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DED and AI get a $1000 bounty every time Intel is mentioned in a negative headline plus a $325 bonus if it slams Intel two days running.
Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery but... Since Apple Watch was primarily designed to intercept notifications from iPhone 6 -- and especially the iP 6+ -- this Fugazi watch is nothing but a brick.
Who's been hoarding AAPL since $16 split adjusted?
Didn't AI run this article last month too?
Apple is buying the loyalty of Japanese consumers by honoring a long standing tradition. About a year ago I remember reading Android was winning the smartphone race in Japan. Marketing $ aren't divided geographically or democratically, budgets are assigned proportionately where Apple needs marketing the most. Wow, 700th post! That's a lucky # so where's my Lucky Bag?
Shut up and sell another 199 furnaces you f-ing goofballs.
These guys really piss me off!
Reminds me of me when I took LSD.
I remain skeptical of Beats, Dre, and Iovine, vis a vis a profitable or productive relationship with Apple short or long term.
Bah Humbug... Not! And how do I delete those awful Justin Timberlake vids? Still haven't watched Hugo.
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