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In Feb '09... I'm looking for $400 in 2011. Long Live Steve!
Well, that about says it all!Bezos would have you believe if you lust after the iPad it's alright to buy a dinky Kindle too.
My blood is percolating! My first investment of 2011.... SHORT RIM!!!!!
The second I read the BS I shorted RIM! April 50 a sure bet!
That in itself would be worth an announcement.
In Silicon Valley.... Jen-Hsun Huang principle reason for living is to blow smoke up the ass of Jen-Hsun Huang!
That's OK. Steve Ballmer is a cool guy.
Love Uncle Walt and will probably get MB Air as soon as it equals performance of my perfectly good 2006 MBP C2D. The bed in the BG was a bit much though. Does Walt take his Air to bed?
I mean violet! I'm not being stupid I'm being smart... It's an alliteration! http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alliteration
+1 > Hard to think of anyone more competitive than Steve. He's the Wilt Chamberlain of Silicon Valley!
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