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I'm eagerly awaiting OS sex.
Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha
And just to the right of the trackpad, meticulously hidden by the photographer and ad agency, are competing billboards with Microsoft, Intel, and nVidia logos!
Win/win... Apple is not only coordinating a hardware and OS upgrade. When the reviews come in declaring MBA the must have gadget of 2011 the company won't bump into a 4 week backorder. Sounds the they've been hoarding MBAs!
A 11" SBridge seems like a sensible addition to my 27" iMac i7, 2007 C2D MBP, and iP 4 family. And It would negate my need for an iPad.
And if you support Adobe or buy their products you really are!
NOT! When will Adobe ever release a decent version of CS? Never. Because they're not in the software business they're in the money sucking pigs business. Get along fine with CS3, Aperture 3, and Pixelmator.
I can see it now...
Puke in Michael Dell's mouth!
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