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  It's a good start.   For people like you, Apple could go further and add the ability to do things like:   Turn WiFi on/off per your current location. Use NFC tags with programmable behavior   My son-in-law has an NFC tag on his car sun visor that he uses to easily turn off WiFi on his Galaxy when he gets in it to drive somewhere.   He also has geo-fencing to turn it back on when he gets to work and can access his office WiFi.
  Sure, the icon is labeled in Settings.  So is the TTY icon.   Both are asked about a lot on the 'net, because if either gets accidentally turned on, the icon by itself is meaningless unless you know about it.   (More intuitive Do Not Disturb icons are usually a phone or a speaker with an X or diagonal bar like a traffic Do-Not-Something sign.  That at least gives a huge visual hint that something is turned off.)   In any case, that's why I wish they'd included labels in...
  Aha, thank you!   (Googling around shows the moon icon has confused other people.  It's not a super intuitive graphic without explanation.)
  I predicted the parallax feature last night in this post on MacRumors. The UI group "tat" (The Astonishing Tribe) that Blackberry brought on board for OS10, demonstrated the idea back in 2009:         What's the difference between this and Samsung "Share Shot" or "Group Cast" on the GS3 ?   (There's no need to bump on Samsung devices either.  That NFC method is just the quickest way to share without any setup at all.)
  Indeed.  EVERY smartphone on the planet should use the multitasking cards from WebOS.      It makes it fun to switch apps.   Good for Apple for sticking it in.
My first observation (and a personal UI pet peeve) is that the design is not consistent about the use of icon labels, and picked the worst place to leave them out.  New, casual, or non-computer-savvy users often never use a button because they're not sure what it does.   For example, look below at the control center.  What's the crescent moon for?   Night display mode?  Put the device to sleep?   Hard to tell.  Is the second icon from the bottom left a...
  The GPS can access the Assistance server just as easily over the cell connection.    Edit: Is that what you're talking about?  Because that's the A in A-GPS on the iPhone.   Or were you talking about WiFi locating, which is a different method altogether?     Nevertheless, there are plenty of times (see the thread) where people wish to manually (and easily) manage their WiFi.
  Plus the settings menu had round buttons and other controls reminiscent of Windows Phone.   Need to see more images to tell if there's a cohesive theme here, or more of a mish-mash.   --   If Apple would just allow user settable themes, they could make everyone happy.   And no doubt themes would become one of the most popular and lucrative App Store sections.
  Isn't Relic a she?     FWIW, it's apparently not constant data mining.  It's data collection, with the option to mine later on.   From his position as someone who could use the system, it might've seemed like it was constant, but that was his end user perception, from being able to request anything.     Despite some silly TV shows, NSA isn't dangerous in that way.  Now, the CIA can be, and if they wanted him to have an accident, going public isn't going to save him....
  Hmm.  I haven't done iOS development in a while, but that doesn't sound correct to me.   With a few exceptions, you should be able to target almost any iOS version you wish.  Exceptions include:   Including iPads in your deployment profile requires 4.3 or above, IIRC. You cannot update your current app to target fewer people than it did before. Nowadays you must include iPhone 5 and retina image support. Obviously the version must support the APIs you use.   More...
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