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Reminds me of me when I took LSD.
I remain skeptical of Beats, Dre, and Iovine, vis a vis a profitable or productive relationship with Apple short or long term.
Bah Humbug... Not! And how do I delete those awful Justin Timberlake vids? Still haven't watched Hugo.
Then let me put it to you this way... I wonder how much money Samsung, Microsoft, and Google would make if they didn't attempt to imitate Apple products which ultimately lose $ for them?
I wonder what Samsung, Microsoft, and Google would do if Apple wasn't there to knock off? Google Search kinda reminds me of DOS.
Kudos, Tim, well deserved! That CNN is a 24/7 TV commercial interrupted by the occasional stale news snippet is entirely besides the point.
Better than any recent Apple spots. And sells the iPhone camera better!
Just bought new Cartier and curious to see what TAG-H offers. Gen 1 Apple Watch, no sale here!
Spent an hour on Gawker last week reading emails between Scott Rudin and Amy Pascal causing this deal to blow up at Sony... Recommended reading!
Between the buyback and stock split AAPL exhibited astute financial engineering acumen. Carl Icahn was undoubtedly an impetus as any stock chart reveals. Apple's first rise from its two year post Job's era doldrum coincided with Carl Icahn's activism. Tim Cook is a bright guy who surrounds himself with the brightest talent and it's fortunate Carl Icahn was there to school him.
New Posts  All Forums: