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1) Had Apple issued the Special Dividend it would've demonstrated it was a team player. Wall Street punished Apple for being a prima donna when the SD wasn't issued. 2) Yes, stocks fluctuate on emotion and Wall Street followed though by punishing Apple for the company's perceive arrogance. Apple could've staved off hitting the skids if it staggered its product releases to address the predictable annual new product drought between January and August every year -- but Apple...
A lot of this is correct. But the article fails to mention it was a terrible year for Apple investors, Apple apologists and Apple Inc too. The stock price tanked 40% because there were no significant product releases for most of 2013, Apple didn't declare the Special Dividend (it should have) like almost every other responsible company did at the end of 2012, and a lot of what Apple did in 2013 was ho hum and underwhwlming. The 5C has yet to prove itself and Maverick...
Not to look a gift horse in the mouth but Justin Timberlake just ain't my cup of tea. Found these songs unlistenable with inferior sound quality and trashed 'em. 
Right, because tons of Chinese people already have Android phones and the fact iPhone was coming to China Mobile was the most anticlimactic worst kept dragged out secret in the world.
I personally believe the deal is done. 
The American legal system is a joke! But what should we expect with a U.S. government run by Bozos and clowns?
Gene Monster knows his shizz and 5c colors were invented to be consumed by Asian tweens.
If true that would be a positive... But where's the meat? More fluffy supposition on a site notable for its Pollyanna spin on Apple? Or a glimmer of hope the 5C will float?
"We asked Philips about the color inconsistency and a representative said Friends of Hue products are designed to be color accent lights. While the company ensures high quality light, the Bloom and LightStrips are not meant to be as accurate as the regular Hue bulbs." Huh? Why would Phillips release an overpriced product that's not ready for prime time?
New Posts  All Forums: