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They better not charge a dime more than to upgrade from CS5. It ain't fair but its a fact! I can live with CS3 and Pixelator, Adobe... Savvy?
Little Katy Huberty who put a hysterical sell on AAPL @ 80 gets religion? This woman's head is so far up her butt that her bullish call is prolly a bad omen for Apple.
New York based trademark attorney Martin Scwhimmer said Apple's approach was a "level of ruse" he has "never encountered." Have to agree with Mr. Schwimmer here... Though I find Apple's penchant for Hollywood style derring do amusing, if true Apple's little charade strikes me as downright deceptive.
I use FB but Marky Z ain't exactly the kind of dude I like to chill with... I'd call Apple and FB "Facebook Friends".
Analyst Jordan Rohan is full of poop! His estimate is a merely wild guess he pulled out of his ear. Amazon never reveals how many Kindle's sell because then dopes like Rohan could figure out how much $ Amazon is losing on Kindle.
Perfect replacement for Steve Bummer.
Is that the same Kathryn Huberty who put in a panic sell on AAPL @ $80 when I was buying my ass off, LOL? Did she change her name to Katy to distance herself from her moronic track record as a stock picker? What a stinking loser!
The rumored codename for Microsoft's voice control OS "Parrot".
this in 2010, LOL! http://www.engadget.com/2010/08/23/a...out-20-percen/
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