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Thank you for making my point. Parallels (Nova) is one sleazy company!
For one thing they sent me an email only yesterday soliciting an Upgrade to Parallels "5". That deceptive to say the least! Parallels has a checkered history of deep discount garage sales -- some orchestrated by Parallels Corp -- to push out their next not ready for prime time update. I stand by that opinion.
Wait for the closeout sale on Amazon next month. Better yet, MacHeist will bundle it with 9 other apps for $39 this Xmas.
Sent me an email today pushing Parallel 5. Luckily I'm not a total schmuck oblivious to product cycles but Parallel Corp obviously thinks of their customers as losers and idiots... Buyer beware! This product will be on sale for $25 as early as next month.
Usually released like a chicken and egg.
So Wu wants to see 1024-by-768-pixel apps on a 50 inch screen? Maybe he should go back to college. The ATV is a revolution to me because I just bought one! As a result I'm dumping Time Warner's DVR service and subscribing to Netflix. All because of a black $99 hunk of plastic called Apple TV.
It's simply that simple.
He can turn over a new leaf after he's released from prison.
Nothing better than sloppy ninths!
Been sitting on AAPL since 118 and I ain't sellin'. Best investment I ever made. Bought most after Steve Job's illness was public knowledge. However, I still view SJ's health as the biggest short term risk to AAPL stock.
New Posts  All Forums: