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+1 > Hard to think of anyone more competitive than Steve. He's the Wilt Chamberlain of Silicon Valley!
It made my calendars go haywire! If not for TM I would've been screwed big-time! Totally unreliable eye-candy in IMHO.
Walter Mossberg recommends I should invest my hard earned money on Microsoft Office? I suggest Walter Mossberg should temper his heroin addiction with some crack.
Why didn't you sell in April when it was $24.40 like I did?
It doesn't take an analyst to see INTC is a growing enterprise. No doubt they'll produce a kickass mobile chip. In the mobile space I see AAPL and INTC at loggerheads but it shouldn't affect their CPU alliance. I know all this because Kathryn Huberty is giving me -- eh, never mind.
for even thinking what I'm thinking!
I was aware I was coining an undocumented plural but taking creative license is one of my shortcomings. Nepotists works for me too.
That's why being a Wall Street analyst is the easiest job in America. All you got to get right is the spelling of your name. Always considered it the domain of nepots and mistresses.
What kind of morons raise earning targets after the fact? All investment bankers! Does this schmuck think AAPL is going to stagnate next year?
Reminds me of when I zap a fly with my electric fly swatter... It's spins uncontrollably and then dies just like Microsoft is.
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