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It appears Munster is grasping at straws. Having owned an Apple TV for years -- and comparing it to a recently purchased Samsung Smart TV replete with quad core, STB intercept, voice activated, point and click, sophisticated program guides -- I can't envision what Apple might do to top Samsung in the smart TV space. SJ's claim to to crack television has been usurped by Samsung. One area I find lacking is security. I won't link the Samsung TV to my Mac whereas I have no...
For a company on the verge of Dumping Intel -- as AI repeatedly claims Apple is -- I'm surprised theres no mention of it in this article.
That's cool. I OTOH don't envision my iPad Air becoming obsolete in the foreseeable future. It can stream HD and handle any media I throw at it. That's the iPad sales conundrum. 
I concur with Kuo. Just about everyone who wants an iPad has an iPad -- including me! And I don't envision replacing it anytime soon. I get much more function out of my MB Air, preferring OS X and its full blown apps to IOS's walled garden and neutered apps. Apple is on the right track with IBM in rebranding iPads to the enterprise. And I believe iPad's role is underutilized as a retail Kiosk, especially in light of Apple Pay. But for consumers like myself, iPads are kinda...
Just got a Samsung 4K UHDTV with SmartHub this weekend I've been playing around with. It intercepts my cable channels via IR signal and re-presents them in a well designed and useful graphic interface. A mouse like remote enables you to point and click with accuracy. Includes most major apps on Apple TV including UHD Netflix. I'm still adapting but feels quite functional.
Well, after all of DED's rumor mongering and Chicken Little fantasies here's the last word from Intel... Never! http://www.businessinsider.com/intel-and-apple-relationship-2015-2
Michael Fassbender was actually an afterthought. The actual "star" of this film is obviously Aaron Sorkin!
Nothing compares to an iPad for viewing family photos and watching porn. 
Edward Snowden is a patriot feared by cowards. I wouldn't put it past Uncle Sam to hack innocent iPhone users which is why the world needs more Ed Snowdens.
DED and AI get a $1000 bounty every time Intel is mentioned in a negative headline plus a $325 bonus if it slams Intel two days running.
New Posts  All Forums: