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Count me in. My Late 2009 iMac with 20 GB RAM is showing its age in CS6.
All I can say is I hope Jony Ive understands and approves of this deal. One Jony Ive is worth 100 Dr. Dres and 50 Jimmy Iovines IMO. Good luck Apple, whatever you're doing!
IPad excels at presentation which is helpful to me as an artist. It's useful having all my images and media instantly accessible in a portable format. I use 70% capacity. As you know the more capacity, the cheaper RAM cost. Problem for me is I prefer OS X over IOS, I'm acclimated to compute that way. I'm more comfortable with keyboard and trackpad over touch. I like typing on the iPad, it works beautifully, but is will never replace my MB Air. Users who came of age in the...
Recently bought first tablet, iPad Air 128 GB. It shines at presentations but aside from that sits collecting dust. Prefer surfing web on Macbook Air and creating content on iMac. Will I get another tablet anytime soon? NO!
Contrary to popular opinion the world hasn't converted to tablets. My iPad Air is the most underutelized tech product bought in ages. Prefer reading NY Times on Macbook Air. iPad shines at presentation, that's about it for this user. I think the pendulum will swing back to laptops and predict the tablet thing will wane like netbooks. I don't think it's impossible to run a laptop on ARM but I believe Intel will consistantly outperform it. For that reason I believe this is...
"Because Beats Electronics has tax residency in Ireland, Apple could structure a deal with the headphone maker in such a way that..." Could? Will!
Could this be any uglier?
Agree. But it was Cue who met with Iovine and Dre in March '13 so it isn't a leap to say Cue also got the Beats ball rolling. I also give credit to Cook because this could be a disruptive deal. 
I'm very disappointed by Apple's performance in the music streaming space considering it had the premier music service in the world a few short years ago. What has Apple been doing with iTunes the last 3 years? Tim Cook really took his eye off the ball considering he did so much damage to iTunes in such a short period of time that Apple's only fix is to replace iRadio with Beats. Awful CEOing!
Nah, you had to of been there. Legends in a legendary time! ;) Snooping around I Googled this blurb from last year, a meeting between Iovine and Cue. *In 9-5 Mac, AI won't let me post link. They met in March '13.http://************/2013/03/05/tim-cook-eddy-cue-met-with-beats-ceo-jimmy-iovine-last-month-over-streaming-music-service/
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