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His lawyer is no Perry Mason.
You mean this Steve Ballmer? He does Harvard proud! Bill Gates is the genius who invented Microsoft. Ballmer is the bean counter who destroyed it.
Redmond hasn't done a single thing right since Bill Gates retired and Steve (the fratboy/Bozo) Ballmer took the helm. I shorted MS last month and am delighted analysts are now following my put.
Does Microsoft have an original bone in its entire decrepit body?
Quicken is an old, dated, obsolete Window app.
Did you know Nvidia was God's gift to Silicon Valley? Nvidia's CEO was just on Charlie Rose. I never saw such a pompous ass! I didn't buy his BS. Neither did Charlie Rose. This is what Apple bought PA Semi for. Plus, Intel is playing serious catchup on a competitive graphics core. Nelaham Capella is gonna bury ATI. A marriage between PA Semi and Intel will keep the Cupertino family happy.
The only thing that will help Dell is to turn back the hands of time.
$29 Snow Leopard is going to make MS a laughingstock.
My d/l was a success. Vast improvements! The camera is much clearer, Spotlight is fast, voice memo works flawlessly, Safari is far more responsive, and the iPhone is much snappier!
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