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Good move, good news.
Was the stock $600 - $700 when Tim Cook took over? What do you think accounts for the bottom dropping out of this company in under 1 year? Do you know what the "company is actually doing"? Can you explain the reason for Apple's sudden implosion? Oh, and you think I don't have a right to have an opinion or be on this website? And you call yourself a mod, LOL? I'm the one who loves Apple! Your blindness to the facts makes you an Apple addict, strung out on a high you (and...
High falutin BS designed (in California) to cover up the fact that Apple is devoid of any new ideas for groundbreaking products that can excite the masses in any meaningful way. The AI apologists here miss the reality that AAPL is now under $400 and shrinking daily due to Tim Cook's incompetent out of touch leadership.  
Can AAPL be far behind? It feel off a cliff the day Tim Cook took over. Balmer and Cook have a lot in common. They were handed the reigns by the geniuses behind Microsoft and Apple and the new ceos crippled both companies.
With AAPL share plummeting 10% in 2 days from historic lows during a stock buyback period, Cook obviously believes AAPL shares are worth less under his cockeyed misguided leadership.
I don't think Apple would release anything that bland and boring.
The problem with AppleInsider, and D.E. Dilger's thesis, is that he/they are trying to predict the future by gazing in a rear view mirror. Apple doesn't get to be as mediocre as Microsoft because Apple supposedly aspires for greatness. Yet that is the comparison I hear day after day on AI. Apple needs an internal shakeup, it's time to stop being predictable. Let's bring back the showmanship and insanely great products! Do one thing out of the box. Release the iPad Retina...
To this, Cook said, "A large screen today comes with a lot of tradeoffs. Customers are clearly looking at the size, but they also look at things like 'do the photos show the proper color? The white balance, the reflectivity, battery life. The longevity of the display.'" According to Cook, customers want Apple to weigh those benefits and make a decision as to what is best. Tim Cook is so full of shit he doesn't even know it!
If Tim Cook wasn't such a bow wow CEO AAPL wouldn't be such a dog of a stock! Another down day in an up market? I have personally been waiting to buy a Retina iPad mini since the day the mini came out. The longer I wait the lower AAPL will sink because there are millions of people waiting for Apple to stop resting on its past laurels and release a modern f-ing product! Jeez.
Not a fan of Tim Cook's track record since he became CEO of AAPL but I will say he acquitted himself well yesterday. 
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