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Peace Steve
It was Apple' switch to Intel and yes, Boot Camp, so I could ween myself off Windows, that prompted me to make the switch to Mac in October '07. Just sold that 5 year old C2D MBP for $760 and replaced it with Intel i5 MBA that cost peanuts because my old Intel Mac held its value so well! So I don't expect Apple and Intel will part ways anytime soon. Intel is to microchips what Apple is to computers.
1) It's August, how come analyst isn't on vacation? 2) What does Kathryn Huberty think?
Google should buy Gateway 2000 next and steal Steve Bummer away from Mr. Softy.
I got da money honey!
2 da rescue!
When Bill Gates turned his back on Microsoft to devote his life's work to charity, his most charitable act was leaving the company in the hands of his mentally handicapped college roommate, Steve Bummer.
A brilliantly conceived and executed piece of performance art... Anyone who doesn't give kudos to this guy is a jealous old fuddy duddy. Plus benevolently pointing out this security loophole is a gift from the Gods!
I'm eagerly awaiting OS sex.
Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha
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