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Bono, what a blowhard, LOL!
We are long past the time that this talentless crybaby wannabe thug legally changes his name to "Cry Baby West".
Retina iMac, I buy. No Retina, no sale.
I hope Apple returns some tasteful skeumorphic elements to Yosemite's design. Certain aspects of Mavericks (sign on screen, contacts) are so baron it feels like a beta.
Does the strap have a deployment buckle?
Apple should provide the ability to hide entire events and albums. Every time I want to sell a widget my porn collection gets revealed. 
Count me in. My Late 2009 iMac with 20 GB RAM is showing its age in CS6.
All I can say is I hope Jony Ive understands and approves of this deal. One Jony Ive is worth 100 Dr. Dres and 50 Jimmy Iovines IMO. Good luck Apple, whatever you're doing!
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