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Steve Bummer can talk? 
MSFT will be $25 long before it hits $35, if ever. I shorted it with a Feb 2013 expiration. 
So, Google fell for the bait Steve promised when he warned Google he was going to go thermonuclear on them. Good! Jobs mentored Brin and Page and lent Schmidt credibility by gifting him a seat on Apple's board and those slimy MFs spit in Jobs' face and stole his intellectual property. Google has lost any mojo it had and is now just a copycat Microsoft wannabe.  
As a longtime Apple TV owner, and infrequent user, I have often pondered, as did Steve RIP, if Apple TV is worth $99... Memo to Google.
Link to NY Times article. I read it and it's not a hatchet job. Factual. http://www.nytimes.com/2012/06/24/business/apple-store-workers-loyal-but-short-on-pay.html?ref=technology
Why no link to the OG NY Times story, AI?
So reads the press release but Bill is just a figurehead. His passion is philanthropy not software and IMO he disdains money as well as Microsoft. Steve Bummer is his pet. We're all loyal to our pets even if they're destructive and dumb! 
Bill Gates retired from MSFT 6 years ago this week. Look what Steve Bummer accomplished single-handedly in only a half decade! Win 8 looks as if Mondiran went blind and crazy.  Windows will be a memory by 2020. 
So is Windows 8 Touch or keyboard/mouse OS or both? Oh, all things to all people? So pros use keyboards with Intel and dilettantes use ARM with touch? Is the kickstand adjustable? Are the edges uncomfortable? What would Mondrian say about the Win 8's aesthetic?  Is Win RT really that slow and unresponsive?  Is the Surface tablet Microsoft vaporware?
Gorilla ass!
New Posts  All Forums: