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Reminds me of when I zap a fly with my electric fly swatter... It's spins uncontrollably and then dies just like Microsoft is.
Bloated passe companies merge? Only thing missing from this obituary is Yahoo!
A 1/3 markup is unusually low, especially factoring it doesn't account for R&D. AAPL clearly intends sell it to the masses. I bought ATV 2 and love it! Already cut $18 mo from my TW cable bill including my new $9 Netflix account. Jobs got this right and Google got it ass backwards! I don't wan't to turn my 46" Samsung into yet another ubiquitous computer device. I saw the Google TV promo and laughed my ass off! Very Ballmer-esque!
Where's that radically new antennae design Apple is supposedly hiding up its sleeve? Not!
Steve Ballmer is a tool
The only reason Ballmer has a job is Bill Gates doesn't give a crap about Microsoft.
Mine is in transit from HK. This won't be a hobby for Apple much longer!
Da ya thunk del get 'er out beefaw da fat laty sungz? Seriously, they should call it Palmberry!
Firstly, Charlie Rose isn't with BusinessWeek. He has a show on PBS. Secondly, I saw his interview with Schmidt and Google has this TOTALLY wrong. Schmidt believes people want to use their 60" home theaters to surf the Web. What a freaking joke! I know that and so does Steve Jobs.
New Posts  All Forums: