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The judge sounds like a dunderhead. 
So? Beats cost $3 bil and GTAT cost a half bil. So what's the big deal about a mil?
Will buy 5K iMac from Adorama when in channel. iPad limited because of sapphire Touch ID? Hope Air loses chamfered edge which looked dated to me a few weeks after its release.
A fine mess!
Since Apple announced its Watch I've been window shopping for Cartiers and Breitlings. Wonder how many are in same boat and how that will impact sales of Apple Watch and watches in general?
I thought "the dog ate my homework" defense went out in the 1950s?  And that's GTAT's defense? 
Ruby Ridge, Waco, Wen Ho Lee, Steven Hatfill, Zacarias Moussaoui, Edward Snowden; the only thing the FBI ever got right is dropping and fumbling the ball.
OK, well it appears Apple will be acquiring a sapphire factory legally mandated via GT's dissolution. I feel awful for GT's employees and shareholders. Sounds like Tom Guitirrez, GT's CEO, is a con man. The bankruptcy Court need to clawback the 10 mil shares he sold and redistribute to GT's stockholders. 
App;le -- Live -- Stream -- LOL!
The more I think about not buying an Apple Watch the more I consider buying another Cartier.
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