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How about monetizing iTune's in some original and imaginative way instead of trying to wring blood out of an old stone? Wake up Apple!
I didn't mention ads. I said Apple should monetize its reach by releasing a Paypal competing wallet app, a Whatsapp competing communicator, a Pandora competing music service, or you know, anything remotely original invented under Apple's roof since Steve's tragic demise.  Let me phrase it another way. Apple, under Tim Cook's management, has literally bored investors and Wall Street to death! Now let me guess... iPhone 6 will have a 4" screen although consumers have been...
Sounds like the same speech Cook gave at last years annual meeting. He mentions Apple sold more iPads, iPhones, and iPads, than ever before but neglects to mention that growth in these segments has been on a multi-year downward spiral, year-over-year, for the the past two years, after several years of exponential growth. That's why AAPL was valued over 30% higher two years ago. Cook warned investors who don't like his style to get out of the stock and the moment he opened...
Exactly! I agree with you. It is now incumbent on Apple to re-prove it's capable of producing magic products or a killer app. The overwhelming denial of the partisans on this site continues to confound me. You are not the arbiters, Wall Street is! The title of this article suggest Institutional ownership of Apple has sunk to a 5 year low. That is undeniable and the reason is these investors no longer believe Apple is capable of producing magic anything. That's why I'm...
As cool as they are, iPhones and iPads are in their 6th generation -- they're old! How about a killer app, something that rivals PayPal or Pandora  (in earnings and disruption)? Whatever happened to Apple TV or wearables? Where's the beef?   Personally I "believe" there's magic in Apple's pipeline. But Cook's management and the company's underperformance has put Apple in a position of having to re-prove itself to Wall Street and in the marketplace.
+1 Someone like Elon Musk would bring élan to Apple. Unfortunately the Musks of the world a few and far between but if the stars align properly, these two companies could benefit from mutual synergies. Something tells me Musk is headed for Apple's Board but I think Apple has to reinvent itself on its own. For now Apple's predictable product cycle and lineup has been "priced in" and discounted by Wall Street and in the marketplace.   Which begs the question, whatever...
I Pray somebody will kick this mangy dog of a stock, AAPL, so it might go up pennies instead of shedding dollar$. Wall Street holds Tim Cook in ill regard and who can blame them. Under Cook's management mighty AAPL has turned into a predictable half a trick pony.
After buying a BMW M Sport last year I had a notion BMW need to do exactly this.
Very good! I was actually more impressed with the technology but the spot was good.
Faux from the word go... Let's create an iPhone for a market that doesn't exist. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ejaDY8tXCts
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