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Could this be any uglier?
Agree. But it was Cue who met with Iovine and Dre in March '13 so it isn't a leap to say Cue also got the Beats ball rolling. I also give credit to Cook because this could be a disruptive deal. 
I'm very disappointed by Apple's performance in the music streaming space considering it had the premier music service in the world a few short years ago. What has Apple been doing with iTunes the last 3 years? Tim Cook really took his eye off the ball considering he did so much damage to iTunes in such a short period of time that Apple's only fix is to replace iRadio with Beats. Awful CEOing!
Nah, you had to of been there. Legends in a legendary time! ;) Snooping around I Googled this blurb from last year, a meeting between Iovine and Cue. *In 9-5 Mac, AI won't let me post link. They met in March '13.http://************/2013/03/05/tim-cook-eddy-cue-met-with-beats-ceo-jimmy-iovine-last-month-over-streaming-music-service/
Having come of age in the era of The Beatles and Stones I've yet to hear a rap song I even like, no less considered brilliant. Rap is my least favorite genre of music, but reasonable minds can differ! I simply fail to see the synergy in this deal between the players and brands. OTOH I've implored Tim Cook to think outside the box, and this deal certainly qualifies. My suspicion is the deal is "a beard" for a hidden aspect not readily apparently to the media or public.
Dr. Dre is going to replace Tim Cook as Apple's CEO. I heard it through the grapevine. 
Apple has lost considerable value under Cook and I've been critical of him for that. But I think this may be a corporate magic trick, a case of brilliant misdirection. I can't believe Apple will actually purchase Beats for $3.2B. It has to be total BS or there's an aspect to the story nobody publicly knows. It's a square peg in a round hole, simply doesn't fit!
Really miss him!
Pleased with AAPL's quarter and its newfound sensitivity toward the investment community. The financial engineering should buttress the company's value until it expands its pipeline.
My mistake. Thanks for pointing it out. AAPLSept 2012 - $700April 2014 - $526
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