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Hadn't seen this but it's along the lines of what I envision Apple releasing... High concept design.
I wouldn't be surprise if the iWatch looks more like a fashion statement than a piece of technology -- more Rolex than Swatch. I don't think the world is waiting for a "Dick Tracy" watch and I'll be surprised if Apple releases one. That's what everyone expects and it's already been knocked off by Apple's competitors! I expect iWatch will veer toward a traditional timepiece appearance-wise concealing its IOS capabilities.
September is only 2 months away. Incremental inching up until Fall product cycle and then the proverbial "buy the rumor sell the news" selloff -- then comes the Xmas rally where AAPL goes to new highs.
As a creative director on Madison Ave during advertising's heyday I agree with this observation. IMO neither TBWA or Apple has produced breakthrough creative in years. Apple ads conform more to the Proctor & Gamble formula these days, frosted pablum that won't rock the boat or make any waves. Back in the day Jay Chiat would rather have quit the account than produce worn out formula ads.
Boner should keep it zipped!
Bono, what a blowhard, LOL!
We are long past the time that this talentless crybaby wannabe thug legally changes his name to "Cry Baby West".
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