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Michael Fassbender was actually an afterthought. The actual "star" of this film is obviously Aaron Sorkin!
Nothing compares to an iPad for viewing family photos and watching porn. 
Edward Snowden is a patriot feared by cowards. I wouldn't put it past Uncle Sam to hack innocent iPhone users which is why the world needs more Ed Snowdens.
DED and AI get a $1000 bounty every time Intel is mentioned in a negative headline plus a $325 bonus if it slams Intel two days running.
Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery but... Since Apple Watch was primarily designed to intercept notifications from iPhone 6 -- and especially the iP 6+ -- this Fugazi watch is nothing but a brick.
Who's been hoarding AAPL since $16 split adjusted?
Didn't AI run this article last month too?
Apple is buying the loyalty of Japanese consumers by honoring a long standing tradition. About a year ago I remember reading Android was winning the smartphone race in Japan. Marketing $ aren't divided geographically or democratically, budgets are assigned proportionately where Apple needs marketing the most. Wow, 700th post! That's a lucky # so where's my Lucky Bag?
Shut up and sell another 199 furnaces you f-ing goofballs.
These guys really piss me off!
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