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Although the greed motivating this consortium is misguided, their resistance to Apple Pay is an obstacle nonetheless. I'm certain Apple calculated such speed bumps but its stock will probably take a minor hit Monday on the news.
I hear you, Yosemite's response time seems to lag a little. My speculation is the OS will grow speedier as the cache begins to bolster apps. I'd also hope future updates address lag time. I don't believe the lag time is connected to upgrading over Mavericks, I think its characteristic of Yosemite. 
Upgraded 27" i7 iMac (2009) and Macbook Air (2010) over Mavericks with no problem. Big fan of Yosemite's GUI. A vast improvement over Mavericks which I always considered in Beta. Neither of my Macs do handoff but I'm getting the i7 Retina 5K soon. 
Makes sense. Although the more you use your finger the better you become at using it as a pen or brush.
Got it. Seems like good adjunct to PS Touch. Hell, I use everything at my disposal to make art.  https://www.etsy.com/shop/WeberFineArt
C'mon folks, this was a shotgun divorce, plain and simple.
Umm, Maynard?
Can't wait to see benchmarks comparing the i5/i7 and the GPUs.
I use lots of Photoshop filters. I question whether the i7 and/or the graphic card upgrades @ $250 a pop are worth the incremental performance boost? I plan on ordering 16GB RAM with 3TB Fusion which kicks it up to $2849. I'll have to wait for the Geekbench numbers to see if another $500 on top of that is justified.
Maybe I'm hearing things but was under impression iWorks was free? It's not!
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