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You mean like my bulletproof 2009 iMac i7 which has never failed after being on 18 hours a day since I got it?
Ordered i7, 3TB Fusion, 295 iMac on Halloween and still waiting for shipment. Will install 16 GB RAM for a 24 GB total and will possibly upgrade to 32 GB. But I hope 24 GB is enough for Photoshop. 
Who knows? Maybe after his recent asskicking Obama will begin to deliver on the promise he has thus far failed to do. After all, what does he got left to lose, politically, just being another wishy washy politician? I have all but given up on the guy but he's still the not the devil some of you right wingers love to portray.
Two separate issues here; The CEO is inept, a civil issue -- and the CEO is a crook, a criminal matter.
Rampant guesswork and folderol.
$3250 with 24 GB RAM. On Apple it would be over $4K with tax.
Pimped out iMac 5K i7 295 @ Adorama and dodged the state tax. $50 + free Apple Care =   
BTW, are my eyes deceiving me or is Katt Williams wearing an Apple Watch in this clip?  http://www.tmz.com/2014/10/30/katt-williams-suge-knight-arrested-paparazzi-camera-video/
C'mon, I can be an Apple fan without loving everything they do. Hope I'm wrong about the watch but I honestly don't think much of it.
I'm emphatically underwhelmed by the prospect of owning this product. The straps are the best part of the design IMO and having to remove it daily to charge is dorky. I think it's no coincidence that Apple is launching the watch to coincide with the release of the iPhone 6 Plus which is cumbersome. I believe the watch was conceived as an interface for the larger phones. I wish Apple luck with it but I just don't see a runaway hit.
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