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My white 32 GB iP 5 is flawless.
Yo, Tim is dropping a replacement phone off at my place around 5:30... Give me your addy and I'll have him swing by your crib after. :/
The reason comments have dropped so dramatically since the AI makeover is the new site is a space wasting eyesore that puts selling ad space before reporting news. I already removed AI from my Top Sites and advise AI to stop exploiting readers before you lose all of us!
MAKE THE HEADLINES SMALLER!   Modernized layout sorely overdue but OVERSIZED headlines gauche eyesore designed to exploit readers to sell more ad space. 
A lil' off topic but CNET is pimping Samsung's Gallery Note 2 today.    http://asia.cnet.com/product/samsung-galaxy-note-2-46728194.htm   When I voted "Not for me" in the poll CNET presented a dialogue box offering "Change your Vote?" When I clicked "No Thanks" the vote didn't register. :/
AMD would f it up like everything else they do... Go with Intel, a pro!
Here's hoping AAPL dumps Samsung so violently that Samsung suffers long term permanent irreversible damage! 
Samsung's new "Rolex"...   
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