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What an ugly beast Windows 7 is. Another excellent article by Prince McLean.
should be licking toilet bowls for a living with her tongue.
Great numbers! No one escapes the economic slowdown.
I switched in '06. The reason was Apple's switch to Intel's C2D and Boot Camp. Then in '07 I deleted my BC/Parallels partition because I stopped using Windows XP. I haven't played around with Windows 7 yet but I must say MS has piqued my interest with it. So has their new advertising campaign for MS enterprise which is fresh and thought provoking. My point is, at this moment in time, Microsoft is beating Apple at the buzz game for the first time in this decade!...
Wo! Cue some asshole analyst cutting Apple's target to $10? Come out from under your rock, Kathryn Hubbert!
I'm so glad!
Well, my uncles has a friend who knows a doctor who's married to this woman who's cousin has an aunt who was married to a reporter who likes to put rampant speculation like this in print.
I wish Steve the time and space to fully recover his health. Unfortunately, this was written on the wind. My lying eyes didn't fool me when I tried to believe Steve's explanation. I own a few AAPL shares but they were already in a slump on rumors of Steve's denial over his medical deterioration. I actually think Job's health saga will be good for Apple in the long run. While it's true there would be no Apple without Steve Jobs the company has grown beyond that...
A hit piece written by hack lacking ability and credibility.
hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah Finally, an analyst more idiotic than Kathryn Huberty!
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