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  That's easy.   "Introducing the iPhone 7.  The first iPhone designed for two hands!"   Just kidding.  I think larger screens are why they introduced the Back swipe gesture.   Not to mention that one of Apple's early video ads for the iPad mini commented on how easy it was to use with ONE hand.   If the 7.9" mini can be used with one hand, then anything its size or smaller can be used that way, too.  
  Don't forget.  Carriers report activations, not sales.   As you noted, Verizon would have extra activations this past quarter, due to the older phones sold or handed down by people getting upgrades for the first time.
  The response was a necessary reaction to a large vulnerability, no matter who found it first.   However, better that it happened with someone like him, rather than someone who would've downloaded and sold millions of records to spammers and phishers.   Of course, this all assumes that it was his actions that triggered Apple's response.
  Heh.  That one always gets me.  Most airline pilots seem to use rolling bags, instead of carrying them.       Well, you're certainly not going to hear about them here :)       The military has used certain Android phones for a while.  The FBI and the Navy are starting to deploy Samsung phones with the Knox secure kernel, which was written by NSA and allows separate personal and secured partitions.   Companies have deployed Android tablets for their internal engineers,...
  As already noted, the common internet idea that Apple reports only end user sales, is incorrect.  They also report a sale the moment a shipment leaves to a retailer.  (Interestingly, Samsung reports that sale when it arrives at the retailer.  And Blackberry holds off until the shipment arrives and no return is assured.)   Here's what Apple counts in their quarterly reports:   Apple DOES count end user sales from their physical stores. Apple DOES count online end user...
  It doesn't have to be up front.   Fingerprint readers started appearing on phones and PDAs back before the turn of the century.   They sometimes put the fingerprint sensor on the back of the device, so as to not take up precious frontal space.
  Of course, only a small part of Google's ad revenue is from mobile, but that mobile part is doing okay in relation to other mobile ad networks:       Facebook is understandable, but I'm surprised at how well Pandora is doing with ads.
  The sorry state of Apple analysis - CNN Money  
  It was.   A list of his bug reports... including this one, #14488816, have already been pasted on the internet.   Exactly.  If his vulnerability report(s) were the cause of the website shutdown, then Apple should've simply said that they were made aware of a problem.   Instead, they said "intruder".  So either a) he wasn't the cause at all,  or b) he was and Apple scared him for no good reason, or c) after his report they looked at the logs and discovered that someone...
Thread title note:   Vertu luxury phones already have had sapphire touch screens.   Of course, they cost a bit more 
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