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The 5C was stillborn, anyone with eyes could see that. Some of the f-ugliest shades of color I've ever seen on a abysmally boring and cheap looking design. Apple blew the 5C before it was ever released! It should never have seen the light of day and if SJ were still around it wouldn't have. Cook & Cos designs are out of whack with Apple's long established aesthetic.
There may or may not be display issues but... I believe Apple staggered the release of the iPad Air/Retina Mini because the mini cannibalized the iPad and Apple wanted the masses to assimilate the improvements with the Air before releasing the Retina mini in order to level the playing field between its two iPad SKUs.
My mind was made up. Bought iPad Air with 128 GB in black. Love it! I was all gung ho on the ret mini until I tried the Air and compared it to non retina mini. Air is almost as light as mini with a third more screen real estate. My first iPad and glad I waited. Apple going out off its way to prevent buyers comparing the two models side by side. But I did, crossing the store on several occasions, and I know that the Retina mini would leave me feeling "meh" compared to the...
AAPL down significantly in an up market, that's the real world results of the numbers posted by AAPL yesterday -- not anyone's singular opinion! I believe Cook and Openheimer are savvy enough to let Carl Icahn school them on the ways on Wall Street, something AAPL sorely needs at this juncture. I will be buying an iPad with 128 GB. Hope the masses follow suit. If AAPL ever hopes to grow again it requires the following, sooner rather than later!   China Mobil...
Tim Cook's AAPL reminds me of a pony trying to stand for the first time after birth. As an investor I'm happy the company surprised on the upside but let's face facts -- AAPL's growth and profits are declining. "On Monday, Apple reported a profit of $7.5 billion for the fourth fiscal quarter, on revenue of $37.5 billion, down from earnings of $8.2 billion on $36 billion in revenue during the same period last year. Apple%u2019s iPhone sales were up sharply, thanks in part...
I have a friend who's a cripple. He's lying flat on his ass basking in the glory of his past...And I'm yeling "get the hell up and walk!"
Apple was out of touch on the 5c. It will be blunder of major proportion if they blow the iPad Retina mini release. If Apple drops the ball and fails to release the iPad mini Retina, the fiasco with the fugly colored 5c will pale in comparison, AAPL will drop to the low 4s, and Tim Cook should be shown the sidewalk post haste.
The colors reek, the 5c looks like numerous other brands of colored phones previously available, and Apple's marketing demonstrates an embarrassingly patronizing bias toward its supposed poor and third world target customers... The fact Apple believed the 5c would work demonstrate how out of touch with reality Cook & Co are.    Denial is a river AI!
Was not an early iPad adopter, this'll be my first. Still on fence as to iPad 5 or Mini. No Retina on Mini would be deal breaker for me but I don't expect Apple will leave this option out. All things being equal, Retina-wise, the weight reduction of the iPad 5 counts to me. Previous gens felt too heavy and clumsy but if svelte enough I'll consider the big brother over the mini.
Right, China is the real target because the rest of the world is already fed up with AAPL! Asia is Apple's last gasp and only hope to not entirely go down the crapper. Samsung and Google have eaten AAPl's lunch -- past tense, game over! With Steve gone Apple has become a pathetic joke unable to protect its core IP and brand.  AAPL > $447 and free falling............................
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