while dramatic, this is a highly unlikely scenario. The rumored assembly problems are even more farfetched."
LOL! Even as a fan of Intel, that makes me laugh. Not to mention Android TAG. LOL!
Step in right direction but I want Steve Jobs' vision; a universe of television where channels are served in the order of content most interesting to the viewer based on genre specific preference profiles and their viewing histories.
DNS? Sabotage? Espionage? Blackmail? Who the hell knows?
The Intel/Apple partnership seems to be trending in the opposite direction of DED's hypothesis. It's also rumored the iPad Pro will be powered by an Intel chip. Oh well, supposition can be tricky.
Apple actually will charge $10,000 for the Edition, I confess I was wrong. IMO it's a loss leader, I expect Apple will sell very few and give more Editions away to celebrities, for appearance etc., than it sells. Which begs the question, how deeply discounted will Apple Watch be?  25% to 40% discounts aren't unusual in the watch business. Look at the prices in Tourneau or on Amazon. Apple prices MacBooks with discounts in mind. How much below MSRP will the Watch and...
Ha, good ol' Katy Huberty, forever memorialized for putting a sell on AAPL @ 80 just before it rose to 700 . She should've been banned from Wall Street for life that day but I must concur that AAPL will test 160 in 2015.
AAPL generally conforms to "Buy the rumor sell the news" so I anticipate AAPL dipping regardless of the Watch's merits. Nothing goes straight up and AAPL has had a great run in 2015. As a longhorn shareholder I expect a 150 handle on the stock by Q4 but not without retreats and breathers. 
I'll be shocked the gold Apple Watch Edition costs a dime over $2500. $10,000? Noooooo way!
New Posts  All Forums: