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That's OK. Steve Ballmer is a cool guy.
Love Uncle Walt and will probably get MB Air as soon as it equals performance of my perfectly good 2006 MBP C2D. The bed in the BG was a bit much though. Does Walt take his Air to bed?
I mean violet! I'm not being stupid I'm being smart... It's an alliteration! http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alliteration
+1 > Hard to think of anyone more competitive than Steve. He's the Wilt Chamberlain of Silicon Valley!
It made my calendars go haywire! If not for TM I would've been screwed big-time! Totally unreliable eye-candy in IMHO.
Walter Mossberg recommends I should invest my hard earned money on Microsoft Office? I suggest Walter Mossberg should temper his heroin addiction with some crack.
Why didn't you sell in April when it was $24.40 like I did?
It doesn't take an analyst to see INTC is a growing enterprise. No doubt they'll produce a kickass mobile chip. In the mobile space I see AAPL and INTC at loggerheads but it shouldn't affect their CPU alliance. I know all this because Kathryn Huberty is giving me -- eh, never mind.
for even thinking what I'm thinking!
I was aware I was coining an undocumented plural but taking creative license is one of my shortcomings. Nepotists works for me too.
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