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"Despite animosity between Google and Apple, Jobs was spotted having coffee in public with Schmidt back in March. The two were seen talking at a cafe in Palo Alto, Calif." Wrong, that was their avatars talking!
This pisses me off because Steve is one of the few hand on CEOs. In April I got a dud iMac and was thankful Jobs intervened. A-holes like this guy are going to drive Steve to an "official" company blog like Adobe. http://www.cultofmac.com/apple-ceo-c...727#more-39727
Does an ingenious OS and flawless industrial design account for anything, Mr. Bean?
I did it. It's nifty and now I have a new friend from Apple.
Nowadays everyone gets 5 BARS from their carrier just for reassurance!
Thanks. Now I can rest easy.
It won't replace my Canon T1 but it'll be nifty to have a decent camcorder/camera at my disposal. The first step in taking a great photo is having a camera to shoot it with!
And Steve "the Bozo" Ballmer with a big red nose that honks!
Microsoft is a relic of the past.
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