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I've compared Apple TV's interface to Power Menu, a DOS 3 program from the 1980s. But in Apple's defense I'm positive it has a genre-centric IOS that would make navigating TV programs pure pleasure. The problem is it must be mounted on the existing cable/satellite infrastructure without threatening the underlying industries. Therein lies the hangup. 
What will Microsoft sell, copycats? On second thought, 5th Avenue could use a good pet shop. 
Apple TV is beginning to remind me of Power Menu, a DOS based app launcher, circa 1987. It segregated apps into neat little colored text boxes. IMO the whole IOS paradigm is a graphical representation of Power Menu, not a big advancement in 25 years of computing. Lining up icons next to similar looking icons that you navigate by endlessly paging down is extremely outdated. I rarely page down through the first few lines on Apple TV. Just saying, it's time for IOS v2!
Most Apple rumors are credible these days because Apple disseminates its own rumors. ;)
I approve of the team Cook has assembled.
Anyone who doesn't believe Jony Ive has the design bone fides to produce an iWatch that's a fashion statement has another thing coming. Fashion driven tech is what I expect.
Contrived saccharine puss.
Supposedly Apple bought Beats for Jimmy Iovine's deal making prowess and industry gravitas. If Apple TV's UI aggregates TV shows by genre instead of channel or tier, as I imagine it does, then you can imagine how scary and disruptive it is for the cable industry. Who profits from this disruption, Apple or the cable companies? That's the hangup!
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