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  We're just beginning to figure out what this kind of tech might be useful for.   One of the pioneers of personal devices like these was a shy researcher who could never remember people's names.  But, just like the Big Bang Theory guys, he needed to do so in order to help get grants at university mixers.   So he built a portable computer hooked to a camera in his glasses, along with face recognition software.  When he met someone, he recorded their face and introduction....
  Apple has other ways of selling targeted ad space.  For example, they use our personal info and preferences gathered from iTunes, plus our location.       That's not my experience.  Can you give an example of what you mean?   On Android, you can turn off personalized search results, location history, etc.  That does not stop search from working.   You can do the same for the web as well, via your Google Dashboard.   Obviously if you signed out of your Google account,...
  Sounds like using a GSM SIM swapped between devices.   Or the virtual equivalent on CDMA carriers like Verizon, where you simply punch a few numbers into the device you wish to use in place of the previous one.  (Don't even need the current phone anywhere near you.  Great when you've lost your phone!)   (There's also Google Voice if you want one number, but that would require paying multiple plans.)
  Google gave free ActiveSync (Google Sync) accounts to millions of people for years.  That's not evil.   From what I can gather, the most likely problem is that the license price went up.  That meant Google couldn't give the accounts away any more.   I'm glad I had it, and I'll sure miss it, but I don't think I was magically entitled to it for nothing.
  Exactly.   Many companies forbid recording devices during stockholder meetings.     Even if they make such devices.   Including Apple.
  He likely got extra eye strain because he wears glasses that are focused further away.     Eye strain doesn't work that way.    NBC interviewed Dr. James Salz, a clinical spokesperson for the American Academy of Ophthalmology, about Google Glasses:    
  It's not a goat.   Apparently some reporters don't realize that other animals also have horns.   When you figure out what the animal is, then it makes sense in the context of the ad.   Hint:  male sh _ _ p.   That just leaves the dancers as a mystery, but after watching some other Icelandic commercials on YouTube, they don't seem strange at all.   Apparently it takes something unusual to catch an Icelander's attention!  Here's one of my favorites:  
Google Glass seems like an interesting experiment, to see what might come of having such capabilities.   A lot can change a decade from now, but you have to start somewhere.   I figure that if Apple can claim Apple TV as a "hobby" for years, then Google can have hobbies as well.
  Actually, we do.  It's nice to know a bit of the history behind a poster.   Quite often in the past I have debated with someone online, even had flamewars... only to later meet them, and become good friends.  Heck, we've all gotten each other great jobs at times by doing this.   And not just forums.  There was a guy on eBay who used to constantly fight me for navigation collectibles.  The upbidding was killing both of us.  lol   We finally began talking and made a deal...
  You misunderstand.  I like reading it, and I think it's always good to keep up with what others are doing.   I just think there's so much non-Apple coverage nowadays, that the topic might as well have its own subforum, for the same reasons that there are other subsections.   Cheers!
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