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Steve's eves weaves peeves please. Leave the poor bastard alone!
Amazon's $1.99 daily specials (like Motown Number 1's) sell for $8-$10 on iTunes. I could never figure out for the life of me why anyone would purchase low bit rate DRM protected music for such an exorbitant price on iTune's. Now Apple's miscalculation is Amazon's gain!
Hats off to Charlie Miller and AI for succinctly summing up the current state of Windows/OS X security in a nutshell. Enough with the metaphors, already!
Slow news day? Give me a break!
Let me understand this. The Mini comes with OSX, iLife '09, Nvida graphics, DDR3, Intel C2D, a Super Drive, a $100 printer rebate, iWorks for $40 -- all this for $599 -- and you misers bitch about it? Give me a break!
At face value this observation seems valid but here's where it misses. Apps are called "apps" because they're mini-applications. I'm going to use "Convertor" when I need to convert something, not every day. Ditto, "Urban Spoon"; I might not need to find a restaurant in months and then use it 3 days straight. The bottom line is just because an app's usage declines rapidly, doesn't mean the app won't come in handy at a later date.
Well, if this is yet another in the long line of recent Apple QC issues at least they caught it before the product shipped.
The iPhone turned me into a gamer; an iPhone gamer specifically. Before I got an iPhone I never played games. I still don't play game on my Mac but I think the iPhone is the perfect gaming platform. That would qualify the Touch, as well. BUT... Although I have a 16 GB iPhone my 8 GB fatboy Nano is still my iPod of choice. The fatboy is much more mobile. I sling its lanyard around my neck and wear it like bling. Can't do that with my iPhone!
If someone with the Flu sneezes in your face you may just catch the bug! Worms can spread from computer to computer in a variety of ways.
New Posts  All Forums: