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I wish Hollywood was that creative.
Nice to be able to afford to lose Billion$ of $. The bad press portends a good omen, Intel is up 3.5% on the bad news.
Woot! My cost basis is $18.57, split adjusted. Glad I was stubborn and hung in there during the past few (lean) years while Tim Cook was getting his legs under him.
I haven't read the script but I can read Hollywood tea leaves. When David Fincher drops out, Cristian Bale bales, and Sony then puts the project in turnaround, it usually indicates irreconcilable script troubles. 
No doubt Sorkin is a great writer when he's on but all signs indicate this particular script is a bow wow.
Predictable! Who needs a phone that's so large and unwieldy that a companion watch needed to be invented to negate its users from having to access their big phones?
Ugh! How do you say schweinhund in Korean?
 I've been saying this for months. It's no coincidence Apple "just happened" to release a Watch to coincide with the release of the most cumbersome, unwieldy iPhone in history! From its inception the Watch was conceived as an interface for the iPhone 6 Plus. As an AAPL shareholder I'll be giddy beyond delight if Apple sells 30 to 40 million units upon its release but these numbers seem incomprehensible.  
 ^ I agree with your gists. But if Apple can actually make a profit off the parts of this acquisition it becomes a moot point. I'm not convinced Apple can make a profit, no less recoup its investment.  Time will tell and I have an open mind. > 
For the ninth time I haven't the faintest clue why Apple bought this company? A clumsy fit that seems like a total waste of time and money.
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