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I tell Siri call Pizza 2 Go and its responds "Calling Peter Siago - Work" 
IMO Siri is worse than useless. It's either incomprehensivly frustrating or a total joke. If Apple doesn't reboot it, it should be scrapped. Perhaps they'll reboot it. Hope so.
Goofy and Dopey.
Agree, great interview! Ive and Newsson both have a distinct mid-century design aesthetic. Which is why I reckon iWatch won't look like a smart watch. 
It's apparent Tim Cook has assembled a Dream Team once you stand back from the trees and look at the forest.
Between Re/Code and Ming the Master I refuse to consider rumors about Apple from anyone else! :/
With its cheap design and insulting Third World marketing schtick the 5C should never have seen the light of day. Bad idea poorly executed! $120 AAPL seems very achievable.
Big Anand fan here! Tim Cook sure knows who and how to hire. Wasn't big fan of TC until 2014 but with me his stock is on the rise.
The iPhone Phatboy Beats Edition
A Timex is not a Rolex! I'm confident there will be iWatch models for every buyer. But WTF do I know?
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