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Wall Street doesn't hate AAPL as much as it once did because Tim Cook started playing nice. The buyback and stock split were big catalysts long before iPhone 6 and Apple Pay saw the light of day.
Have yet to hear a rap song I consider music, except Gold Digger and Walk This Way, but then again I was weened on The Beatles. I do consider Oscar Brown Jr. a genius, he was among the first rappers and was a poet.
Not for nuthin'! I'm as baffled by this deal as the day it was announced. ?
Headlines on parade!
Script dead in water, no bankable talent, and by projected release date most moviegoers won't known who Steve Jobs even was. Like that paparazzi on TMZ who were shocked to learn Bette Midler was originally known for her raunchy act.  How soon we forget, the plague of the Internet attention span. 
An excerpt from my book written in 2003 reflects this era in real time... http://www.mjweber.com/page1/assets/InvasionPrivacy-09.pdf
Or cast Winnona Ryder, the original Natalie Portman.
I don't expect my BTO iMac 5K i7 to ship from Adorama before January. 
As an AAPL buy and hold investor since 2007 I think the company is poised to hold its gains and climb to 150ish in 2015. It won't be straight up! The stock is probably a little ahead of itself now, will encounter downward resistance, and experience incremental pullbacks and reversals. The pipeline feels as solid as it did during the march from 600-700 but is more diversified today. Tim Cook has rectified most of the vulnerabilities I once criticized him for and I am now...
I reckon Apple will get the i7 BTO iMac 5Ks to Adorama and the other VARs sometime in January.
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