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Similarly, analyst Shaw Wu with Kaufman Bros. said that the new iMac and Magic Mouse are the most intriguing products announced by Apple Tuesday. He said the new iMac offers value to consumers and is positioned to be a "sleeper hit." In his note to investors, Wu said it was particularly interesting that Apple decided to launch so many new products without holding a special event. He called the timing of new products "sooner than expected and somewhat...
Then recommended sell @ $80. What a bimbo! http://www.cultofmac.com/morgan-stan...-estimate/5788
I read about isolated cases of this happening in Leopard, too. A bad bug that needs quashing!
After reading Pre Central I have not only concluded Palm is disgraceful -- I conclude Palm Pre users are pathetic!
Sell Windows 7 to 8 friends and
It was a few short months ago (in Feb 09) that Kathryn Huberty of Morgan Stanley advised her clients to sell AAPL @ 80. Gene Munster stuck by his target price of $225 and everyone called him crazy. Who's crazy now?
It's most plausible Touch's HD camera didn't pass QA muster. Job's targeted Flip during his keynote and in the NYT Pogue interview afterward. A HD camera matching Flip HD's specs is clearly on the Touch horizon.
Woof, woof
Yes! There is no company in the software industry that gouges and screws their customers more frequently than Adobe. I use Pixelmator half the time anyway.
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