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Because its a magnet for finger smudges.
I'm gonna have pizza for lunch!
Both Apple and Sanyo batteries have a one year warranty and I believe Apple is a rebranded Eneloop. Would you really have the Chutzpah to walk into an Apple store with a 9 year old battery and a receipt and insist on a replacement?
Last Friday after concluding Apple's batteries were probably rebranded Sanyo Eneloops. Don't get me wrong, I think Apple's battery charger is a decent product. With this caveat! 4 Eneloop AA + Battery Charger = 17.50 on Amazon 4 Eneloop AA =10.50 on Amazon $28 for 8 AA Eneloop batteries + Charger = $3.50 per battery $29 for 6 AA Apple Batteries + Charger = $4.84 per battery
You're jesting of course?
It's the Pong of Office suites. iWorks 2011 will be released next month -- probably in a discount pack with iLife 2011. I expect to see a 64 bit version of iWorks on Amazon for half of what a 32 bit version of Office 2011 will cost. Oh, and did I mention Microsoft's corny icons make me want to vomit?
Steve Ballmer
Facetime Facetime Facetime
End of story.
So Intel can buy Nvdia at a discount.
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