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My man Gene!
100% correct
The color palette is classic ROY G BIV
Na na na na! One more time now...
I held INTC since I was a young man. Now my hair is gray and they still can't break out of $22/share.
Offer competitive space and bandwidth? I hate Fatcow but but MobileMe reams you with bells, whistles, smoke and mirrors. I have a feeling AAPL's North Carolina acquisition may finally win my account.
Made another killing in January! I will short PALM down to $1.
The AAPL slate isn't about hardware, it's about content delivery! While the PC industry has eagerly awaited AAPL's new product, AAPL went behind their backs and made pacts with all the media companies to deliver their content.
Ever heard of humor? Nokia translates to "soot" in Finnish. I repeat -- what kind of name is Nokia for a phone? If you want to use a "soot phone" be my guest.
In modern Finnish, noki means soot and nokia is its inflected plural, although this form of the word is rarely if ever used. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nokia Are you referring to a town name after soot?
New Posts  All Forums: