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  No, that's not the source of lag.  The kernel and drivers are written in assembly, C, C++, and the latest Dalvik JIT compiles really fast code.   Not to mention that we all sometimes see lag on iOS devices as well, which don't use Java at all.   There are other reasons, which I'll post more detail on if I get a chance later.   Sorry.  Busy today.
  The ITC didn't ban Apple's products just because "Samsung claimed" that Apple didn't try to negotiate. The ITC looked at what happened and saw that Samsung continued to make lower offers, while Apple instead ran to the courts claiming that the opening rate offer was too high.    Apple also claimed that Samsung wasn't following ETSI rules, which prompted the ITC to point out that Apple itself failed to follow ETSI rules by not asking for arbitration help.   As for tying...
  Good point that the ban only affects UMTS-3G phones like AT&T uses.   I think that the last time Verizon tried this was back in 2007 with the Broadcom patent case, when the ITC banned phones with certain 1xEVDO Qualcomm chips that Verizon uses.   President Bush did not intervene, and the ban went into effect.   Verizon, facing a shortage of phones, ended up making a deal where they themselves paid a $6 per device royalty to Broadcom just to get the phones imported.
Well, Apple _did_ tell a judge that it takes them "two weeks" just to change a few lines of text on a website.   One can only imagine how long it takes them to actually change some code.       j/k   "Two weeks!" is of course the standard programmer answer to every time related question.   I think Apple used it back then as kind of an inside joke.
  S-Voice uses Nuance, same as their smart TVs, and the same as Apple's Siri.     Nuance doesn't seem to be as good a recognition engine as what Google created.     Don't know.  Don't care.  I'm not here to convince anyone to use or to like (or to hate) anything.   I'm sure you're old enough to make up your own mind.
  Because it's not the Moto X, which apparently uses an onboard low-power processor to constantly listen for the wake up phrase.
  Every email provider automatically scans mail.  Most do it only for viruses and spam (remember the big hullabaloo when people found out Apple's server was deleting emails containing "barely legal teen"?).  However, I've read that Google's hotword scanner also uses it for ads.  I think that you can change that by signing into your ad controls at the URL below, and going down to the "opt out" section:   https://www.google.com/settings/ads/preferences?hl=en   You can also...
  Come to think of it, what happened to the paid subscriptions here?     I always had one, but it seems to be gone now.     Are they still available?
  Ah, but they pay for AI.  :)   Seriously, if it's really annoying, try going to your Google Dashboard and go into the ad section and remove your search history.  If that's where it's coming from, you'll go back to seeing generic ads that you're really not interested in :)
I think we all agree that the entire situation was mishandled, from the way the developer did things, to Apple apparently being behind on security updates, but that the final outcome should be a stronger, better website.   Plus... I bet that somewhere in Apple there is a person who had warned his bosses for a long time about security, and finally got to say, "I told you so" and get his fifteen minutes of fame.   I do have to add, that it's amazing how hard it is...
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