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Here's to the crazy ones!
Truly funny! 
FOR SALE iMac 11,1 (2009) 2.8 GHz i7 20 GB RAM 1 TB Almost forgot: Steve Jobs personally supervised this iMac order. RIP Steve! http://www.cultofmac.com/39727/apple-ceo-calls-imac-buyer-to-apologize-for-lemon/39727/
TG I'm an investor, not a trader. Holding AAPL through all the ups and downs since 2007, when Apple adopted Intel and intro'd Boot Camp. Reckon I'm up around 700% and I expect AAPL to hit $125 within a quarter or two.
I have a hunch a large percentage of iPhone Plus users will tire of its unwieldy form factor and welcome the Watch as an interface which reduces the need to access the phone. I believe this was Apple's primary rationale to create a Watch.
Rounded rec is Also Apple's signature shape.
Made $120 more selling on eBay.
AAPL is on a roll! I can see $125 by Jan. 1. Not that it can't temporarily go down from there.
I adore Lagerfeld and Wintour who clearly are vampires. Jony looks like he just had a sip of their blood.
Won't be purchasing first iteration of watch but would only consider smaller one. For same reason I purchased iPhone 6, better suited to me.
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