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Is that the same Kathryn Huberty who put in a panic sell on AAPL @ $80 when I was buying my ass off, LOL? Did she change her name to Katy to distance herself from her moronic track record as a stock picker? What a stinking loser!
The rumored codename for Microsoft's voice control OS "Parrot".
this in 2010, LOL! http://www.engadget.com/2010/08/23/a...out-20-percen/
Just saw Cringley in PBS doc on SJ. He clearly has ax to grind and looks like he has halitosis.
All my Apple devices are haunted by his spirit. \
Thanks Steve!
Give me some credit, I used a mouse with DOS 3. Because I'm an Apple fan, not fanboy, who can see Lion's rough misguided edges and succicntly identity them, no need for ad hominem attacks brutha.
Apple has reinvented the wheel and it is square. If they want to improve on the age-old save paradigm fine - augment it. But don't remove a computing paradigm that has existed since time immemorial. I give Lion a D- and consider it lamer, in effect, than Window ME and Vista combined. It is Cupertino Edsel!
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