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WP8 looks like it was designed by Mondrian debilitated by Alzheimer's.
All well and good except Katy Huberty, the most clueless of the ignorant AAPL analysts, did the projection. 
I upgraded PS CS3 to PS CS6 and I must say for $199 it was a worthy upgrade. I'm thrilled to have the new groovy dark UI, fast graphics engine, 64 bit ops, and nifty new tools. CS6 was the first version of PS Adobe compelled me to upgrade to since CS3. Got along fine with the old warhorse.    Now Adobe has intro'd this Cloud service, something I predict is destined to fail for the same reason I didn't upgrade PS from CS3 until CS6. The reason being, Adobe is a...
Wo was the hand model, the Jolly Green Giant?
Apple created a cottage industry with thousands of developers who earn a living and pay taxes off the apps they make. Is Apple credited with job creation? No! 
    par for the RDF course.
I hope all the lilly livered profit takers had their fun... Because I know this is exactly what was going to happen! :p
The visual equivalent of a Gateway 2000.
I'll second that!
No, PS is far more feature rich than Pixelmator. Pixelmator had a far better UI, OTOH, and is a pleasure to use compared to CS3. CS6 UI reminds me of Light Room 4 which pales in comparison with Aperture. I'm sure you're aware Apple charges $79 for Aperture. I don't think Adobe got the memo with their bloated thou$and $ software suites and dingy interface.
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