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You sure can't tell from the pricing of the "Utrabooks" that they're worried. 
No, after being stuck taking 2 days to get home, I couldn't sleep & thought I see what's up at 'AppleInsider" & couldn't help but express my thoughts after reading some of the posts.
Just another in a growing list of 'sub-standard" quality control by Apple, & as long a people continue to make excuses for Apple it's only going to get worse.  
As a long time apple client / user I'm embarrassed for anyone that would even consider paying $2200 for a 15" MBP that only has a 250gb hdd & can't be easily upgraded. Then to read a fanboy response that bugs are expected just re-enforces how people will plain lie to themselves to maintain the illusion that the purchase was worthwhile.  
Anyone who's foolish enough to pay $2200 for a 15" MBP that only has a 250gb HDD, which doesn't allow any diy hardware upgrading, deserves to be taken advantage of. Even the elitest of the elite take pride in getting a deal but for some reason the new breed of Apple users think it makes them appear better than most of society when they fail to budget their disposable cash.
I find it kind of funny how the previous ceo was paid only $1.00 but the current ceo is going to get $400 million. If I remember right most of the success & profits are still all from products Steve was responsible for. Talk about taking credit for another guys work.
I'd love a Transformer Prime but the price is a bit high. I bought a Transformer during a Black Friday sale for $259.00 & love it. i don't know how the iPad lovers are getting by without an SD slot or mini-hdmi port. Anyway, I need a second tablet & if Google will get this to market quickly they could sell a load of these. I know I'd buy one if the price point is in the $200 range & has a good display.
I had a 1st. generation & a iPhone 3G on T-Mobile for over 2 yrs., which t-mobile knew about based on my conversations with support when I had a billing issue. They know what iphones are using there network, though its only via "edge", & they don't care. They even offered me a family $15 data package due to the non-use of their 3G/4G network. We'd still be using our iphones if we hadn't been offered an unlimited call/text/data via 4g for $49.00 per month & a great...
What worked in the past wont necessary work now, but neither my Granny or MS get it. MS is so far behind the technology curve but still their only worry is about the bottom line & not what they should be doing to become part of the main stream again. If something doesn't happen quick MS will become just another relic that will end up sitting in a rocking chair talking about the good old days. People now have many options & are no longer forced to buy that $300 cpu & $200...
one big improvement would be to get rid of the dongles. I hope that Apple finally see's the light & includes a Mini HDMI slot, Micro SD Slot & some kick ass speakers. Anything less & they'll be short changing their customers. If Ipad 3 doesn't include at least an SD slot of some sort I'm going to android. ~Food For thought~
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