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Apple supplied the the technology, know-how, and concept. The publishers are in cahoots with Apple. This isn't a preemptive strike, it's a Beta Test.
To air is human.
According to Peter Kaplan, Marc Andreessen, Bill Keller, and other "in the loop", Apple is aggregating and monetizing the dying print media by developing an "affordable" subscription model. The Mac Tablet will be its delivery mechanism, a replacement for newspapers, magazines, and books. I've read several leaks, dating back at least a year, that major media companies -- like the NY Times cited below -- have signed NDAs with Apple to explore a paradigm shift in print...
2 indisputable geniuses of Tech! If Bill Gates didn't step down, MSFT would be $200+ too. His only mistake was trusting Steve "the Bonehead" Ballmer.
"We've significantly improved the graphical user interface, but it's built on that very stable core Vista technology, which is far more stable than the current Mac platform, for instance."
I agree. My MBP and Dell 2407 are both DVI. Monoprice sells a MDP to DVI cable but it's wiser to wait. Sweet machine, though!
The i5/i7 27" iMac has altered my thinking. I plan to buy one next year after the Rev 1 glitches are addressed and the specs are upgraded. I'll connect my Dell 2407 to the i7 iMac and untether my '06 MBP C2D.
How dare AAPL think I'd plop down my hard earned $ on a new iMac until the i7 and Blu Ray are standard and all these G1 issues is ironed out.
The "former Apple manager" will be on an unemployment line with a year.
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