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  Why make up stuff?   Nobody said it was just Apple.  (See previous link pointing out the thousands of companies involved.)   It's just that Apple is well known and liked, and just as with any media star, it gets coverage.   In fact, in this case, it was Apple who posted what they were doing, in order to GET the publicity.
Although it's nice that Apple is checking for other controversial sources, this kind of investigation is not restricted to Apple.   Last year, the SEC adopted rules that require EVERY company in the US that builds products with tin, tungsten, tantalum or gold to make YEARLY investigations to make sure the minerals didn't come from the Congo.   Apple, Boeing among Thousands of Companies Explaining Metal Origins to SEC - Bloomberg
  Got a link to a negative iPhone ad that aired after they started carrying the iPhone? 
  They're only saying that if it's happening, it's because of the commissions that Apple's prices to Verizon allow, not because of some corporate policy.   Such a policy would make no sense, especially assuming they really have to sell so many iPhones.   If anything, you'd expect a policy favoring iPhones in that case.
  Ah thanks, you're right.   I got caught up in the other responses about usage.   Mea culpa.
  Yep, but they're both in the same portability range, which is what I was after.   I just couldn't think of a single word that everyone would understand.  I mean, we have "phablet" for the 5" to 6" range, and "full size" for the 9" to 10" range... but no easy word for tablets in the 7" to 8" range except "mini" and I was trying to avoid a redundant phrase.  :)   Ah. I know.  I could've said "eBook sized".   Thanks!
  That's all true IF and ONLY IF the purpose is to count unique visitors.   We are trying to determine web usage, which requires knowing what those visitors did as far as page views, downloads, etc.
  Then go ahead.  You have the raw data from StatCounter.  Not sure why you'd want to, since the purpose is to count the ACTUAL usage.   In any case, the major factor is that NetMarketShare only counts each visitor once.  That's not showing web usage at all.   "Net Market Share data is an aggregation the traffic of all of our HitsLink clients, but instead of counting pageviews we count daily unique visitors. A daily unique visitor is counted only once per day per website...
  I see.  The Google Nexus is different, then.  I have a bunch of Android devices in my lab, and software updates are usually just put in the notification area, instead of being popups.   For example, my HTC Flyer is constantly putting in a notification entry that an update is available (which I ignore because I like having the current orientation specific hardware buttons).  But it's not an in-my-face popup.   Might I ask why you didn't install the update to get rid of...
Neither stat source tells the whole story.   Among other differences, NetMarketShare only looks at 40,000 websites, mostly in North America, and they only count each visitor once a day.  Meaning that if one user spent two seconds looking at one page on a website, and another spent hours viewing 100 pages on that website, they count as the same "usage".  In other words, it doesn't actually tell us web usage, but only the number of of their rather limited sites...
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