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My man Gene Munster! Some may mock him but GM is seldom wrong. I dare say $277 is a bit conservative when you take the rumored tablet and new subscription model into account.
My next Apple purchase will most likely be a 27" iMac i7 "after" the Q2 update/refresh. My 3-year old battle-ax MBP C2D 2,2 has more than enough horsepower for the road and (hopefully) plenty of life left in it. A iMac i7 will clearly outperform a MBP i7. Coupled with my Dell 2407 monitor -- and my untethered MBP -- I'll have a 2 monitor desktop and a wireless laptop HO.
AMD's CPUs can't compete with Intel's on a price/performance basis, today. But prior to Core2Duo, Athlon wiped the floor with Pentium forcing Intel to compete using price incentives. The FTC is lodging this case 6 years too late IMHO and that negates the case's validity. On another note I expect Intel will buy nVidia in 2010.
Think Boot Camp for Windows. I personally didn't buy a Mac until it could run Windows. Why wouldn't MS want users to run OS X on a Dell if it can stunt AAPL's market share? I don't claim to know who is behind Psystar. That's why I posed the question.
Certainly not the two ignoramus brothers. Until we follow the deep money to the source -- Microsoft , Dell, Sony, etc. -- this judgment is moot. Is "Journalism" really dead or will we get an answer?
Pardon me for be facetious but this thread is, in particular, about forecasting the future price of AAPL's stock. Is it not?
So who do you listen to, Kathryn Huberty of Morgan Stanley? She put a sell on APPL @ 80 10 months ago. Here's a valid stock tip. Whenever Kathryn Huberty says sell, buy! I follow my own advice and I predict a 25% AAPL upside in 2010.
I put my money where my mouth is. I got in AAPL @ 96 and I'm still long. I ain't selling!
The Galleon/SEC insider trading case and Dubai's default liquidated lots of AAPL. Plus there was a Thanksgiving selloff when most traders were on vacation. I thinks there's a concerted effort by certain fund managers to manipulate the stock down in the short term, pile on, and make a killing, when AAPL blasts past $210 after next quarter. I expect to see $280 AAPL in 2010.
New Posts  All Forums: