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Gloss vs Matte is a matter of user preference, not ergonomics! I prefer a glossy laptop and a matte monitor. Should I see a shrink?
SN will sport a Marble GUI alla QT X... Mark my words!
I expect the menu bars will have a "Marble" interface (like the QuickTime example) but AAPL is keeping it under wraps so MS doesn't swipe it for Windows 7.
"Morgan Stanley’s Kathryn Huberty maintains her Outperform rating with a share price target of $180." When did this moronic charlatan switch from "Sell" at $80 to "Outperform" at $180. Kathryn Huberty is a fraud!
with sclerosis
The spots aren't deceiving, they're "deceptive". I don't believe anyone has been deceived aside from the account exec in Redmond who approved this "screw the public at any cost" jerkoff ad campaign.
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