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Wait for the closeout sale on Amazon next month. Better yet, MacHeist will bundle it with 9 other apps for $39 this Xmas.
Sent me an email today pushing Parallel 5. Luckily I'm not a total schmuck oblivious to product cycles but Parallel Corp obviously thinks of their customers as losers and idiots... Buyer beware! This product will be on sale for $25 as early as next month.
Usually released like a chicken and egg.
So Wu wants to see 1024-by-768-pixel apps on a 50 inch screen? Maybe he should go back to college. The ATV is a revolution to me because I just bought one! As a result I'm dumping Time Warner's DVR service and subscribing to Netflix. All because of a black $99 hunk of plastic called Apple TV.
It's simply that simple.
He can turn over a new leaf after he's released from prison.
Nothing better than sloppy ninths!
Been sitting on AAPL since 118 and I ain't sellin'. Best investment I ever made. Bought most after Steve Job's illness was public knowledge. However, I still view SJ's health as the biggest short term risk to AAPL stock.
I got the old Eneloops but my dog's name is Elvis. Would it work if he kissed them?
I posted this weeks ago. Sanyo Eneloops cost $1 less per cell than Apple. I bought Eneloops.
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