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NOT! When will Adobe ever release a decent version of CS? Never. Because they're not in the software business they're in the money sucking pigs business. Get along fine with CS3, Aperture 3, and Pixelmator.
I can see it now...
Puke in Michael Dell's mouth!
Yeskia is perfect name for Steve Bummer's new product
Steve Bummer will eat the rest! LOL!
If Adobe doesn't buy Pixelmator and/or release some modern affordable software they'll go the way of Gateway 2000. Their pathetic emails begging me to buy CS% at a deep discount makes me want to puke.
I already shorted Microsoft. They'll be treading water @ $25 by April.
Dumbo (Microsoft) is always a "day late and a dollar short"!
I said "Long live Steve"... Friends, Romans, and countrymen, I didn't come her to bury him!
New Posts  All Forums: