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Caged deathmatch battle-royale... Steve Jobs and Eric Schmitt wrestling neked in yesterday's NY Times... Not that these gossipy blubs aren't fun but let's get real. The Apple is a "walled garden" argument is a stale Microsoft talking point. Apple and Google competitors? That's news? I'm dumbfounded there's anybody left who doesn't already know it.
Who is this moron blowing to keep her job?
Is that $1B included in the teardown price?
And the sheep follow.
If CS5 is what I expect - proprietary and buggy -- I'm sticking with CS3. Screw you, Adobe, especially if you're out to screw me!
What does he know about modern computers? He's out of the loop! Entrusting Microsoft to "Bozo" Ballmer was his death wish.
Figures... Erin is such a IAP name. I'd like to take her into the woods.
First Internet photo of the "Apple iPad"! Talk about small, holy sh*t!
I decided to by a new i7 iMac the day it was released but I resolved to wait to buy it until the Q2-3 refresh. Apple should iron out the wrinkles by then and I might just get a free CPU and disk bump to boot.
I agree with your sentiments but Kathryn Huberty of Morgan Stanley surpassed even Wu as a moron.
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