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Alfred E. Newman's famous last words... And AEN was a rocket scientist compared to mentally challenged Bozo Ballmer.
Is the same Kathryn Huberty who put a sell on AAPL @ $90 in early 2009 now seeking redemption?
The detective has a future in Hollywood.
It appears the battle for mobile supremacy space will play out in courtroom.
I'm delighted Steve is well but this story is pointless. It's obvious he's been active and engaged since January to anyone who follows the news. Hell, he even took time to intervene on my ol' behalf! http://www.cultofmac.com/apple-ceo-c...727#more-39727 But to publish a story that the man is still breathing, and use the anniversary of his return to Apple as the pretense, is fluff journalism IMHO.
Between the lines this blurb insinuates Apple is the confidential informant? Or am I reading too much into it?
I haven't bought a Microsoft product since 2006 and thanks to iWork and NeoOffice I don't need MS Office. Because of their garish colors, lame icons, and copycat nature, I don't contemplate ever buying software from Microsoft again.
I have no inside information but something tells me Apple and Intel are currently deadlocked in intense negotiations and Apple is using it as a ploy to gain leverage. Last week Apple was in talks with AMD, this week they're buying ARM. Something smells fishy. \
Requires simple software fix.
Besides quashing interest in competitive releases like the HTC Droid Incredible, I have no real answer to your question. I'm not privy to Apple's marketing strategy but as a veteran of Madison Avenue I recognize the hallmarks of a controlled leak. The incident is too contrived to make it accidental or coincidental.
New Posts  All Forums: