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Spent half hour handling both models and bought 6. Main criteria; more pocketable, easier to handle, more attractive, more portable. I have iPad Air if I want more IOS screen RE and am not a road warrior requiring two day battery life.    IMO Apple's primary raison d'être for creating its Watch is to reduce to need to interface with the unwieldy iPhone 6 Plus and slightly less cumbersome iP 6 form factors. Optical image stabilization is a plus but larger cameras require...
Try eBay first. Just sold unlocked iP 5 32GB for $309.
Totally agree, already bought black Sena Heritage Ultraslim. My only criticism of iP 6 thus far is it's the slipperiest iPhone in history. Between the thinner/larger form factor, smooth surfaces, and bullnose edges I predict an avalanche of dropped iPhone 6/6 Pluses. If I were on the design team I would've etched some cross hatch grooves on the bevel.
Los Angeles, CA, United States 09/19/2014 4:25 A.M. Out For Delivery
Glitches with the live stream, glitches with U2 download, glitches with Health Kit, glitches with Photo app, glitches with IOS 8 installation size, glitches with IOS 8 upgrade, glitches with iCloud, I don't mind a few glitches because it means Apple is launching news products. The more Cook & Co do this, the fewer the glitches. Meanwhile my iPhone 6 will arrive tomorrow.
A distinction must be made between health and fitness monitoring. The first gen Apple Watch monitors fitness not health, although Apple has alluded to health monitoring by inference. If people confuse the two I don't think Apple will be displeased since the second gen Apple watch will likely have dedicated health monitoring capabilities and apps.
Produce a product that makes handling the large unwieldy iPhone 6s unnecessary, I think that's one of Apple's principal rationales in creating the Watch.
Snagged gunmetal 64 GB iP6... Big enough for me.
One thing Apple didn't allude to that would have made real news is to claim Apple Watch "can save your life!" I don't think they can make that claim with Gen-1 but to geezers like me that would be the most compelling reason to buy one. I imagine "First Alert" type free apps with monthly subscriptions will appear on Day One but imagine Apple is a couple of Gens away from producing life saving sensor of a medical grade.    For the time being I believe the Apple Watch was...
New Posts  All Forums: