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Predictable! Who needs a phone that's so large and unwieldy that a companion watch needed to be invented to negate its users from having to access their big phones?
Ugh! How do you say schweinhund in Korean?
 I've been saying this for months. It's no coincidence Apple "just happened" to release a Watch to coincide with the release of the most cumbersome, unwieldy iPhone in history! From its inception the Watch was conceived as an interface for the iPhone 6 Plus. As an AAPL shareholder I'll be giddy beyond delight if Apple sells 30 to 40 million units upon its release but these numbers seem incomprehensible.  
 ^ I agree with your gists. But if Apple can actually make a profit off the parts of this acquisition it becomes a moot point. I'm not convinced Apple can make a profit, no less recoup its investment.  Time will tell and I have an open mind. > 
For the ninth time I haven't the faintest clue why Apple bought this company? A clumsy fit that seems like a total waste of time and money.
You mean like my bulletproof 2009 iMac i7 which has never failed after being on 18 hours a day since I got it?
Ordered i7, 3TB Fusion, 295 iMac on Halloween and still waiting for shipment. Will install 16 GB RAM for a 24 GB total and will possibly upgrade to 32 GB. But I hope 24 GB is enough for Photoshop. 
Who knows? Maybe after his recent asskicking Obama will begin to deliver on the promise he has thus far failed to do. After all, what does he got left to lose, politically, just being another wishy washy politician? I have all but given up on the guy but he's still the not the devil some of you right wingers love to portray.
Two separate issues here; The CEO is inept, a civil issue -- and the CEO is a crook, a criminal matter.
Rampant guesswork and folderol.
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