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It was a few short months ago (in Feb 09) that Kathryn Huberty of Morgan Stanley advised her clients to sell AAPL @ 80. Gene Munster stuck by his target price of $225 and everyone called him crazy. Who's crazy now?
It's most plausible Touch's HD camera didn't pass QA muster. Job's targeted Flip during his keynote and in the NYT Pogue interview afterward. A HD camera matching Flip HD's specs is clearly on the Touch horizon.
Woof, woof
Yes! There is no company in the software industry that gouges and screws their customers more frequently than Adobe. I use Pixelmator half the time anyway.
Boycott Adobe! Pirate Adobe! Steal Adobe! Hack Adobe! Short Adobe! Never purchase another Adobe product again! Hey, why should these scumbags support a $1000 program they sold until last year when they can screw their customers? It's time for all of us to screw Adobe royally. That said, CS3 works as well as CS4 with SL. The punks @ Adobe are trying to trick us into an needless upgrade. I want us all to bankrupt Adobe!
If it looked this dorky no one would buy it.
The fact this dimwit is CEO of Microsoft proves you can make a deal with the devil.
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One for the rumor mill.
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