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So now that Cook & Co tipped its strategy that there "is no there, there" until an unspecified date in Q3, Google has decided to bend Apple over and uh -- oh, you get the picture. A few Google blurbs and AAPL drops 10% in 2 days in a up market... A great CEO Tim Cook surely isn't!
'Um also believes it would be "more prudent" if Apple were to spread out its product refreshes. He noted that very few consumers can afford to upgrade their iPhone, iPad, Mac and iPod simultaneously.' This was the obvious flaw in Apple's 2012 execution. Let's quit the denial already and hope Apple doesn't repeat the same mistake two years in a row.
I have a 2010 iMac that's been in the "shop" 3x in the past three years because soot was sucked into the space between the LED and the glass enclosure. I've Googkled it and thousands of iMac owners suffered the same fate. So Apple had to refresh the iMac to correct this design defect regardless of the upgrade cycle. I've contested for month Apple release too many products at the same time last Fall, many of which they couldn't deliver because of unforseen manufacturing...
No. There was always a sliver of hope, a promise if you will that Steve would conjure up "one more thing". We could always depend on a next act with Steve Jobs at Apple's helm. Apple under Tim Cook feels like the last season of The Sopranos. I have a sinking feeling under Tim Cook's guidance there will be no next act -- no "one more thing" -- for Apple.
I don't understand this faulty comparison people keep making? Steve Jobs was an acknowledged genius. No one would ever claim Tim Cook is genius. Apple replaced a genius with a supply chain guy. Cook might have worked well with Steve as leader. But as a leader Cook is a pure failure.
Installing Tim Cook as CEO of Apple is the equivalent of handing a newborn infant the keys to a 2000cc Harley and telling him to compete in a Motocross! He's a bean counter, not a leader. Apple's Fall 2012 product dump under Cook's auspices confused the public by eclipsing Apple products with other Apple products. All steak and no sizzle, it was the most boring, amateurish, and insipid Apple product intro in history! Apple was $705 at that moment in time and 6 months later...
You're joking, right? The collective musings of every Apple fanboi that opines on AI is easily eclipsed by Gene Munster's understanding of Apple and his recorded track record. Pull you pea brains out of the sand, please! 
Instead of an elegant product launch, 2012 marked the most ineffective, clumsy, and amateurish product "dump" in Apple's history! Apple's pipeline has been on Queer Street ever since -- too many Retina Macs, not enough iMacs, not enough iPhone's, took many iPad's. If Cook & Co. blow the next product launch or can't fill the pipeline it would be the opportune time for Apple to start searching for a CEO who knows how to deliver products and can satisfy AAPL investors. 
Wholeheartedly agree with you.
LOL! I want him to walk off the stage and keep on walking right out the door until he fades into the sunset.  Not very realistic, AAPL going private.
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