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First Internet photo of the "Apple iPad"! Talk about small, holy sh*t!
I decided to by a new i7 iMac the day it was released but I resolved to wait to buy it until the Q2-3 refresh. Apple should iron out the wrinkles by then and I might just get a free CPU and disk bump to boot.
I agree with your sentiments but Kathryn Huberty of Morgan Stanley surpassed even Wu as a moron.
Total guesswork of the worst kind... 100% wrong! "Checks indicate that a tablet-type device will be introduced next week, at a Jan. 27 event." Wu needed his supply chain source to tell him that? It's front page news, moron! This tablet product has been described to us as a hybrid between an iPhone/ipod touch and a mac but in terms of software and components, it appears closer to the former, meaning it is most likely ARM based," he wrote. "From our understanding, it is...
My man Gene!
100% correct
The color palette is classic ROY G BIV
Na na na na! One more time now...
I held INTC since I was a young man. Now my hair is gray and they still can't break out of $22/share.
Offer competitive space and bandwidth? I hate Fatcow but but MobileMe reams you with bells, whistles, smoke and mirrors. I have a feeling AAPL's North Carolina acquisition may finally win my account.
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