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So Intel can buy Nvdia at a discount.
Quite right!
It going to be iPhone for the Mac, a VOIP-Messaging client. Get with it folks! Facetime
Well, then please don't squeeze my Charmin!
I have an iP4 since the day of its released that never dropped a call! As an early adopter I've been more impressed by this product than any I've seen in my entire life. And yes, I have experience Proximity Sensor issues, etc. The bumper is an ugly strip of PVC, an eco-poison AAPL has been struggling to rid itself of for years. And it destroys the appearance of one of the greatest examples of industrial engineering and design I've ever laid my eyes on! What the heck...
Now I have 2 or 3 fat bars whereas I had 5 skinny ones. As long as that improves reception I don't care!
I don't want no cheap plastic bumper -- I want a FIX!
I got an iP4 and I CERTAINLY do not want any bumper. I want the issue fixed!
Really? If you compare his estimates to EVERY other analyst you'd be hard pressed to name one with a better track record. Can you? Waiting...
If Apple doesn't issue a convincing fix I think they'll be forced to recall. Oddly, my iP4 doesn't suffer "Death Grip" because I'm lefty. I hold the phone in my right hand and generally talk on speakerphone. Buttttttt... the other night I held phone to ear and the Proximity sensor failed! Found out it's subject of longest thread on Apple's iP4 forum. A simple Reset fixes proximity sensor issue. I'm not sure fixing the reception issue will be as simple. \
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