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Spent an hour on Gawker last week reading emails between Scott Rudin and Amy Pascal causing this deal to blow up at Sony... Recommended reading!
Between the buyback and stock split AAPL exhibited astute financial engineering acumen. Carl Icahn was undoubtedly an impetus as any stock chart reveals. Apple's first rise from its two year post Job's era doldrum coincided with Carl Icahn's activism. Tim Cook is a bright guy who surrounds himself with the brightest talent and it's fortunate Carl Icahn was there to school him.
I miss DRM
I beg to differ but if AAPL doesn't play ball with W$, like the special dividend it didn't offer in 2012 that most companies did offer, or like the buybacks and the dividend increases at the behest of Carl Icahn AAPL proffered in 2014, W$ will cut you off at the knees -- exactly like it did in to AAPL in 2013. W$ hated AAPL until Tim Cook stopped acting like Steve Jobs and began following Carl Ichan's advice.
Wall Street doesn't hate AAPL as much as it once did because Tim Cook started playing nice. The buyback and stock split were big catalysts long before iPhone 6 and Apple Pay saw the light of day.
Have yet to hear a rap song I consider music, except Gold Digger and Walk This Way, but then again I was weened on The Beatles. I do consider Oscar Brown Jr. a genius, he was among the first rappers and was a poet.
Not for nuthin'! I'm as baffled by this deal as the day it was announced. ?
Headlines on parade!
Script dead in water, no bankable talent, and by projected release date most moviegoers won't known who Steve Jobs even was. Like that paparazzi on TMZ who were shocked to learn Bette Midler was originally known for her raunchy act.  How soon we forget, the plague of the Internet attention span. 
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