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If enough people kick Uncle Sam's butt enough times maybe Uncle Sam will begin to behave like he isn't above the law... Go Apple!
As an aside, I hope Apple patches the bug addled 10.8 before it takes a bite out of IOS 6.
IDC LOL! Samsung needs to put Steve Bummer and Mickey Dell on the Board.
Windows 8 Excitement? What Windows 8 excitement? The UI looks like it was created by a color blind Mondrian plagiarist!  ROYGBIV, baby!
Apple Care mixed up my ID too this weekend, though it was no hack... It was a crack in Apple's database! Tech asks my phone # so he can get back if we're disconnected and I ask "Don't you have that on record?" And he says yeah, your name is Joe S and the # id blah blah blah. And I said WTF? I gave you my name, it certainly isn't Joe S and that's not my #! The tech replies, "Oh,  well, our database got screwed up... Give me the proper info and I'll update it."   To...
Steve Bummer, Steve Bummer, king of the wild bum steer!
Well, My mid-2011 MB Air choked on OS X 10.8 and the SSD got hosed. It's now in an Apple store getting a $1G 256GB SSD replacement that OWC sells for $350. Guess they pay those Geniuses a lot for their labor? 
@ Dick Applebaum > So back to that Marty Scorcese iPad spot, can't he afford a car and driver with all his cabbage at this stage in his life? And after his rendezvous suppose he can't find a taxi in rush hour and gets mugged by a wino who steals his iPhone? Maybe Marty could make it back to his Soho film complex and use "Find My iPhone" on his MB Air to locate the mugger and recover his precious iPhone... At least Steve had a sense of humor which is more than can be said...
Yes, produced Apple commercials for Jay Chiat. 
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