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  It makes total sense.  Samsung is well known for their leading fab tech and quality.  Those are features that Apple likes to include in their devices.   As for Apple's plans, every experienced fab poster so far has said that it's unlikely that Apple plans to produce their own chips in a factory they will own and run themselves.   It's far more likely (and in Apple's history) that they're heavily investing in someone else making the chips.
  Agreed.  It could be a "magic" amulet.  With a full display, it could change color and visuals (think bracelet wallpaper) to match your outfit or current usage. As for the engineering issues, battery life is probably one.  From experience, having to charge a wearable device makes it less fun after a while, unless they figure out an instant or non-annoying method.
The basis of this article is correct:  Jobs was not categorically opposed to native apps.  He just wanted absolute control over them, and so sometimes made them out to be a big threat.  As he put it in an interview right after showing off the iPhone:     In another interview, he even mentioned the possibility of a bad app "bringing down all the West Coast towers".  (In an ironic twist, it was Apple-written software that actually "took down towers".   Recall their 3G code...
  Not according to this AI news article:   Apple Has Slim Chance On E-Book Appeal: Legal Experts   "According to legal scholars, Judge Cote’s decision was heavily based on facts, and laws were meticulously applied, which is difficult to challenge in an appellate court."
  It's obviously still a work in progress.  More like an experiment than anything else.   I think more companies should do such experimentation, instead of just waiting until they think something id perfect enough to be a big commercial success.
  Or they left on their own.     Like when they closed down Pioneer Studios, their R&D group who came up with the outstanding Courier tablet project, and the manager left.   Dumb.
  They do get to play Google against Microsoft for primary search engine spot.   Or perhaps not, if they've decided to drop Google services forever.
  I meant swap the whole unit.   Actually, I guess Apple would replace a bad iPhone with a refurb anyway, and Verizon has no reason to stock those.     Retail sales commissions normally come from the store employing the seller.  If the store makes more profit on an item, the salesperson usually also makes more profit.  Or the store can just keep all the profit and not pay commission.  Or just have lower prices.  It's all up to the store, not the manufacturer.   Sometimes...
  They are.  They've publicly said that they have no policy pushing one phone over another, and that if you felt a salesperson wouldn't sell you the phone you came in to get, they want to know about it, so they can retrain that person.   That said, I think that any adult on the planet knows (or should know) that salespeople are usually going to sell you whatever  1) they make most money on, or 2) they like themselves, or 3) is less hassle.   As for (3), I'm curious.  I've...
  Or, using a little less tin foil hat, perhaps it just was a generic offer sent to everyone.   Those with 50/50 are special to begin with, and would be expected to pay more attention (as he did).   It's like when I get all those generic offers from Cablevision.  They're not tailored for me, or out to get just me.  They're just mass mail items and it's up to me to check the details.   Ditto for insurance, real estate, mortgage and other mass mailing offers.    Now, if I...
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