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I drive a BMW M Sport. iDrive is far from perfect but I find it functional. Currently one of the best in-dash interfaces but future iterations will make it obsolete.
 Similar to PA Semi play, MBLY's AI algorithm is the industry standard... Check this out. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kp3ik5f3-2c#t=11
AAPL/MBLY you heard it here first.
Or to finalize talks with Mobileye?
I suspect this is a dashboard play and/or a foray into self driving vehicles. For some strange reason I feel a Mobileye acquisition in the wings. I note in the previous AI story Tim Cook is headed to Israel. Hmm, how convenient!
Hope AAPL buy MBLY, I hold positions in both.
It appears Munster is grasping at straws. Having owned an Apple TV for years -- and comparing it to a recently purchased Samsung Smart TV replete with quad core, STB intercept, voice activated, point and click, sophisticated program guides -- I can't envision what Apple might do to top Samsung in the smart TV space. SJ's claim to to crack television has been usurped by Samsung. One area I find lacking is security. I won't link the Samsung TV to my Mac whereas I have no...
For a company on the verge of Dumping Intel -- as AI repeatedly claims Apple is -- I'm surprised theres no mention of it in this article.
That's cool. I OTOH don't envision my iPad Air becoming obsolete in the foreseeable future. It can stream HD and handle any media I throw at it. That's the iPad sales conundrum. 
I concur with Kuo. Just about everyone who wants an iPad has an iPad -- including me! And I don't envision replacing it anytime soon. I get much more function out of my MB Air, preferring OS X and its full blown apps to IOS's walled garden and neutered apps. Apple is on the right track with IBM in rebranding iPads to the enterprise. And I believe iPad's role is underutilized as a retail Kiosk, especially in light of Apple Pay. But for consumers like myself, iPads are kinda...
New Posts  All Forums: