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Having held AAPL going on ten years, another record setting quarter and the traders weak knee reaction is par for the course. It'll be 140 by November. Long term AAPL is positioned to flirt with 150 by December, that's my anticipation. I've been an investor since Jobs switched to Intel and opened Mac up to Windows users via Boot Camp. I see no reason to sell when Tim Cook is just beginning to feel his oats.
As an AAPL investor I'm entitled to an opinion. I don't think AAPL has been enriched by its relationships with Dr. Dre, Jimmy Iovine, and Beats, nor is Apple Music a radical improvement of iTunes. I do see long term prospects for the Watch once it becomes a standalone product but so far it's most compelling purpose is as an extension of the iPhone 6+. I said that when it was released and I stand by it.
AAPL is my largest holding. Split adjusted I paid around $11 per share. Great company with an average # of missteps. I think the Watch has been way overhyped, for example, and I don't listen to rap music or like Beats headphones. I wish Apple bought GoPro instead. But I
Linda is loyal to Adobe because Adobe is the main conduit for her business. I use ClickToFlash.
Why didn't  they cast Jason Clarke? He really looks like SJ! Michael Fassbinder is bad casting, visually. I don't get a good vibe from the trailer. 
I wish Apple well. But can hardly do my 50 GB music library justice as it is. Of course I'll give Music a 3 month spin. But the only way I'd consider subscribing is if the individual rate was the same as the family rate, $2.50 a month per subscriber. Since Apple covets a mass audience they'll probably figure out this math pretty fast. I expect Music will be $2.50 for everyone in the next year or so.
I still don't get how Apple is going to make a cent on the Beats deal? Nor am I impressed by Iovine's spiel at WWDC. He is certainly no spokesman!
"Apple has billions of dollars available to pay artists substitute royalties during users' free streaming trail, but were it to do so, the company would quickly find itself at the wrong end of global antitrust complaints. In many markets, "dumping" free or loss leader products would be considered anti-competitive." So which is it?
1080p has been obsolete since 2014. If Apple wasn't exploring 4K/5K in 2013 it would've been a major blunder and very un-Apple-like. Apple can't afford to upgrade Apple TV without the ability to stream 4K. 4K is here, period!
My Samsung streams 4K from Netflix, Amazon, YouTube, etc. It employs an intuitive laser point and click/voice command interface featuring an interactive guide. Apple TV hasn't changed its interface in years. In tech terms thats the "soviet era" metaphorically speaking. Why do you think I bothered to put that in quotes in the first place? Standard Def HD is dead! If some people on AI don't grasp this I can assure you Apple does. I'm not touting Samsung's hardware and...
New Posts  All Forums: